Swedes proud of Israel
Annika Hernroth
Published: 12.09.12, 11:21
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1. RE: Most Countries Support Israel "in the Closet"
Rida ,   New Zealand   (09.12.12)
Good on you Sweden. It about time people showed their support for Israel
2. Well
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.12.12)
It's about time. After all these pro-Palestinian events happening in Europe it's great to hear that there are people who don't believe that Pallywood is a part of American film industry...
3. Good for her! Strength leads to strength.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Good for her! Strength leads to more strength. The taller we stand the more we are respected. By others and, more importantly, by ourselves.
4. Annika,our Darling Friend,we are so proud of you!Thank U
Alan ,   SA   (09.12.12)
5. Wonderful!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.12)
I wonder when she is planning to hold a similar show of strength and support in Malmo. That would REALLY drive the point home.
6. Thanks Ms. Rothstein & Swedish participants 4 your kindness
Moshe ,   Usa   (09.12.12)
7. Thank you very much!
Esteban ,   Argentina Suiza   (09.12.12)
We feel proud of you!
8. Thank you, you and the others are very courageous
going against the thugs empowered by the leftist media
9. Sweden love of Israel
Shelly   (09.12.12)
Kol a Kavod We need more people like you to stand tall and show your support for Israel
10. thank you so much
idan ,   israel   (09.12.12)
because of people like you we still have hope.
11. Kol Hakavod!
Veronique ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Congratulations on organizing such an event! Good for you! And thanks for supporting Israel!
12. From an Israeli who has friends in Sweden, thank you.
Arlene ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
We cannot look at what happened in Malmo as an example of all Swedes. Many are so regretful about all the Moslems that have "invaded" their country and feel free to do as they please. We will soon see a "EUROPE SPRING" as more and more get fed up with the efforts to take over their countries!
13. Come on
Göran ,   Uppsala, Sweden   (09.12.12)
In sweden we dont hate israelis but we dont support your goverment. It seams impossible for israelis to unterstand that. We can love the citizens even if we dont like to political moves done by the goverment.
14. "Swedes" proud of Israel?
Avi ,   NYC, US   (09.13.12)
"Some activists in the Jewish community of Sweden, and a small crowd of supporters are proud of Israel"- is a much better headline. Isn't it, Mrs. Henroth-Rothstein?
15. 13@ it is your right not to support our governement
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (09.13.12)
it is also our right to tell you that the media in europe and the world are unubalanced and pro-palestinian this is a fact ! try a second to imagine what would have been the reaction in the world if our army behave like the syrian army ? israel has a right to defend itself from terrorism when they will understand that israel won't desepear they will begin to talk about peace !! do you find it logical that they rise their children in the hate
16. Annika, you are wonderful !!!!
Nurit ,   Israel   (09.13.12)
Thank you so so much. Such a show of support is truly appreciated in this especially difficult time when all Western media is against us. Heartfelt thanks for your courage and great effort. :)
17. To Goren # 13
Nurit   (09.13.12)
Thank you for your words. However the European media always slant news to make it look as though our government is taking tough measures. This is not true. All the actions that seem negative are only after all other actions have failed.
18. work together all zionists in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe
Hen ,   Goteborg   (09.13.12)
"As many as seven out of ten Swedes (68 percent) have a negative perception of the Jewish state, compared with an average of every other citizen in the EU (51 percent) and one in three Americans (32 percent). " this is from a recent Swedish research published by Swedish Institute of Foreign Affairs... How do we turn this around to 90 or 100% of people having a positive feeling for Israel? I believe all zionists have to come together, all zionist organizations in Europe because we are not many
19. Thank you Swedish supporters of
Reuven   (09.13.12)
20. to #13
Andi ,   Israel   (09.13.12)
Don't understand??? You seem to forget that Israel is a democracy and a large percentage of Israelis don't support the present government. What we don't understand is why people like yourself who legitimately don't support our present government, often side with our enemies who wish to destroy us, and encourage boycotts to harm our economy. I don;t support the present Swedish government but don't entertain a boycott oif Sweden. If you support the Israeli people and wish to see a strong Israel (hopefully with a change in our government) I expect to see you at the next pro-Israel demonstration.
21. Way to go Annika!
Guy Schwartz ,   North Israel   (09.13.12)
The rally you organized touched many hearts here in Israel. We're proud of you!
22. A thousand people looking back at me;
split ,   US   (09.14.12)
Here're some sober observations made by an eyewitness, Jewish by the way ,.... "It’s ironic that this rally – which was for Israel and against nothing – was met by counter-demonstrators who seemed to be against Israel more than they were for anything. The event ended with us all singing Hatikvah. I saw tears in people’s eyes and no, I couldn’t help myself as I sobbed away. Mainstream media has (not surprisingly) completely ignored this rally" ,... Talking about bragging ,... Stockholm's population around 900,000 - About 20,000 Jews in Sweden pass the halakhic criteria, at least another 20,000 are closet Jews and most of them (40,000) live in Stockholm ,...
23. I don't want to be a pisse-vinaigre, but...
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (09.14.12)
I recall that Sweeden has a history of boycott on Israel products... Talk is cheap... We want proofs.
24. # 20
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.14.12)
Kudos, Andi for a well written post.
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