Fayyad announces subsidies, tax cuts
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Published: 12.09.12, 08:40
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1. Fixing the Palestinian Economy..
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.12.12)
Not Rocket Science What we fail to grasp is that this idea of creating distance and antagonism and hatred with our nearest neighbour Israel does nothing to help our economic well being. (And your Aran MKs dont help either) In the short term.. 1. Negotiate for more Palestinian Workers to find employment in Israel 2. Work with the Israelis to develop intensive indigenous Agriculture (labour intensive) on the back of an agreed level of additional water supplies 3. Work to develop an indigenous fashion and clothing industry..supplying the Middle East market (labour intensive) including Israel 4. Work to develop joint ventures with Israel on Tourism, Food Processing, Third Party Trade etc etc Once we get out of the straightjacket thats says we cant make any progress and our futue is on hold whilst Israel remains in the West Bank..I and many others say..start the ball rolling get the economy healthier, build a more stable relationship and trust and pursue Palestinian Statehood at the same time It would be far far easier to negotiate under those conditions than the fractious conditions that prevail now
2. trying to put out a forrest fire with a bucket of water
zionist forever   (09.12.12)
The protestors want Fayyed's head an they are for once blaming Abbas for their economic problems rather than Israel so he is going to have to stand down and hold elections which are three years overdue already. Abbas needs to stop playing hardball over peace talks and improve relations with Israel because trade with Israel is essential to the PA. He needs to help create a bigger private sector because right now the bulk of palestinians are employed by the PA. Stop wastage like giving money to terrorists in Israeli jails at the expense of PA employees. Do not go to the UN this month. Congress is obligated to stop funds to the PA if they do that so that means even less money. The PA needs to replace the Arafat generation like Abbas with post oslo politicians. Revolutionaries don't make ideal leaders because they have previously dedicated part of their life to fighting for a cause so compromise is much whilst professional politicians are more open to compromise.
3. There is no "Palestinian Prime Minister".
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
There is no "Palestinian Prime Minister". Fictional states don't have Prime Ministers. Neither is there a "Palestinian economy". It's simply money donated by Western suckers.
4. Where did you learn
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.12.12)
How to articulate so well? The Ahmadinejad School of Diplomacy? And by the way...theres NOTHING fictional about Palestinian aspirations
5. #4
ME ,   USA   (09.13.12)
True that Arab aspirations are not fictional, but their aspirations lie on a foundation of fiction.
6. His own medicine!!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (09.13.12)
This is called taking of his own medicine. Is not the government of the Palestinian Authority?, Who promotes entifadas, attacks against Israeli citizens, using children with stones in protest and aggression. How can they call this intifada?, the intifada against the suits and designer shoes.
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