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No time for Netanyahu – Obama's doing Letterman
Published: 12.09.12, 17:11
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1. Still, a choice between...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (09.12.12)
...a dull meeting with another politician, or a meeting with one of the world's best comedians, who's been famous for having parties and sex orgies backstage; it isn't all that easy. What would you choose??? Can't a guy have a little fun sometimes...
2. Bibi fed up
alex bell ,   chile   (09.12.12)
me. Many in Israel think US is a province of them. Obama MOST to meet Bibi when they want. I support Israel but this PM does not like me. Do not be excitate to go to war man! Israel is not destructible.....
3. More grist for Romney's mill
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.12)
Good! Obama is a walking, talking stupid human trick. So, for that matter, is Letterman.
4. True or not, shows US attitude to Israeli PMs not puppets
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.12.12)
Remember Sec. of State James Baker (Bush I) insulting public rebuke to Yitzkhaq Shamir??? ("Call us when you get serious")
5. I'd love to see the look on Letterman's face when...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.12.12)
dirty bombs are going off in American cities. I know Obama will be grinning from ear to ear at his vindicated policy.
6. hard for obama to pass up prime time
Barney ,   USA   (09.12.12)
free publicity and public forum during election time. question is would he have met with bibi if not having this spot on tv?
7. Obama/Netanyahu
JB Wright ,   Charleston, United S   (09.12.12)
In your article, you imply that President Obama should meet with Netanyahu. The President of the United States is beholden to no one, especially Israel and least of all Netanyahu. The only people that the President has to answer to is the American people. He is not Netanyahu's lap dog. It is fine time that America stand up to Israel. This is one American who is proud to see the President put Israel in its place.
8. Sept 18th second day of rosh hashanah
Elisha   (09.12.12)
Is that when Bibi wants to meet the President? Next time you pick up stories verbatim off of right wing blogs try fact checking them first. I think Bibi and his Israeli handlers are losing it big time. Gives new meaning to the phrase "am haaretz"! These latest shenanigans will win few Jewish votes for Romney and no gentile ones. Latest polls show minimal support for a military confrontation with Iran.
9. Obama is concentrating on being
Sarah B   (09.12.12)
re-elected, Netanyahu is actively supporting Romney. Why should Obama help Netanyahu distract Israelis from their economic woes?
10. More absolute proof Obama is a contemptible liar.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
11. No time for Bibi
abe4u ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
Its election time, and Obama wants to be with a supporter of his. He realises that if he talks to Bibi, Obama will be out of his league. He will have to answer tough questions publicly, and so he is scared. However I think that in the end Obama will meet Bibi, perhaps behind closed doors, or else with fixed questions beforehand.
12. More proof Obama is the most anti-Israel president ever
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.12.12)
Obama has been trying to dictate Israeli policy while not bothering to visit. He has snubbed Bibi by refusing to visit with him more than once & is the ONLY president to suggest Israel should return to 1967 lines - and to surprise Netanyahu with this bombshell in a meeting. The defense spending for Israelis the work of Congress NOT Obama who knows any attempt to veto defense aid would be overridden.
13. Election Season You Boneheads
Mike ,   Tampa   (09.12.12)
We are at the end of election season you bonehead Israelis. Additionally, your PM has been insulting the US and our president. What do you expect ?
14. MIke # 13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.12.12)
Any president who bows to the king of Saudi Arabia deserves to be insulted. Obama is an insult. Obama has been more worried about campaigning for office since his first day on the job than he has been and actually doing his job. Anyone that can't understand that is showing themselves to be a bonehead.
15. #13 Mike
DavidR ,   USA   (09.12.12)
That is really a "Bonehead" remark! Do you have any understanding at all of what the President of the United States is elected to do? He is called the leader of the free world. There is a crisis in the Middle East that could lead to thermonuclear war and you think that it is more important for the President to laugh and joke on the tonight show rather than to meet with the Leader of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and our most important ally there. I also am one of the American people and I expect my President to do his job. That would get him a lot more votes than meeting Letterman on a stupid TV show. Get a clue!
16. #13 Wrong, the POTUS insults both the US and Israel.
Jake   (09.12.12)
When Netanyahu came to the US, he heaped nothing but praise on Obama. And when he spoke in front of Congress and referred to the Bin Laden hit, he said, "Congratulations, Mr. President. You did it".
17. MORE PROOF That b.H.o. ALWAYS HAS his
PRIORITES in the WRONG PLACE, besides he's a LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is Why His foreign Policy SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. The post at No.3 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./Israel   (09.12.12)
19. obama/netanyahu
sue ,   jerusalem   (09.12.12)
if this is true - obama really deserves NOT to be re-elected.
20. poor bibi
Shahar ,   Israel   (09.12.12)
I hope his ego isn't too tarnished, as he continues to steal from his own people and get us into a war that will only empower the Iranian government and that Israel's major generals, leaders of Israeli intelligence and economic experts advise against. But Obama wants to win the upcoming election and so he doesn't meet with a man who treats him with disdain. Poor Bibi...
21. Obama prefers Letterman to Netanyahu
Patricia Murphy ,   Grand Rapids, USA   (09.12.12)
America, by this time, surely must have been made aware of what a fiasco is our current president. I'm one Democrat who absolutely will not waste one single more vote on this man. I'm voting for Romney this time around and praying that there is still time to save America from Obama's mismanagement.
22. 10 reasons not to meet Netanyahu
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.12.12)
10. Dave Letterman cracks better jokes. 9. Bibi may not show up if Sara won't let him. 8. It has not been checked whether Netanyahu's American passport is valid. 7. Rahm Eliahu has not agreed to accompany Bibi to the White House. 6. Democrats are still checking what party Bibi supported when he was in America. 5. Michele Obama is serving Grits that night. 4. On Rosh Hashana Obama cannot be sure when the rabbi will let him go home. 3. Gate security people may not recognize Netanyahu under the Burqa. 2. The White House checks do not include radiation levels of guests. 1. Obama is certain he will win without a "Jewish vote."
23. #5If israel drops a dirty bombs on an American city
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (09.12.12)
even Romney won't be able to protect you.
24. #22 I think the rest of the world is tired
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (09.12.12)
of fighting wars for Israel, to support weapons makers. It's time for the rest of the world to move on with or without Israel.
25. Wait
Howard ,   Yomasa   (09.12.12)
I would take credit for it.
26. ^^responding to ^^
H. SHoykhet ,   Baltimore, USA   (09.12.12)
But instead we should apologize to terrorists and sworn enemies of the united states while they kill our ambassadors ?
27. Too busy with a campaign
Golani ,   USA/ Mi Ami, Israel   (09.12.12)
Obama probably thinks that it is more important to campaign. I hope that he is wrong and that he loses more of the Jewish vote, especially in Florida. If he gets a second term, we are all in trouble, both in the US and in Israel.
28. They can skype each other
29. #23-Anti-Israel troll leaves his bunker to speak garbage
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (09.12.12)
30. #24- Israel fights it's own wars, unlike the Arabs/Pals !
Abaraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (09.12.12)
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