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Poll: 70% of US Jews support Obama
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.09.12, 15:05
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31. Rigid and stupid
Jeffrey Levitt ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.15.12)
I am so disgusted with my Jewish brothers and sisters to the south of me. How much more information do they need? Obama's ME approach/policies have totally failed.
32. # 12
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.15.12)
If the American people would have considered what is good for America the first time Obama would never have been elected. Obama is helping to ensure that the sun sets on the American empire. We will become a has been like Britain, France, and Spain while we tear ourselves down and build up China.
33. This poll is using 2008 figures in reality it's 50-50
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (09.15.12)
34. Shana tova Mr President. 4 more BRILLIANT years 2 your Admin
Sarah B ,   U.S.A,/Israel   (09.15.12)
35. Original numbers were 100% except 1 ( for democracy sakes ).
Miron ,   USA   (09.15.12)
You know? Freedom of speech? There is one Jewish minister even in Turkey. He regularly calls to wipe Israel off the map. And the rest of parlament says "we agree, but we need to secure American approval first".
36. Unbelievable
Amos ,   CanadaAmosC   (09.15.12)
When Obama campaigned the first time around it was chocking the support he got from the Jewish camp. One only had to listen to his speeches and mannerism, to remember other despots with same attraction. How. How could have the America Jews be that gullible and how can they be that gullible now. If we look at the turmoil in the middle east, when did blow up? Who backed the current African regimes? Who inflamed them with his Cairo speech? I'd say the American voters as a whole had better be very carefully. In this case the devil they know, may be the devil that leads them into the abyss.
37. a vote for Obama = a vote for the iranian Bomb !
38. American jewry makes me SICK !
David ,   Tel-Aviv   (09.15.12)
they don' t vote with their head. Only the democrat insane ideology is working on us
39. #32, Why is Obama keeping you awake at night?
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.15.12)
It's the Congress that matters the most, not the President. What also matters is what kind of a team the President assembles and puts to work. Obama's team is quite good, but it could be better, of course. Obama's lasting legacy will endure due to the Medical Plan his team was able to pass into law and they will straighten it by passing Universal Insurance in the second term. By the way, this week's economic rescue set by Bernanke is brilliant, don't you think? You can go to sleep now, Romney has no chance.
40. where do they poll?
Queen Mary ,   New York   (09.15.12)
I m not sure these polls are correct. Maybe they poll exclusively well known Jewish communities, but many Jews don't live there, there are tons of Jews spread out in other neighborhoods around the country and not affiliated with sinagogues. Russian and Eastern European Jews for example are 90% Republican, also the young generation of American Jews tends to be leaning Republica although it is unclear how many actually registered to vote. I think a more realistic figure is around 50% support for each candidate.
41. The sad sad shame and crime of self-
Gideon Reader   (09.15.12)
induced injury, delusion and willful blindness. Redux of Europe in the '30's? Seemingly so.
42. Florida goes to Romney
Jim shortz ,   Miami, usa   (09.15.12)
Case closed
43. #8 Get the f*ck outta here
The only thing you do on the comments here is critizising everything Jewish and spreading your ignorance over Israeli society. Why do you even bother?
44. americans
haim ,   telaviv   (09.15.12)
Well hopefully 70% of the American people will also support Obama.... He's not perfect but preferable to the fundementalist bigot he's up against.
45. All this proves is there's some dumb Jews!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (09.15.12)
Most liberal, AmericanJews aren't true Jews--period!!!
46. Obama
nazy ,   los angeles   (09.15.12)
Any Jew who votes for Obama, either is a self hater, or is not in touch with this world. It is a gradual suicide to vote for Obama.
47. I do not believe it for one second.
sigh.... ,   Haifa   (09.15.12)
Gallup was probably PAID to say 70% of Jews woll vote Obama, OR The gallup only polled people who were pro Obama anyway.
48. Another poll shows Obama down
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Yerushalayim Israel   (09.15.12)
" President Barack Obama’s support among Jews continues to drop although most polls show his standing is n the rise among the general population. A survey by TIPP, which says it was the most accurate presidential pollster in the 2004 and 2008 elections, show that only 59 percent of likely Jewish voters will vote for the president, down from 68 percent in Gallup polls in June and July and far from the 78 percent in the final results in 2008. The TIPP poll, carried to for The Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor...
49. #43, I bother because I care for my country. Now, go to work
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.15.12)
50. American Christians,
Goldylox ,   Madison, USA   (09.15.12) comparison, US christians will vote pro-Israel overwhelmingly. American christians are more Jewish the Liberal US Jews!!!!
51. Maybe
M ,   New York   (09.15.12)
In a word, yes. But these polls are skewed and I find it hard to beleive the swing from 61 to 70%. Besides, no mention about age breakdown. Older voters in battleground states may have a different opinion than body pierced youth.
52. This is just Spin.
Edward ,   New York USA   (09.15.12)
Gallup polls are skewed to left by weighting responses and by targeting liberals for their polls. They are part and parcel of the liberal media campaign to demoralize Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents by publishing this garbage in the hopes people will be demoralized and not vote. there is only one pool that really counts the one on November 6th. A vote for Romney/Ryan on Election day will turn the current insanity around.
53. # 43
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.15.12)
You ask why does Michael bother. He is a very bitter, unhappy man who tried & failed to live in Israel. Michael will say only negative stuff about Israel, its best to totally ignore his posts, all of them, every time.
54. Gallup overpolls democrats and underpolls independants
B> Shimpshon   (09.15.12)
Resulting in heavily Obama skewed numbers.
55. what we know
postroad ,   USA   (09.15.12)
70% people prefer this or that to something else. What does this tell us?If yhou disagree just perhaps you are DEAD WRONG but making snippy comments you continue to believe you are right. News: NO, you are wrong and the 70% are rights!
56. Where else can conservatives go?
STEVE Klein   (09.15.12)
Romney, unlike Newt Gingrich, has provided this Jew little reason to support him, but what can I do? Where can I go. Romney has adopted George W. Bush's anti-Israel policies even as he blows kisses to the Jews. Did anyone watch Romney rebuke Speaker Gingrich in the December 10, 2011 Iowa debate after Gingrich said the Palestinians are an invented people and are terrorists? Romney essentially took the side of the Palestinian terrorists! Does anyone know Romney fought conservatives at the platform writing committee in Tampa, Fla., muscling in language supporting a Palestinian terror state in Israel? I guess most pro-Israel conservatives will vote for Romney but conservatives are not excited about Romney.
57. The real poll
michael Pielet ,   israel   (09.15.12)
This poll is incorrect. Governor Romney will receive 90% of the committed Jewish vote, Religious Jews and Israeli activists. Governor Romney will receive 40% of the incidental Jewish vote, primarily due to the economy. In Florida the only swing state where the Jewish vote is important, Governor Romney will receive a majority of the Jewish vote. Florida will go for the Governor.
58. suport?
max brzezinski ,   mexico   (09.15.12)
As the son of a holocoust survivor just want you all to remember that at first the germans suported hitler! obama is no better!
59. Most American Jews
Jane   (09.15.12)
eat a bowl of matzo ball soup and consider that observance. Stupid, ill-informed and dangerous to the survival of our people. They have no heart to their own.
60. #38
Jane   (09.15.12)
Not much different than the Israeli left, except that the Israeli left is still in Israel.
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