J'lem officials slam Clinton's 'deadline' remark
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.09.12, 22:04
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1. Red line today, tomorrow white.
Jusanz77. ,   Vzla.   (09.10.12)
Red Line today, tomorrow white. The red lines of Barack Obama are like chameleons color, change color depending on the occasion. Obama has years plotting Iran a red line. which has changed to white in subsequent days. Any resemblance to Chamberlain in the days prior to WWII are pure coincidence. Which suggests that Obama suffers from color blindness can not distinguish between red and white. Or that politics today red, white morning. It is a Obama's tactic to tell Israel, as it has been until today with its allies since 1948; Israel, you are alone.
2. The most effective message ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.10.12)
... to the United States would be an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran before the election, but fairly close thereto. Obama and his bumbling Arabist buddies will be caught with their pants down. They'll be furious with the State of Israel, but so what? A Romney victory will thus be assured, and we will be rid of the worst American president in history.
3. So much talk, time to wag the tail and survive extermination
sifter   (09.10.12)
4. Why should the US place red lines on israels behalf...
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (09.10.12)
The world is sick of israel telling them what to do or not to do...its about time someone says it as it is...If israel feels in danger, it might as well take action IF it dares to do so... So far..much talk and no please...spare us the usual nonsense...
5. Take a pill Israel, get off America's back, shut up, wait
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.10.12)
...for the adults to solve this problem, that YOU created.
6. Huma wears the pants, I guess.
b mezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (09.10.12)
7. How about Israeli red lines?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.10.12)
Leave us alone.and go to Tehran and drop some bombs. It is obvious weak ars BIBI and Barak won't lift a finger to protect the State of Israel ( example missiles from Gaza). Israel is trying to coerce the US into a war that it feels is not needed at this time. The US will when it feels like it and will not be coerced period and end of story. On another note 4 more years! lets all get ready for 4 more years!
8. guys -a little more respect for this lady
JOE ,   NORTHERN ISRAEL   (09.10.12)
true- she is a slow thinker, but it isn't the first time in life she mistakes: when Bill was chasing every skirt in the country, she believed that he was only trying to boost textile industries in the USA..........
9. Barak
Er der   (09.10.12)
The term is 'avoid', not delay. Fool.
10. Correct. Extremely detrimental. (end)
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (09.10.12)
11. No Red Lines
Lynn ,   Knoxville, USA   (09.10.12)
Of course there are no :red lines." Clinton is HBO's bearer of bad news here, in place of the cowardly HBO himself, who is lying low, not wanting to damage his support among misguided American Jewish Demo voters. Clinton is the HBO surrogate here, HBO's way of jabbing Netanyahu via the political back door.
12. Joe # 8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.10.12)
I don't like Hillary but she isn't a slow thinker. She managed to take care of Vince Foster and spent a couple hours destroying and removing evidence from his office when it was a crime scene. She got Janet Reno to cover for her and Bill on a lot of things. She was the brains in the Clinton administration.
13. # 5 Do you know...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.10.12)
any adults? Blaming this on Israel makes no more sense than liberal whacko's blaming everything on Bush. Jimmy Carter and the fall of the Shah of Iran is more to blame for this than anything.
14. #2 Go ahead, make Iran's day!
Robert ,   Australia   (09.11.12)
An Israeli "strike" on Iran before November would probably result in Israel's demise before Christmas. What constitutes the worst American president in history is not one that jumps to Israel's commands, on the contrary. Israel's ingratitude to Obama and the USA is palpable.
15. Great News - now Israel knows the Obama US does not.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (09.11.12)
16. Best redline for Iran is America ousting the Obama regime
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (09.11.12)
The strongest signal America can send to the mullahs is booting out their protector - Obama. The entire thrust of his foreign policy has been to protect Iran from Israel. His refusal to set specific red lines is further proof that he is a liar and a four-flusher, as if his very deliberate deletion from the Democrat platform of references to God, Jerusalem as Israel's capital and Hamas terrorism was not proof enough [does anybody believe Obama did not approve this document before it was distributed the 1st time, before the ensuing firestorm caused him to revise it?]. And as for Clinton's idiotic claim that "red lines are counterproductive" - it is proof of her ineptitude that she ignores that WW3 was prevented in Europe for 50 years by the US laying out a clear, public and well-known red line for the USSR - that any entry of Russian armored forces into the Fulda Gap would trigger an immediate, all-out nuclear attack on the USSR by the US, together with deployment in advance of US and NATO forces to do just that. Obama's phony and non-credible response to Iran's nuclear cheating, together with continuing to arm Pakistan, which supplied the stoled uranium technology to Iran, has encouraged Tehran to move full speed ahead. How can "sanctions" be the best policy, when they have not produced even a tiny result? And why dribble in sanctions a little at a time instead of unloading them on iran all at once? Because the Obama plan is to delay as long as possible, to give Iran time to complete an Israel-destroying arsenal. It is June 1967 all over again, and Israel must use every weapon in its arsenal to destroy Iran as a viable nation - not just its centrifuges - to eliminate the threat once and for all. Obama is a proven liar, and can't be trusted. More importantly, as a coward, he is powerless to stop Israel. Just do it! No choice now.
17. #13
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (09.11.12)
Blame the fall of the Shah on Jimmy Carter? Study history. CIA installed the Shah after a legitimate election brought in a nationalist muslim, not unlike many U.S. supported. The cold war mentality of if you are anti-soviet you are ok led to disasters: fall of shah, fall of somoza, fall of marcos, batista et al. The Bush neo-con strategy was a failed attempt to restore this moribund strategy. Folks can't handle a president who sees through this garbage. sara deems him the worst. History will decide if a rational approach succeeds. And sara if you read British intelligence materials an 'arabist' is a student of arab culture, not a an arab sycophant. In Mossad there are many arabists. Learn to use geo-political terms correctly.
18. The Red line is for the loading and unloading of passengers
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill NJ, USA   (09.11.12)
Only. There is no parking in the Red line.
19. No more games. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.11.12)
Israel has already waited far too long to save herself. No more games. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
20. Ouch
Concerned American ,   USA   (09.11.12)
Bibi got bitch slaped by Hillary
21. Israel should act militarily now against Iran before
Zvi ,   LA usa   (09.11.12)
it is too late. Do not wait any longer.
22. #19. I agree. Let Israel "save herself." Leave America alone
USTaxPayer   (09.11.12)
We don't your war or your pettiness or your psycho babble. Shut up. If you want to bomb Iran. Bomb Iran. If you don't want to bomb Iran, don't bomb Iran. We don't want anything to do with your stupidity. Destroy your own nukes first. Then talk about someone else's. I'm so sick of Israel in our news, on our agendas, in our politics. You're a disgusting filthy racist country. You're not a western democracy. You're an eastern facist state. The world doesn't revolve around you and not every discussion needs to have your name in it. Shut up. Go do what you want to do and leave us the hell out of it.
23. #2
Justin ,   USA   (09.11.12)
Worst for Israel but not for the USA. Is Israel (The State of Israel) or one of the states of the US.
24. To: No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.11.12)
Really? Please name one thing that Obama has done for the American people. Or, for that matter, to solidify America's leadership in the free world. Just one.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.11.12)
America stands firmly with Israel. We choose Israel today, September 11th, in particular to remember our nearly 3,000 fallen Americans who were cold bloodily murdered by those who are mutual enemies of DEMOCRACY which included all nations of good will. Unfortunately, they do not include those whom you represent. Too many unarmed uninvolved citizens whose lives were destroyed are now YOUR responsibility. If a strike is first mastered by either Israel, America, other Arab states, and allies, you'll be somewhere in a basement crying out for help, just as did those who perished due to non American idiots like you who troll Israeli news sites to propagate your hatred of Jews, free people everywhere whose lives are more worth saving and remembering than the sub human animals that set out to murder. and did so this day, September 11th, 2001. Somewhere, there's a bullet with YOUR name on it.
26. # 16 YES, VOTE ROMNEY!!!!
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.11.12)
obama's got to go. If ever Islam had it's 'boy' in high places, it's the fraud,obama.
27. If Israelis are jumping up and down and
Sarah B ,   London/Tel Aviv   (09.11.12)
stamping their feet at Barack Hussein Obama's actions vis a vis Iran. It probably means that he is doing something right.
28. # 20 Old Hillary is packing her bags
big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.11.12)
she wont be serving America when the stooge, obama loses the election. ( come to think of it, when has she ever represented America???) Never.
29. #22 People like you only understand, when it's far too late.
Jerusalem Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.11.12)
You are obviously entitled to your (moronic) opinion, but my people have lost 6 million people, because of isolationists just like you, who only start understanding, after catasrophies, such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 occur. When we say 'Never again', we exactly mean that. Since your president is too naive and inept to do anything useful, Israel should and will take matters into our own hands.
30. The Chinese lost
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (09.11.12)
23 million people during World War 2. Your point being exactly? And don't say Israel is the homeland for the Jews, it isn't More Jews live in the United States than in Israel
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