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'Nothing will remain of Israel if it attacks'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 16.09.12, 13:51
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1. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.12)
I see a 9.0-plus earthquake in Iran's future. Anyone here know what ELF waves can do? Anyone here know that the Judean hills are the perfect area from which to launch such waves? Earthquakes are acts of nature, right? Well, not always, but good luck proving it. Especially if you come from a country that basically sits astride several of the most active faults in the world. It is so going to rain on Iran's parade ....
2. #1 Sarah B
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.16.12)
You're reading too much science fiction.
3. #2 & it's folly
Bert ,   USA   (09.16.12)
Obviously, # 2 is a # 2. It doesn't think straight and reveals itself against the country of Israel, who's capital is Jerusalem. I'd suggest to this outfit to get back to the sandpile where it builds sand castles!
4. Haman also thought he could destroy the Jews
Zev ,   Israel   (09.16.12)
5. Bye, bye Iran. - End
Nathan ,   Canada   (09.16.12)
6. Obama reduced USA to object of derision
Mahmoud ,   Ahmaedinejad   (09.16.12)
So that a 4th rate country can threaten it with raining misiles on its bases and fleets. Oh how the mighty have fallen and how no one has learned the harsh lessons of history.
7. sorry but you haven't got Obamas speech making skills
zionist forever   (09.16.12)
Now if this was Obama he would take off his jacket roll up his sleeves and tell us: Israel must not attack us and if they do then we will use diplomacy and use sanctions if we must it Israel attacks us. These speeches from the generals and the monkey really are starting to get a little boring. If Israel wants to destroy Iran's nuclear program then the best solution is to attack before the election forcing Obama to intervene and destroy Iran's missile and nuclear sites. As a Rosh Hashana gift I think I will buy the Iranians a teleprompter see if their speeches improve.
8. Nothing Will Remain Of Israel If Iran Is Not Attacked.
Ron Saunders ,   Seattle USA   (09.16.12)
9. Attack Iran?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.16.12)
Iran will mop up the Middle East with whatever is left of the Zionists (if anything) and their imperialist lackeys and stooges.
10. #1 Sarah, you are not Sarah
Mel ,   Yeruham   (09.16.12)
11. Baghdad Bob
Yaron ,   USA   (09.16.12)
Remember him?
12. #9
Yaron ,   USA   (09.16.12)
10 years of war against Saddam's hollow army caused the ayatolahs to fight to a draw and 1million dead. You are deluding yourself if you think that Iran has advanced themselves as a fighting force in the same proportions as Israel. Oh, and by the way, your anti-Jewish/Israel sentiments are so overt that your swastika is showing.
13. To Sarah B
Betti ,   Boop   (09.16.12)
Whatcha been smokin'???
14. as usual,,,,
alsky ,   toronto   (09.16.12)
when Muslims feel the noose around their neck getting tighter, they lash out. Itran is nothing but a paper tiger ! They are capable of bombing soft targets around the world.
15. to # 9
John ,   Chicago, IL USA   (09.16.12)
Are some kinda Communist-Nazi who is hiding out in my country or just a Useful idiot?
16. To: Ali Aljafari
Matt Lancaster ,   Tampa Bay, Florida   (09.16.12)
When was the last time a Muslim Horde won a war or a battle against professional army? I can't reall. Let's ask a different question. When was the last time Iran won a war of any kind? I can't recall this either. You and yours could not even defeat Iraq. You just making a fool of yourself by saying all these stupid things. I believe that modern warfare is to complicated for religious fanatics. That's why none of you ( Muslims) have won a war for the past 200 years. I went to dinner few days ago to a Greek restaurant here in Tampa. I overheard to Americanized Iranians talking. They were saying that Iran can and will defeat any nation on earth, because some clown will fly in on the donkey and will turn the war for Iran. I will take those odds any day. And if your government planing their military startagy based on that, then I am quite sure there will be nothing left of Iran.
17. Goodbye everybody!
koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (09.16.12)
Obviously, if Iran does wipe out Israel, Chas Veshalom, then they will wipe out their "Phillistinian" brothers and sisters too (not to mention endemic Israeli Arab populations!). I guess, they feel that all lives are expendable?
18. Don't worry
haim ,   telaviv   (09.16.12)
We all know that the US is not going to attack Iran and it's obvious that Israel cannot and will not launch an attack alone. Shalom, shana tova.
19. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.12)
Iran's Mad Mullahs make such boasts BEFORE they have functional nuclear bombs. Imagine the boasts they'd make if Israel is dumb enough to let these genocidal cretins build nukes! Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
20. Just before a street brawl--
Oleg   (09.16.12)
thats how one who is scared , blabbers
21. delusional imbecile
Dony ,   Canada   (09.16.12)
#9 ................will Iran mop up the Middle East using it's vast technological and air superiority? You're ignorance is palpable.
22. Wrong side of humanity
MK ,   Tampa, USA   (09.16.12)
No one is better than anyone else and until radical islamists grasp this acceptance mentality they will continue to kill innocent people including their own children. We are all created by God! Do you really believe?
23. Iranian translation
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.16.12)
" If israel attack us nothing wil be left of Israel and if israel does not attack us nothing wil be left of Israel." Israel is doomed if it attacks preventively and doomed if Iran gets its nuclear bomb. What would you do if you were Israel?
24. Sarah post # 1
Guest ,   France   (09.16.12)
Sarah, shut up. No offense, but shut up about that.
25. #13 Sarah must be very powerful to you if she bothers you
rachel ,   usa   (09.17.12)
so much you must pretend to be her ....
26. How Boastful
VeryDisgusted2   (09.17.12)
This fellow is like Saddam who boasted too much and ended up cowering in his rat hole.
27. #15 John
DavidR ,   USA   (09.17.12)
The answer is yes!
28. He don't believe in what he is talking about
Involved ,   US   (09.17.12)
This is bluff of a fanatical hatefull regime that has been going to far with its intentions. It must be stoped before get it's hands on nuke it will be looking to concill and deliver it to desire destinations.
29. The book of books Shared 2500 yrs ago...
RGalutia ,   yakima   (09.17.12)
T E H I L L I M 83 .... what would take place when Israel returned to the land It appears to be true
30. Nora #23
demstar333 ,   Cleveland, USA   (09.17.12)
Experts all over the world, including the ones in Isarel, are very certain that Iran will not build a bomb. Everyone here in talkback should be ware of this. Natanyahoo is playing some old political games which have lost their effects, and are very risky to keep insisting upon them with unforseen results.
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