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Jordanian official: No tension between Israel, Jordan
Roi Kais
Published: 14.09.12, 14:47
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1. mr amero trans-jordan is Right Were
the so-called pali's belong, when the brits SLICED AND DICED UP ANCIENT ISRAELI LAND, Israel Got Half Of The LAND MASS Ha Shem Bequethed To Jacob (Israel) To Each Of The 12 Tribes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arabs CAN'T BRING THEMSELF To Respect The FIRST MONOTHESTIC RELIGION JUDAISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Not one Arab country will allow Israel, US to attack Iran
Alex ,   Minneapolis, MN USA   (09.14.12)
I dont think that USA or Israel needs any arabs country permission to attack IRAN. Arab countries lost every war they fought against israel or usa. So why in the world would we need their permission?
3. Speechless
MnEd ,   USA   (09.14.12)
Mr Amro states that "no in the Arab world is satisfied with Iran's nuclear program." In the next breath he goes on to state that the "bottom line" is that since Iran is an Islamic country this trumps everything else. To quote Bugs Bunny...."what a bunch of maroons." How is a civilized world supposed to deal with irrational thinking like that?
4. beneath all public speech
Arad ,   Arad   (09.14.12)
arabs are the most eager to a Israeli/American attack, the dictators are scare of the shiite tide within their borders
5. Opinion
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (09.14.12)
Very good article, this Jordanian Officer, Rateb Amro, looks like as one of the FEW clever people of the Arabic World. Shabat Shalom
6. Not one Arab country will allow Israel, US to attack Iran
not without them, he means. we all read the leaked documents from wikileaks showing how the arab countries truly feel about the subject. more double talk.
7. "Not one Arab State will allow...attack on Iran"
William ,   Israel   (09.14.12)
Don't speak so quickly, Amaro. Quite a few Arab States have voiced support for an attack on Iran's nukes to pacify the Shiite monster who has been stoking Shia uprising and violence throughout the Sunni world for 3 decades now. No one who matters really believes your statement.
8. "Will they declare a Palestinian state with just 22%..."
William ,   Israel   (09.14.12)
"Will they declare a Palestinian state with just 22% of the territory of historical Palestine?" I got news for you, Amaro. You're representing a State that sits on a large portion of "historical Palestine". I think you know what that means.
9. Where are Jordan's Jews?
bernard ross   (09.17.12)
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