Ashkenazi: IDF attacked Syrian reactor? I haven't heard of it
Shahar Chai
Published: 11.09.12, 13:51
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1. I am pissed...
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (09.11.12)
I am writing a letter to my congressman now. It is a damn shame that Americans pay more for the defense of Israel than the Israeli tax payers. This is disgusting. If anything the Israeli's should be paying us Americans for the diplomatic cover that we give them in the UN. On top of that we still have to pay the Chinese back. This should be an election year issue. No more foreign aid to any body under any circumstances until the American deficit is under control.
2. #1 - I agree. We don't need your money oh by the way
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.11.12)
we will shut down the airbase that the USA maintains in the Negev, we will revoke the free rent that the 7th fleet enjoys in Haifa, when we capture Russian made weaponry, we will NOT automatically hand it over to the USA. We will NOT share espionage intelligence. WE WILL START CHARGING A PRICE FOR ALL THAT. Total bill for one year's service that we provide to the USA: 3 BILLION DOLLARS. I am pissed that we give so much to America for free!
3. generals and israeli leaders
alexi   (09.11.12)
generals like ashkenazi did a respectable job as chief of staff as opposed to mofaz who was no bloody good as chief. On the other hand, as leders of israel, no, all of them from dayan, rabin and sharon, they did not hold a candle compared to ben gurion, begin and shamir since they had little israeli conviction. Their views came from the lens of tanks or planes. its unfortunate that civilians like peres and olmert screwed up and invited military leaders to weigh in. New leaders like bennett, feiglin, maybe gillerman, and lieberman need to press forward for the leadership. We don't want another general as leader. But we don't also want cowards like olmert who would sell out the country for a deal or even bibi who is not comfortable making decisions.
4. will he be forming the Gabi Ashkenazi party or join another?
zionist forever   (09.11.12)
All these recent speeches from Ashkanazi obviously hints he is laying the groundwork for a future career in politics question is does he want to form his own party or join Lapid or Labor because he is obviously not Likud man from the things he says and Kadima is history.
5. #1 - before you sheik yourself silly...
William ,   Israel   (09.11.12)
consider that Ashkenazi was quoted without much context. It is not true that the American taxpayer paid more toward Israeli security than its own citizens. In actuality, the taxes from Israeli and US citizens were both spent inside their own countries, respectively. We paid money towards our own security, directly from our pockets, into the budgets of the IDF. The US taxpayers' contributed to the domestic economy by offering Israel purchase credits, which support 5000 families who work in various military industry companies across the US. This is your basic stimulus package - no different than when the US govt purchases wheat or cotton, then leaves it in storage sheds to artificially inflate the price in favor of US farmers. You should be MORE concerned with your tax dollars heading to "Palestinians" and ending up in the hands of terrorists, or feeding the hungry in North Korea so the despotic leadership can focus more on nuke weapons and threatening the US, or mis-handled funds to Afghanistan ending up in the hands of the Taliban.
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