House of horrors: 21 years of rape, abuse
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 12.09.12, 21:55
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1. Castrate the father and jail him for life..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (09.12.12)
2. Totally un-Jewish
Georges Bruno ,   EU/USA   (09.12.12)
What happen in an isolated cottage in very discreet and private Austria should not happen in Israel where it seems everybody knows everybody else business. No neighbours? No relatives? No educators? Repulsive crime and deafning silence around the house or the flat. Very odd though.
3. Defendant's name please
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.12.12)
This cockroach is finished.
4. Millstone around neck
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (09.12.12)
and cast into the deep, not to be heard from EVER again. That punishment would be better for those who harm children and they can expect worse judgment when they die. Matthew 18:6
5. I believe Torah had a good recipe for these scum
John ,   Europe   (09.12.12)
Pouring molten lead in their mouth. Just, in this case, don't follow halacha - don't get them drunk before. Let them taste every sip of lead.
6. Why does everyone assume family was Jewish?
Mark   (09.12.12)
Tel Aviv is an international city. Perhaps the absence of clues indicates that they were not Jewish. We are expected to think they were.
7. Touche'
mark of Balt ,   Balt   (09.12.12)
right on the mark, Mark!
8. We have the claims
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.12.12)
Why don't we wait until there are facts before condemning anybody?
9. #6 it has to be Jewish as no religion is mentioned
kuhl blitz ,   Doha / Chennai   (09.12.12)
Think! Had it had been an Arab or a Muslim involved, the entire article could have been focused on how the religion teaches, allows and practices such cruel things. And final paragraph would be a made-up stats presenting as if 90% of Muslims follows it on daily basis. Had it had been Christians, then article would have mentioned a line about it, but not going into deep criticism over the religion
10. Secular Israel
Zivron   (09.13.12)
Secular israel has the same psychopathology as the Haredim and there are psychologically extremely damaged people world wide one can only hope the Jews because of their laws have less.
11. 6, 7, & 8 If they not jewish, the press would surely
James   (09.13.12)
announce it, It would be in bold print.
12. really grossed out from this
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.12.12)
How perverted can we as a people become? This is totally wrong and disgusting! I hope an example is made out of this 'father' and 'mother' so that we never have any repeat of this again.
13. And they're not Hareidi?
Aviva ,   Israel   (09.13.12)
Why is this news?
14. Not believable as written
Tom W ,   USA   (09.13.12)
Three sisters for 21 years were raped. These sisters must be about 30 years old adults by now. None of them left the house for 21 years? If only to file complaint or to report to the police? Yes, there are stories where a man locked up a young girl in a hidden basement or similar places.. but three adult were locked up simultaneously?....Three young women easily could beat up an old mother and old father. Do the math about ages.
15. 21 YEARS and NO ONE knew ? ? ?
andre   (09.13.12)
16. too fishy to be true
jinga faker ,   antigua   (09.13.12)
..what make you believe that the girls are telling the truth and are not conspiring as to bring their boyfriends in house unobstructed? Happens all the time when hormones overflow the brain. Why should one trust the courts system that has financial incentives to prosecute and to feed their own?
17. Now, find in the t why it is OK.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.13.12)
18. The sickening scum and his wife!!!!
Toby   (09.13.12)
19. NOT Jewish
grandestgrandma ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.13.12)
I think your wrong for if they were Jewish the press would be screaming.
20. 6,7,14,16,19
SNS   (09.13.12)
1) They are Jewish 2) The 21 years refers to the period of time when the abuse started with the first daughter and ended with the last daughter. The abuse ended in the adolescence of each child not when they were adults. 3) Why can't you people believe that sexual abuse occurs all the time. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish, Moslem, Christian, secular or religious, rich, poor, educated, illiterate. One out of 4 women will be sexually abused during her lifetime, one out of 8 men will be sexually abused during his lifetime, the majority as children. That many times other people know and do nothing, and many times no one else knows.
21. to #6, because
observer ,   Egypt   (09.13.12)
Jewishness is full of imagination, their bible is full of fiction stories. And, we have heard from only one side of the story who happened to be young women with expanded horizon of the creative power of mind. Jewishness is people, religion and CULTURE. so, be it.
22. horrific
rachel   (09.13.12)
This will take a lifetime of love,therapy,compassion,and healing to overcome. Sadly,the girls will probably find it very hard to ever trust anyone again.
23. we have our sickos and psychos too
israel   (09.13.12)
24. Not a big issue, again.
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (09.13.12)
Why the press always try to show issues in an exaggerated way? This happens everyday, everywhere on Earth. Why all this fuss? I suspect behind this article there is some kind of anti-Semitism trying to suggest that only in Israel challenges like this happen.
25. Sarah B, not a big issue?
SNS   (09.13.12)
Not everything is about anti-antisemitism. This is about three young women who were sexually abused by their father who was helped by their mother. This is a huge issue. Have you no empathy?
26. Religious values?...
If Rabbis were to be taken as a role model, just research Ynet over the past few years and you will find countless Rabbis involved in sexual abuse. It is a shame that strict Jewish religious values are being taught by hypocrites. Add to the mix, this issue of 'a hole in the sheet'. and we get to the stage where a father rapes his daughters...DISPICABLE...
27. A crime against humanity
Ben Ze'ev ,   Panama City Pamana   (09.13.12)
The father is remanded, but the mother is just not allowed in the city. Why a are they both not in Jail, faced with approximately the same charges and penalties??This is the height of corrupt, incompetent law adminstration. I can easily see a 20-30 year sentence....but not in Israel, only in law abiding vountries.
28. #6
Mark   (09.13.12)
By now you should know that if the father was Christian or Muslim they would have said a Cristian or Muslim father did...
29. Really Sarah?
Avi ,   Israel   (09.13.12)
Not a big issue? This happens everyday and everywhere? Does it happen in your family? Did it happen to you?
30. What do we expect, when...
Our ex President is a convicted rapist...
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