Netanyahu, Obama discuss Iran nuclear threat
Attila Somfalvi, Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.09.12, 08:16
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1. Chamberlain refused to see Chechoslovakia's Prez after M√ľnic
ab   (09.12.12)
.He even accused him of ingratitude and being an obstacle to Peace.
MR NIKE ,   SAFED OPERA HOUSE   (09.12.12)
Strike Iran and strike HARD and do it TODAY .Do not tell the schwarze your plans cause he aint no friend of ours.
There is no point in trying to meet with Obama because he will repeatedly snub Netanyahu .I do hope Bibi internalises this fact and acts appropriately in future.
Slam the phone down .
Looks mighty shaky to me. My ( albeit unsolicited ) advice to Bibi ,stand firm and treat them exactly how they treat you.
6. Netanyahu's Mistakes
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (09.12.12)
Among many, Netanyahu forgets that US politicians are supposed to decide when the US goes to war, not a foreign power. Romney has yet to outsource the Commander-in-Chief role. And publishing plans to get the US attacked, published here in Y-Net, to force the US into a war based on Netanyahu's hunch should have caused a rift, even if it hasn't. Allies don't conspire to have allies attacked by third parties.
7. Time
Justin ,   USA   (09.12.12)
I can just imagine how much of a pest Netanyahu must be. Obama going along do his job and every five minutes "Mr President, it's Netanyahu on the phone again". You know that feeling when someone calls and bugs you all the time.
8. Will things ever be the same between
Africa Rabbi ,   Zambia   (09.12.12)
Israel and the US? I doubt it. A rift has indeed set in, unless of course November 2012 speaks otherwise. US political interest take precedence over Israel and Iran. Iranian chess player could be seriously taking advantage of this to make their moves. Without a 'red line', we may be way passed the point of no return by 2013. Yet again, no one really knows the truth. Let us pray.
9. Netanyahu's comments are considered harsh?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.12.12)
And Obama serving radical Islam's interests isn't?
10. Obama WILL be meeting with Turkey's Erdogan....
Shani ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
It's all about will, not time availability
11. Barak has ALWAYS sold out Israel &Jews to placate Washington
Pauline ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
He is nothing but a disgusting little traitor
12. It's possible
Alexandre Chinovich   (09.12.12)
No chances that Obama will ever attack Iran. But it's a high probability that the reelected American President will a-bomb Israel.
13. Hit Iran NOW! And with
Reuven   (09.12.12)
everything we've got.
14. Insulting the USA
Michael ,   Seattle, Wa   (09.12.12)
What does Israel ever do for us? The Prime Minister verbally attacks our President to give his buddy Romney an election boost. I din't want my tax dollars supporting the Israeli war machine, anymore.
15. Israel must stop bullying US
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg   (09.12.12)
Us won't act because it does not want other foreign powers to look at it as if is Israel lap dog, behind door talks is very important.
16. Obama
Roxy ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Hey Bibi just send Obama a crank call and hang up !!
17. #7 You have no clue.
Jerusalem Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.12.12)
After the Holocaust, Israel was created to bring back the Jewish people to their homeland and to protect them from regimes, such as Iran, that threaten Israel on a daily basis. The problem with Hussein Obama is that he constantly placates Iran, at the expense of Israel, just to be re-elected in November. If BHO does not impose red lines upon Iran, he cannot impose red lights on a Israeli attack on Iran. Israel will not be treated as a sitting duck, not even by our closest ally. It's time for morons like you to start understanding this.
18. The Obama White House also denies that Jerusalem is
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.12.12)
Israel's capital city. This is how much denial from the White House under the present leadership is....
19. The usual suspects
Sarah B ,   Tel/Aviv/London   (09.12.12)
on this talkback are trying to downplay this as a nothing incident. However, normal decent Israelis understand the importance of Israel's relationship with the United States, and will begin reacting to Netanyahu's idiocy in the matter. Netanyahu is about to take a massive political hit. Bigger even than coming 2nd in the last General Election
20. Hussein Obama is Irans BEST friend !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.12.12)
He is a DISGRACE for humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21. To No 14 we dont want to
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (09.12.12)
Suport your estrategic point in this side of de globe for you can sleep nice, and all the wars stay here, and you take all the country's oil.
22. to no 8 Long distance Israel Lover's
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (09.12.12)
what diference does it make to you in Zamibia, make alia and fight for your Beloved Israel, this Gola's Zionist I can't understand them.
23. Since Barak has got everything wrong
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.12.12)
from his time in office - Cast Lead, a job only half done, his estimate on the collapse of the Syrian Regime one could wish for a whole lot better in the "Defense Chair"
24. We have a holocaust to stop. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Bibi, stop dithering. We have a holocaust to stop. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
25. Futility of Red Lines
Elliott Alhadeff ,   USA   (09.12.12)
Red Lines: Open up for inspection by (date), Stop production of 20% uranium verified by unrestricted inspection by (date). Remover centrifuges and uranium enrichment capabilities verified by unrestricted inspection by (date) I could go on. Why is this so difficult? What is so politically unreasonable about this? So ultimately the issue is whether there is a sufficient American interest to suffer the potentially huge loss of military assets and lives to warrant an attack. Answer: Forgetaboutit!
26. Schwarze
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa,USA   (09.12.12)
By using the word schwarze you are belittleing your self and therefore your point of view. How would you feel if someone referred to Bibi as a hebe or kike?
27. Michael # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.12.12)
Unfortunately the biggest insult to the USA is sitting in the White House. With any luck we can change that in November.
28. Anonymous Israeli Source Trashes US President
Smolanit ,   Delray Beach, FL   (09.12.12)
"The White House treats Bibi as a bitter and hated Republican rival," an Israeli source said. "If Obama is reelected, Netanyahu will pay a heavy price. Obama's advisers have been using the word 'revenge' when talking about Netanyahu in the post-election period." No wonder the speaker is embarrassed to use his name. It is Netanyahu who has tried to treat the American president as his African slave, whose sole function in life is to do his bidding, As for the filthy-mouthed trolls who do nothing disparage the US president, if you are Jewish I hope that, as you stand in the synagogue on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, beating your breast for deceitful speech and slander, you are haunted by the horrid things you have said on this website about a president who has been far better to Israel than its Prime MInister's conduct deserved..
29. resupply
marv   (09.12.12)
americans didn't help israel in the case of osiraq and syria, nor did it help in 67 and 73 wars except for resupply. US properly is sick of arab wars and is disiengaging period. Israel needs US for rusupply and veto. So israel has to be mindful of that but should in any case try to resupply itself. But as far as iran is concerned, israel is on its own so as I have said, bibi should shut up and set the plan, bring yaalon into the planning and rush extra iron dome to the field and fast, fast,m fast.
30. Iran.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn NH, Holland   (09.12.12)
the iranian regime and every other criminal dictatorship should be replaced by a human democratic system if every people wants that in any case by all means if necessarily.
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