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Panetta: If Iran builds bomb, US has only a year to act
Published: 11.09.12, 22:08
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1. This statement is clearly an attempt to ensure that the Nov.
Deb J. Gold   (09.11.12)
elections proceed without interruptions.
2. why red lines do not work
avramele   (09.11.12)
Set red lines and then the argument gravitates to whether those lines have been violated. Either Israel trusts America and the West or it does not. If the answe is it does not then the hysteria and name calling continues. As for the politics of the moment, most Americans would trust Obama, Clinton and Pannetta over the secretive and untested Romney surrounded by neo-con retread whoif todays reports are true ignored pre-9/11threats from bin laden in their zeal to go after Iraq. So bibi would be wise to lay off and not give Democrats a winning issue.
3. he they knew
Amos J   (09.11.12)
he they knew till the planes crashed into the Pentagon ! They didn't even know the 9/11 plot happening inside America, so what about whats happening 10,000 miles away in Iran ??? Imbeciles !
4. #2 - Pure nonsense
David Hartman ,   Raleigh, NC   (09.11.12)
Most Americans would trust Obama? What imaginative data points support that absurd statement? Calling Romney a neocon further deflates your credit. The leftist tools like you have been stringing Israel & the world along long enough through useless sanctions, outright lies and denial. and timelines that are continually extended. I hope Israel acts in it's own best interests & puts Iran's murderous regime in its place before it is too late.
5. its been 1 year for the last 6 years
observer   (09.11.12)
in 10 years they will say the same thing... we have 1 year left.
6. 1 Year? Month ? 1 week? cut the bullshit
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.11.12)
it is all electioneering. Obama could have helped the green revoltuion in Iran and did not. He brought Islamists through arab spring American, especially politicians lie; Nixon, Clinton, Obama We have been to Massada, we have been to Auschwitz, never again.
7. 6 Adults, 1 Child, Israel
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.11.12)
8. The stupid, racist world !!!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (09.11.12)
These racist muslim iranian animals have been B S ing the world for decades. Now they have the know how on building nuclear weapons to intimidate and distribute among the racist arab muslim nations. The chinese and russian whores are happy to keep the USA occupied and spending money on the racist arab regimes. Time for obummer and the cowardly socialists to piss or get off the pot. Destroy iran now ,or it will be worse latter. My tax money goes to our powerful military, yet we only use it to help iraq and the afgan countries to hate us. Now is the time to destroy the leader of the islamofascists/racists and let the racist muslim world know they are limited life support. They are uncivilized barbarians who are as evil as the nazi's and should be annihilated.
9. Israel, the Rubicon has been crossed.
John Prophet   (09.11.12)
There is no turning back now.
10. OOPS!
leon pinheada ,   USA   (09.11.12)
We were wrong! Sorry Israel! Israel, Israel, come in Israel! Has anyone heard from Israel? No, but we saw a huge mushroom cloud in Eretz Israel. Oh well! At least the palis have a state now.
11. 1 Year from the point
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (09.11.12)
that Iran decides to achieve parity with Israel. And there is still no evidence that Iran has decided to build a nucler device Although from Netanyahu's point of view, having Iran constantly on the verge of breakout is a bigger threat then Iran actually posessing a nuclear device purchased from Kazakhstan in 1990 when the former soviet union collapsed.
12. Obama! say it's a joke!...
Buskila ,   South America   (09.11.12)
See after the Election; but you have to vote for me. What a scoundrel. I mean, they look at you straight to your face an claim: we know that it'll take a year for a what's this pressure, ha Israel. Your vote, my bluff.
13. I hope Mitt wins!!!! He is the man.
Galileo   (09.11.12)
I believe the liberals just don't get it. In our world, in order to avoid wars you have to show strength. Otherwise, you are history. I don't think that President Obama is different than Clinton. Both are good friends. However, their vision is incorrect ima. Rabin understood it when he was in favor of Republican candidates in the 1970s. My biggest concern is the deterioration of the status of the US in the Middle East and elsewhere. The US needs to regain its status of a super power rather than become a country like any other. If the US won't be a super power, other countries will and it will get really bad. Than we will have more instability and bad wars.
14. Panetta
Merced Dave ,   Merced, USA   (09.11.12)
Israel wanted a "redline" and they got one, to wit: "Israel do not attack Iran for one year." The US green lighted Iran for another year of nuclear education and development. Unbelieveable!
15. @2, it's basically about perception, not red lines
Beauchard ,   amsterdam   (09.11.12)
The US has immense military power. However, will the US ever use this power to stop Iran developing nuclear bombs? Iran does not think so. Otherwise Iran would have abandoned its nuclear project years ago. The whole thing would just be a waste of money. Netanyahu does not hink so. Otherwise he would not ask for red lines. They would not be necessary. So we may conclude that nobody in the Middle East believes Obama. What a great legacy: America's (decreasing number of) allies in the Middle East do not trust her and America's enemies do not fear her.
16. US has 1 year and will do NOTHING to stop Iran
17. Did the U.|S. stop North korea?
a ,   canada   (09.11.12)
18. The US will not attack.
John Prophet   (09.11.12)
The United States is coming off two wars and a financial crises that nearly brought it to its knees. It is in no shape to have another go at a war. Israel, this ones on you!
19. A big, big loser soulmate for Barak
Jhan   (09.12.12)
Barak and Pannetta could have a nice sodomite marriage together. They are birds of a feather - losers who are also internal enemies of their respective countries, living in a fantasy world of their own making.
20. Bay of Pigs, WDM, etc - Cognitive dissonance
Ron ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.12.12)
Amazing, it does not matter how many times politicians, analysts ,etc get it wrong , how many studies like Phillip Tetlocks on experts failings, they still always know. Notice the language - "We generally known", "we think we have an opportunity" , "roughly a year" , etc. OK - instead of some undefined terms such as "generally" , - why not start by giving us a probability range, a confidence level and a justification for it. It will be a pure fantasy , however, will be a starting point rather then such meaningless terms. And then based on these create a decision tree which shows the implication of each probabilities and its costs. That is how discussion moves from some dribble to a more reasoned level - but again this is too much to expect I guess....
21. Nevile Chamberlin also knew claimed he.
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (09.12.12)
Knew what he was doing!
22. I give up on Obama! He is hopeless!!!!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.12.12)
23. One year, really? in the morning or in the afternoon?
carlos ,   San Diego CA   (09.12.12)
24. Iran is on a course of self--destruction
Stephan ,   Munich, Germany   (09.12.12)
and Iranians will wake up and bring down the foolish and unwise leaders. The regime will lose the support of the population since its policies are unwise and harming Iranians. Their defiance and pride is bringing the whole country down.
25. obama is a good talker only, his strength
Yusuf ,   ME   (09.12.12)
is in his speaches but not acts. Sep-11 memorial, the worst terror atck and he shows a weak America to all the fanatic nations and organizations. What a shame, I will never vote for him.
26. #8 Don
You repeatedly named Muslims as "racists", but that's inaccurate. The Qur'an divides the world into believers and non-believers, races are of no importance in Islam.
27. Act before Iran has a bomb
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Iran is building the bomb for one single purpose: to cause a catastrophic situation with a war, which will stimulate the 12th Imam to present himself. This is the obscure and utterly psychopathic reason why Iran will engage in a war with Israel. Israel is dealing with psychos.
28. the best thing for Bibi to do right now is prepare for war
Stu   (09.12.12)
A year from now the safest place in the world will be Israel. Israel is a secondary target, Iran is crazy not stupid and wont risk having its limited supply of nukes knocked out of the sky when theres plenty of soft undefended American and European opportunities for mass destruction.
29. #28
Old Guy ,   tel aviv   (09.12.12)
The coastal plain is very vulnerable to attack by rockets that Israel gave Hamas and Hezbolla. The only safe place in Israel will be Judea and Samaria. Too bad Netanyahu refuses to build hospitals in Judea and Samaria to treat the wounded and the refugees.
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