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Iran ups bounty on Salman Rushdie to $3.3M
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Published: 16.09.12, 18:48
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1. Got their priorities straight I see
Elad ,   Israel/Dallas   (09.16.12)
2. Rushdie
Naftali   (09.16.12)
Wonder how many leftists will protest this?
3. Animals.
Avi   (09.16.12)
This is what happens when you give cavemen some electricity. They may try to copy your modern way of life, but they're still primitive barbarians.
4. and not a word from Obama..
JL   (09.16.12)
of course he would never question a fatwa..maybe he can collect on the reward
5. 3.3 Million
Maryam ,   US   (09.17.12)
Forget about Rushdie. Give it to poverty stricken Iranians.
6. The fatwa inspired me to read Salman Rushdie's great novels
Henry ,   Darwin, Australia   (09.17.12)
I wouldn't have bothered reading them if they weren't so controversial.
7. The FBI will be right on it
as soon as they finish arresting that Coptic fellow in California who made the Mohammed movie.
8. LOL!!! 3.3 mil????? gimme the contact info and i'm in@!@@@@!
you know it already ,   for real?   (09.24.12)
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