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Panetta says demand for red lines is political ploy
Published: 15.09.12, 22:44
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Rafi ,   US   (09.15.12)
... were actually a cheap political stunt - typical of Bibi. In this case, besides his public demands for 'red lines', he was trying to put Obama on the spot before the elections - and thereby assist his pal Romney. But - also in typical fashion - Netanyahu did far more harm to Israel's interests & image across the board in the US than anything else. Americans of all spectrums don't like being told what to do publicly by any country. This cheap little political gambit by Bibi certainly will not elicit 'red lines'! Too bad most Israelis are not aware of how much NEEDLESS damage Netanyahu and his amateur cronies (Lieberman, Dan Ayalon, etc) have caused Israel abroad since they've arrived in office....
2. If he wasn't so busy with censuring Israel perhaps Libya
ab   (09.15.12)
debacle woudn't have happened.
3. Its a matter of trust
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.12)
If Panetta bread and his boss the Grand Mufti of Washington could be trusted there would never be a need for "red lines." But since America elected a Muslim as President it becomes increasingly difficult to believe anything they say.
4. Down with the US
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (09.15.12)
I have said so many ttimes: zeu! enough with the US. We don't nee you anymore. Leave us alone. Let us look for new partnerships, new alliances. Ones that share the same values with us. If you don't accept our red lines, get a life and leave us leave our lives with dignity and decency.
5. OK. I firmly believe that the "Little
Gideon Reader   (09.15.12)
Red Lines are political moves to box Obama in" is a very clear and definite signal to PM Netanyahu and Israel by extension, that they (you) are on your own. An American betrayal; a political dry washing of hands. Now is the time for Israel to massively EMP Iran and the entire surrounding area back to a time that would make them much, MUCH more comfortable. Say,...the 7th century. And if the USA, UK, UN, and EU don't like it, ......well,....EFF EMM. Fait Acompli. Like it or suck it.
6. In 1947 and 67 Israel was able to achieve miracles
Al   (09.16.12)
Today thanks to America being Israels pimp and suggar daddy, Israel cant do shit for itself. Israels balls are locked up in the WH oval office and Obama has the keys. Israel you have to sever relations with the USA, They are not your friends.
7. This very antagonistic Democratic party.....suddenly...
Ben Ze'ev ,   Panama City Panama   (09.16.12)
I sincerely hope that netanyahu will say, "...that is a very offensive thing to say, when the very existence of our nation is at stake....'
8. The post at No. 4 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.12)
9. Panetta says demand for red lines
jacques ,   nsw   (09.16.12)
useless paneta ploy! useless defence secretary USA ever got.
10. Netanyahu Has None
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (09.16.12)
Netanyahu has no criteria for calling up reserves for service in the Gulf or Iran. Netanyahu is not US CINC. Too bad, so sad for Netanyahu. Obama is POTUS.
11. #4 Sarah "Down with the US"
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (09.16.12)
Sarah: You have shown your true colors. How can you write "Down with the US" and claim that you are from the USA Israel? You are the kind of American we do not need. Go to Israel full time. We don't need or want people with loyalties like yours.
12. Gideon, don't you think Israel would have attacked Iran, IF
Persian CAT   (09.16.12)
it could by now. Seems like the one who's gonna suck it is you, nephew.
13. To Rafi #1
Rick ,   USA   (09.16.12)
Nonsense: If the world would have had some red lines in the thirties, the holocaust wouldn't have happened. Some people learn from their history, some people are blind as a bat.
14. US foreign policy has failed - relations w Arab world so
me ,   here   (09.16.12)
fragile a film ckip can overthrow it. Panetta should learn his lessons before trying to teach others what to do...
15. N Korea+Pakistan both got Abomb.What Red Line did they cross
Alan ,   SA   (09.16.12)
16. our lives political ploy? u and Chamberlin
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.16.12)
Since when, when our (Israeli) lives are at stake from a real modern day Hitler do we take people like modern day Chamberlin (Panetta) as having any serious meaning. He lives in the safe USA, we live in the Mid-East surrounded by enemies who care little for life, especially ours. Mr Panetta, you are sick and hopefully after November you and Obama will find a job some where else where the collateral damage that you can do is much less.
17. stupid US lost his best ally in the ME ! Panetta shame on u
18. #12 the answer is no, but the best is yet to come
19. There is nothing political about war on Iran
Miron ,   USA   (09.16.12)
It's crime of aggression on nation at peace. With nukes without nukes, however you slice it. Mr. Panetta support in this undertaking is gross.
20. they dont want to be forced to help Israel
jack bauer   (09.16.12)
and they have no intention of doing it voluntarily
21. Its Really Like Pre-WW2
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.16.12)
On this one,I agree with Panetta (ie,Obama). Look, no nation can intimidate, or force or coerce, another. Its a 2 sided coin guys Israel's policies are not definite..much of its against attacking Iran for good reason ( read Tehran's threatsagain). Who wants a major war? The US is divided. US Jews are divided. The US makes major, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. and it should no be at any country's whim or mercy. Same applies to Israel..btw. This should be discussed behind closed doors. I agree with Livni. Bringing Israel into NATO would help..but then again, NATO is weak. Bibi is too outspoken..he understands the threats..but leadership is wanting Sorry guys Panetta is simply wrong. Red lines..deadlines. timeframes..nothing new here. We did it and look what its caused. Israel's only real, it is Iran that will cease to exist Sanctions are futile. We are seeing pre-WW2 again.
22. Keep Quiet But Carry a Big Stick
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (09.16.12)
Two issues here: The USA cannot have its foreign policy foised on it by anyone. (Same applies to Israel). But USA can get away with 2 wars over 10yrs costing trillioins. Israel has 30 day window to win. Second: Bibi's open faced in your counter productive. ( I agree with Livni on this one)/ Act softly but carry a big stick. Keep it quiet guy., but let Iran know thst if a war, it is history.Its just that simple. Israel has the might now, but that edge is eroding fast. Keep your policies out of our elections...It has a negative effect no matter.
23. Bitter fruits of Obama regime's evil policies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.12)
Obama has spent his four years in office boot licking Muslims. The result: American flags being burnt around the Muslim world. Fierce anti-American riots throughout the Muslim world. These are only some of the bitter fruits of the Obama regime's evil policies. Obama is wrong about everything. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
24. israel vs us
fran ,   wilmington, usa   (09.16.12)
Israel wants US to bomb Iran on its behalf. We can no longer act as guardian for Israel.
25. Jack Bauer
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.16.12)
Nobody, but nobody, helped Israel in destroying the enemy reactors in Iraq & Syria Iran is about the same distance from Israel as Iraq was
26. Down with the US
ToughloveforIsrael ,   Massachusetts, USA   (09.17.12)
Sarah B. is right. Israel doesn't need the US any more. The US doesn't share Israel's values (of land-taking, home demolishing, and cruelty to Palestinians). If Israel wants to bomb Iran, it can do it without the help of USA. The US shouldn't go to war for Israel (again).
27. sorry dear but......
Moragh   (09.17.12)
your letter is not intelligent enough for you to sign in as Sarah B. Try another one dear..... you will definitely get on a lot better. As of right now you simply do not have the integrity and intelligence of Sarah B. Try your own name in future. You might be more respected and less laughed at!
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