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American killed in Libya attack; filmmaker in hiding
Associated Press
Published: 12.09.12, 08:43
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1. A joke
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.12.12)
Muhammad prophet comes home late in the night, seems to be totally drunken. - Did you drink alcohol ? ask his wife. - How to think that ? Only a little cannabis cigarette.
2. Nu, nObama, start a world apology tour...!!!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (09.12.12)
3. Insult to Islam
QUDS AL YAHUDI ,   Mecca/Tehran   (09.12.12)
Muslims are allowed to insult Christian, Jews & other religion, but cannot insult Islam. What does Muslims thinks? They are super human. If it is OK for Muslims to insult other religion, then it is OK for other religion to insult Islam. Tooth for tooth.End of story
4. Film
Zionist first ,   Canada   (09.12.12)
We do not need this typs of movies not now and not at any other times Who need this! Why to try to creat problems! Don't we have enough problems! Insulting Islam is not an idea of real Zionist Real Zionist wants to live in peace with the Arabs Real Zionist believe that the land of israel is a land where Jews can live in peace and not be killed or expel from because of they religion No more than that
5. Nomen Omen (a name a prophecy)
Nathan ,   Italy   (09.12.12)
After this smart unuseful picture and the violence it provoked, the author reveals himself: S'Imbecile. It was a prophecy ;-)
6. Free speech, Mr. President!
tiki ,   belgium   (09.12.12)
Muslim mob attacking US embassy! Where have we seen this before? Iran comes to mind. Carter comes to mind. US president appologising to the agressors again comes to mind. What is possible to do wrong, this US administration has done it and the followers of the 'Religion of Peace' once again proved how peacefull they realy are.
7. An idiotic film which we Jews must denounce.
Dan   (09.12.12)
I'm no fan of Islam or Mohamad but there are intelligent criticisms and there are childish, idiotic ones - this is purely the latter.
8. The movie should get a academy award
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel..   (09.12.12)
for the best movie of the year,the acting was great.
9. bad taste
miguel ,   israel   (09.12.12)
for some reason i don't believe an israeli would be this stupid to produce such a piece of garbage. $5 million dollars for this??? whoever directed this movie deserves whatever is coming to him - it's simply inflamitory nonsense...
10. The filmaker is an idiot
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.12.12)
who has cost the life of an American. This will not play well in the United States at a time when diplomatic ties between Israel and the United States are at an all time low, thanks to Netanyahu's mishandling of the Iran affair
11. A BEAR HUG for this man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.12.12)
Hey ! We could be friends !
12. the director of the film is a christian egyptian.
mira ,   israel   (09.12.12)
13. as a Jewish Israeli, I found it repugnant
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.12.12)
What a lousy film. So revolting, it is no wonder that the Arabs riot. It is nothing other than provocative. And I am a Israeli Jew!!
14. Great movie - where can I buy it?
Ishmael ,   Eurabia   (09.12.12)
Should be should in prime time. Really funny, but unfortunately all true. Notice how all the Arabs are suddenly killing everyone instead of denying any of the facts behind the movie. I pity them - can't imagine what I would do if I were born into this sick religion.
15. No. 13 Larry
NYC Girl   (09.12.12)
"No wonder the Arabs riot?" Why is it that Chritians and Jews don't riot over the repugnant savaging of their religions by Muslims and their governments? Maybe you think that what you're doing is providing a rationale for the behavior of people like the ones who stormed the embassies. But all you're doing is infantilizing them by making excuses for their murderous behavior over a shitty movie.
16. bacile
dave ,   washington usa   (09.12.12)
as usual a jew gets millions of dollars and an American gets to lose his life
17. # 16, Dave
Jeff ,   Ann Arbor, Michigan   (09.12.12)
The "usual" is that Americans, thousands of them DIE defending Arab countries and oil. Get your facts straight.
18. violence
phillip ,   usa   (09.12.12)
The people responsible for this film should be charged with intentionally inciting violence They might as well have thrown a lite match into a tinder box. "AND IT'S THE SQUEEZING OF THE NOSE THAT BRINGS FORTH VIOLENCE"
19. Stupid film.
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.12.12)
Stupid film. And we don't need to insult them.
20. this is freedom of speech
maria ,   bucharest   (09.12.12)
Dear all, I am a Christian-orthodox person, with a legal professional background and I believe that this movie is offensive, of a very low quality and not to be taken into consideration by a rational person. If i will find a 100% similar movie, offending Jesus, i will under no circumstances think about attacking my Jewish or Muslim neighbors. I strongly believe that people should have the freedom of speech. It is a fundamental freedom presented in all the fundamental laws and international treaties or convention. We can't give up on it just because of fear. We won this right. Furthermore, we represent the modern times and this is year 2012, some of us think about going into space, while other kill for a very poor quality movie. This is the idiosyncrasy of our world. We should fear religious fundamentalism, we should fear extremists. We need to wake up, we live in a globalized world, with less secured borders. In order to secure our living, we need to change the old paradigms of behavior. Regardless of our religious origin, or spiritual orientation, we need to stand for tolerance and civil rights. I don't believe for tooth for tooth, i consider it a very inefficient method in settling conflicts. I believe in smart people who rise above the crowds and change this world. We have one Planet, we are human beings,lets stand for that.
21. calomny
carole ,   paris france   (09.13.12)
the filmmaker is not jewish and not israeli but our ennemies are using this terms to provoke jews agressions; it is a propagande action and the medias like "le monde" or" wall street journal "are prompt to vehicule without any verification this thesisthey are not innocent...
22. Foolish film
Jama ,   Netherlands   (09.13.12)
Those people who finance such idiotic films should take the responsibilty of the deaths that follow. Soma peolple take their faith seriously. When will you people learn. Repetition of what of The satanic verses; Hersi ali film; wilders pig film...when will this end. It will destroy your so called civilization!
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