Muslim protest reaches Israel; riots in Jerusalem
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.09.12, 19:08
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1. Fools....
John Prophet   (09.14.12)
The naïveté of the West is stunning. The Mullahs in Iran have their heads full of Allah and Devine intervention. They see the West as crumbling, and the Arab awakening as signs of Allah’s Devine intervention toward the ultimate goal of the global Caliphate. The words and deeds of men are less than meaningless to them.  Those waiting and hoping Iran will come around because of sanctions are fools and Chamberlin’s progeny.  Appeasement is always the cowards way out, hoping and wringing of hands praying that maybe just maybe evil will change its stripes. It never does!  The West waited and waited hoping Hitler would be sated. He never was, he wanted it all. He saw the West as worms for their reticence.  Tens of millions died in WWII because Hitler was not dealt with sooner. The evil that were the Nazis has resurrected itself in the form of Radical Islam. Radical Islam is just as virulent an evil as were the Nazi. They also want it all, and this time if not stopped will have atomics! How many will die this go around due to reticence and a failure of leadership. 
2. Next they will burn Monte Python
adi ,   Switzerland   (09.14.12)
Next they will burn Monte Python
3. Phophet's
The Professor ,   NY, USA   (09.14.12)
The Phophet hit the nail on the head. The west is completely nieve about the tenents of Islam. The west lead by Obama has established a foreign policy that is a recipe for failure.
...DACON9   (09.14.12)
5. Riots
Ronald ,   UK LONDON   (09.14.12)
No 1, you are the fool ! A large part of the world pouplation have been insulted by a Christan Copt pretending to be an israeli jew living in America with a the name Sam Bacile, He HAS now Endangered EVERY SINGLEJewish and western individual living in any Muslim Countriy as well a alienating whole comunities against us, If that is not stupid , what else is it,
6. Anti-Islamic Film
Howard ,   London UK   (09.14.12)
Anybody protesting this film should first watch it, at least in part... I did for the 1st 3 minutes or so...... It was pathetically poor in quality. Nobody could take it seriously. All that is needed is for the people involved to be traced and for the local police authority to prosecute them for racial/ religiously aggravated threatening words and behaviour. There is no justification for this hysteria on the streets .... and no real reason for all these protests, even peaceful protest, because this film is utter garbage. It is not a threat to the integrity of Islam because it is such an infantile production
7. KFC
shrinkDave ,   miami USA   (09.14.12)
Burning down a KFC is the most sacrilegious act I've ever heard of. This is a red line, equivalent to the most heinous acts of inhumanity in history. KFC flags at half mast, young Americans volunteering to fight; Long Live Colonel Sanders! Sanders is Akbar.
8. #5, you are wrong! #1 is right
Ted ,   UK   (09.14.12)
So how exectly you suggest to go and stop every "stupid" person in the western world to shut up when it comes to Muslims? clamp the freedom of speech? the muslim fanatics will always find an excuse to riot, no appeasment from the west will help! obviously they are not secure enough in their belief to ignore nonsense, caricatures, and don't have the capabilty to criticize or laugh at you still believe the arab spring will bring democracy to them?? like Obama?
9. # 4 LOL good one !
me   (09.14.12)
10. the media
Kurt Walther ,   San Diego   (09.14.12)
I think the media would like to make a bigger event than it needs. This is like watching a reality-tv show; mostly made up for the cameras. A lot of upcoming Muslim drive-by newscasters out there.
11. Howard #8
P ,   Haifa   (09.14.12)
I also watched the preview on Youtube and had exactly the same reaction you had. Even my computer thought so - it crashed about 5 minutes into the video.
12. The film is just an excuse to riot...
Malone ,   Hfx   (09.14.12)
...the fact that these riots occurred on 9/11 is the reason...apparently the WH had 48 hour prior warning and did nothing is pathetic. Marines not allowed to have live ammo...unbelievable...and...Obama keeps on apologizing and grovelling...throw the naive bum out.
13. #5, people like you are the problem
NC ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.14.12)
You act as if it is normal that the muslims have been stirred into a murderous rage due to a stupid movie. People of all other nations and religions have at some point been insulted or ridiculed in film or literature, BUT NO ONE ELSE FLIES INTO A MURDEROUS RIOTING RAGE! You are exactly the type of fool that #1 is talking about. By making apologies for the film instead of condemning the RIDICULOUS over-reaction of the muslims, you show exactly the Chamberlin-esque mentality that #1 condemned. You are what is wrong with Western societies. The West condemns anti-islamic discrimination, but turns a blind eye to the insane behaviour of the muslim populations.
14. The most insulting to Islam
Arad ,   Arad   (09.14.12)
is the average IQ of their "faithfool" and their violent mindless herd behaviour
15. I have a question
Swiss chocolate ,   Swiss Alps   (09.14.12)
How come the Moslims can publish daily anti-Jewish and anti-Christian propaganda material, incitement articles that eve Goebels looks an amateur compared to them, and neither Jews nor Christians storm Islam/Arab countries embassies, nor kill their ambassadors. There is a way to demonstrate in he civilized world - something these people haven't hard about...yet....
16. These rioters have nothing better to do..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (09.14.12)
17. Mohammad the greatest man ever
A proud Muslim ,   Kufur Qasem   (09.14.12)
We as Muslims will keep defend our beloved prophet and all the prophets peace be upon them all because Jews and Christians have abandoned their prophets' messages and deformed it. Moses and Jesus peace be upon them believed in Mohammad peace be upon him before he even was born and they will never support any other religion but Islam. All the prophets were muslims and we love and believe in them all. Victory will be in Islam's side always because God is it's protector and the prophet's protector. I pray that God will forgive the wrong actions and the violent actions which Muslims are committing because they are misleading the world of the true essence of Islam and they are ignoring every thing that our prophet had came with and taught us.
18. Ronald # 5
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.14.12)
No he isn't. The Muslims are the problem. No other religious group on earth behaves the way they do. This movie and the reaction of Muslims only show the movie maker is right. The Muslims have no tolerance for others but they want it all for themselves. The danger you speak of has always been there. The world of Islam only waits for excuses, any excuses to show the world what violent vile people they are. Those communities you speak of being alienated against you already were and always will be as long as they are ruled by Islam. Poster number one is correct and anyone that can't see that is stupid.
19. Religious Fanatics?
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (09.14.12)
These are not protests against a film but organized Islamic Radicals intent upon attacking America and American interests. There is absolutely no doubt that the majority of Arabs have never seen or heard about the Muhammad film. American foreign policy of apologizing to the Arabs has brought this about. Arabs understand a strong hand and are too devolved to understand how to build a democracy.
20. Hit them hard and send them to riot in
leo ,   usa   (09.14.12)
their god forsaken countries.
21. #6
JS ,   USA   (09.14.12)
I agree with you, I also wonder why Muslims in the US or other Western countries are not rioting.
22. Rioting
Lawrence ,   Miami, USA   (09.14.12)
Its said but very telling that the Islamic world does not understand the concept of free speech while themselves making much more maligned statements about other religions and calling Jews sons of monkeys and dogs. Its frightening what has happened to the Islamic world and the lack of moderate moslems to take back their religion.
23. Just as I had predicted yesterday
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.14.12)
24. To #6 Who needs justification ?
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.14.12)
All the fundamentalist islamists need is hate and destruction of progressive western societies. The reason? They can`t compete creatively for a long long time now. Mohammed, religion, stones, kalachnikovs...but not Curiosity on Mars.
25. @6: Stop Your Appeasement
emanon ,   USA   (09.14.12)
You are right, the film is extremely poorly done from a technical point. Nonetheless, simply stating "there is no justification" for the protest is not a condemnation of these violent riots. Clearly state which side you're on. Speaking personally, these riots are all wrong and need to be dealt with with the same force, or more, the arabs are using with their riots. That is their way: intimidation, pure and simple. Stand up to them or you are doomed. You cannot point out the incorrect logic of their actions as logic has no part in their behavior.
26. Freedom of speech
Andreas Grefen ,   Nettetal, Germany   (09.14.12)
Completely stupid, these rioting Muslim masses! In your countries you may choose to stay in Medieval times, but in the International world you will have to accept that your religion is criticized or even ridiculed. That is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You will have to learn it.
27. How about the newly developed
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.14.12)
skunk bomb ? Excellent possibility to use them.
28. To Ronald
Dan   (09.14.12)
where werer you when the arabs showed films where jews killed little children and baked bread with their blood? did you protest? did you condemn? No? why not?
29. One move not enough, I look forward to the sequel...
:-D ,   The World   (09.14.12)
30. Relatively peaceful here
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.14.12)
As opposed to other countries....nowhere as violent.....One bystander said, "It's not against the State." In spite of everything, they know where they have it good.
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