Peres wishes Israelis, Jewish Diaspora Happy New Year
Published: 16.09.12, 10:28
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1. My New Year Message
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.16.12)
To the Jewish World A happy healthy and peaceful New Year To Israel A happy healthy and peaceful New Year. That Israel continues to strive to achieve Palestinian Statehood with Palestinians and peace with all her neighbours whilst pursuing with utmost vigour and without compromise the security of the State and all her people To the Muslim World That we foster understanding tolerance and mutual respect between Islam and Judaism and promote the many things that unite us
2. Happy New Year...
William ,   Gotham City, lebanon   (09.16.12)
To the greatest people on the planet and a nation whose example all nations should follow... Love you...
3. Shana tova
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.16.12)
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