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Hamas: PA residents protest, Abbas buys designer shoes
Roi Kais
Published: 10.09.12, 17:05
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1. Ironic
Mike S. ,   Phoenix, USA   (09.10.12)
Interesting how after all Netanyahu/Lieberman administration and Hamas have benefited from each other. I guess this is right in the Right world...
2. Ridiculous!!
Toby   (09.10.12)
I make low 6-figures and have never spent more than 2-digits (US) on a pair of shoes.
3. situation better in Gaza Strip
A ,   Belgium   (09.10.12)
Sure it is, while terrorists sleep in their own homes with their families after shooting rockets into Israel, Israeli children in Netivot and Sderot and Ashkelon and other communities have to hide in shelters. Cluster bombs aren't good enough for the gaza scum.
4. Palestinian currency is needed
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.10.12)
Its name be dirham. I suggest on the first day exchange rate is 1:1 to $. The whole financial world will symphatise with the idea and helps the dirham, so it will weaken only moderately to 1: 5000. After some month palestinian economy will strenghten and dirham rate will be 1: 853000.At the end of the first year all palestinians will be multibillionaires as 1 US$ will be equal with 3 822 432 782 PAD. ( palestinian dirham ) Economic problems solved !
5. Life is better in Gaza
tiki ,   belgium   (09.10.12)
So what is Ban Ki Moon & Navi Pillay babbling about? Many Gazan millionairs have been born out of the 'siege! It's about time these two jojo's retire and leave politics to people who know what they're talking about. The most succesfull thing Ban Ki Moon ever did was bringing the Olympic flag into the stadion, (not alone of course), because than he would make a mess out of this task aswell.
6. Arab spring?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.11.12)
"The article alleges that the Palestinian president prefers to buy moccasins by world renowned Italian shoemaker 'Fabi'. According to reports, the price of one pair of shoes could cost as much as 20,000 euros (about $25,500)." Wait 'til the protesters figure out how much Abbas' private Gulfstream jet, flat in Belgravia and two -- count 'em; two -- homes in Monte Carlo cost. You know -- you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. You can put expensive footwear on a terrorist, but he's still a terrorist. Welcome to the Arab world, folks. Especially the ersatz "Palestinian" portion thereof. Enjoy.
8. 4
zionist forever   (09.11.12)
There are two reasons why they can't have a palestinian currency. The first is no matter how you try and spin it there is no palestinain state and only states can have their own currencies. Second is that the currency is only as valuable as the economy of the country that uses it. Right now the bulk of palestinian income comes from foreign aid and you can hardly call foreugn aid something to link the currency to. Lets say they start their own currency now they call it Palestinian Dollars all that will happen is people will get paid in Palestinian Dollars rather than Shekels. Unlike the Shekel the Palestinian Dollars will be worthless because they are printed by an entity that exists on foreign handouts
9. #6 What's so strange.....
Robert ,   Australia   (09.12.12)
.....about a future national leader having a few privileges? Netanyahu would do himself a favour by spending a little on his appearance too.
10. Coruption
First Zionist ,   Canada   (09.12.12)
Abas has 2 app in montecarlo ,Arafat stole millions from his people Nothing new , it is difficult to find Arab leaders with integrity , the tribal system and the alegance they have to they family is the only real protection they have So they must give to all kind of relatives and friends all kinds of privileges and in the same time they are taking for themselves millions of $ who would normaly go to the palestinian people
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