Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Arabs sense weakness
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 18.09.12, 13:54
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1. What the west can do is........
Apple Cider Vinegar ,   UK   (09.18.12)
What the west can do to quell the unrest is to use the tried and tested method of blaming the Jews. They need to condemn the "settlements" the "occupation" to say that the so called Palis had done nuffink wrong and in general just berate the Jews and Zionism and Israel until the "arab street" is sweet. If that don't work then Israel should give some territory they don't have to the arabs who have more territory then sense Look, it worked before, just try it again......
2. The most urgent thing to do
Mira ,   Vienna   (09.18.12)
is to get rid of this incompetent, weak and Arab loving president. He brought US ina situation where nobody all over the world has got any respect, even less as they have for Erdogan (5th best friend of Obama)
3. Anti American
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (09.18.12)
I just can't understand why the US insists on sending their diplomats and soldiers to countries that the population hates them and their way of life.Wouldn't it be easier and safer to send all their soldiers to a country that will appreciate them and their security help not only for Israel but the whole western world.Let the Muslim world know that any attack on Israel is also an attack on the US.
4. They dont sense it
ky   (09.18.12)
They know it. Mr President purrs like a pussycat when he should be roaring like a lion
5. I disagree with nearly all Westerwelle say, worsest foreign
minister Germany ever had!
6. Aaron
DavidR ,   USA   (09.18.12)
Not only do they send our diplomats and soldiers but they also send checks in the billions of dollars from our Congress in the hands of our idiot and chief who presents it as he bends over and bows, thus getting it from both ends. Any weakness there to detect? Even Ray Charles could see weakness in that and he was blind and now is blind and dead. May he rest in peace.
7. Arabs sense weakness
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.18.12)
It's the same with animals. And if the West would apply animal psychology to these extreme Arabs, then maybe the world could progress instead of stagnate.
8. Get real.
Sam M ,   UK   (09.18.12)
We need emergency legislation, laws specifically drafted just for the benefit of muslims that if any material be it books, films, cartoons cause offence, intentional or otherwise to any muslims anywhere in the world that they be immediately banned, an apology issued and the sinner handed over for summary justice to a sharia court! Just overturn our long tradition of free speech and democracy in one fell swoop. Alternatively we can tell these primitive cave dwellers where to go and withdraw all aid from corrupt, oppressive arab regimes until they genuinely reform and divert the billions of dollars instead to far more deserving causes such as in our own western communities. Lets wait and see how long it takes for the mega rich arab oil states to go to the assistance of their so called poor arab ‘brothers’. The lesson here is that you can't buy friendship and all our aid counts for nothing to this hate filled rabble. Lets see how much progress they make on their own!
9. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!
Elad ,   Israel/Dallas   (09.18.12)
I am 68, Israeli, and I can not remember a day when Arabs were not rioting. This is what they do, so why are we now taking it seriously?
10. like wolves
Richard ,   the hague holland   (09.18.12)
11. #9 is 100% correct
Dan ,   USA   (09.19.12)
The author writes all kinds of psycho-babble about Muslim feelings of inferiority. The plain truth is that rioting and violence are part of their culture. That is what they have been doing for years, and it is what they do best. Elad @ #9 is 100% correct.
12. Romney Sees Through Abbas
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.19.12)
In all serious, what can the US do? Its like a dispute between a tenant and the landlord, wherein the tenant invites a guest, who is rowdy in the lobby. The landlord cannot evict the tenant Our laws prime anything the Muslim world has on their books. We do not subordinate to anyone..but are governed by treaties and agreements ( which the Muslim world abrigates at will if it desires). Now, Abbas wants to end Oslo and has stated UN242 is "irrelevant", the UN action which determines land, borders, statehood and refugees. Morsi is tinkering with ending the treaty, a well thought of document after the 73 War, (bringing a type of peace). There is a lesson to be learned here: agreements are meaningless with the Arabs. Thus, those who have said that every Arab move is a move to destroy Israel ultimately, is how it should be considered. Likud and other right wing parties in Israel, supported by centrists and the right in the Diaspora, are correct about peace. There will NEVER be peace, only temporary lapses of warfare. Those who are not learning from history are meant to repeat it. From Abbas, to Assad, to Arafat, to Sadat, to Nasser, to Ahmad...show their intent. Obama was to be the savior off the Palestinians..hard on Israel. Hanan would call it "pandering" to the Arab lobby. Romney is expressing in words what most we Americans think and believe and know is right. The truth in the Mormon religion will make you free. The truth here is actually moving the process fwd, not sideways, as under Obama, Cast Dome notwithstanding.
13. The USA Cannot Have It Both Ways
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.19.12)
The USA has few options, and while I disagree with most everything Obama and his minions have done in 4 yrs...he is right to stay out of the fray this time., except where groups murder or maim our people. In time, the ranting and raving will end, just as the occupations ended. They achieve nothing cept to give disparate elements a podium to vent their anger at US, and Israel. And what exactly are they raving about? Israel is a recognized country and member of the UN. It does not advocate genocide ( ie, Iran), but will defend itself. The US voted for its existence, not its destruction. The Arabs had a chance fo a small state ( they already have Eastern Palestine/Jordan).. When Israel was attacked in 48, and won, that in reality ended the partition. Now, 68 yrs later, Abbas wants to end Oslo and UN242, in effect, abrogating every meaningful agreement to end the confllict. He wants a state, to the 67 borders..with Jerusalem and full control of the water, air and borders..and the right to a modern army, w/o giving Israel anything in return. From there, it is Tel Aviv and Haifa. The US supports a few nations for its own benefit..trying to play both sides, which, it seems, doesnt work. In the changing M.E., the Russian/Chinese policies seem to be better, stay out of it, but support your (by deeds) friends. A solution: bring Israel into NATO as an activce, full member..with NATO weapons and military support. Both China and Rusia supported Mubarak..and had extensive trade deals. They are supporting Syrias Assad., yet the US still buys their cheaper goods. A boycott of China might make them think. Supporting the opposition in Russia would send a message. At least Romney is not double talking...or apologizing to our fickle friends over alleged wrong doings. Wrong doings?
14. Obama won hearts, minds, and trust, of Arab Spring youth
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.19.12)
...by demanding Democracy in the Arab World, and an end to Dictators.
15. Pere adam
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (09.19.12)
16. Any attack on Israel
Russell Kurson ,   San Francisco, CA US   (09.19.12)
Any attack on Israel is in fact an attack on the United States !!
17. No new ideas allowed
Elena G ,   Texas   (09.19.12)
One big problem w/the piece. Islam's "Golden Age" was merely the exploitation of the Roman and Byzantine civilizations. Islam took from those and destroyed the source of the creative. Islam has yet to invent something on its own. I submit that it is incapable of doing so. Since the goal of muslim men is to be just like Mohammad, and Mohammad was a warlord, true creativity and innovation is simply not permitted. Islam is left itself in the 7th century along the western Arabian coast with a voracious appetite to consume others. Islam is like "the Borg" of Star Trek - relentless, brutal, uncreative.
18. #17 Elena
DavidR ,   USA   (09.19.12)
Elena, Your post has single handedly caused mass riots and deaths throughout half the world!!! How dare you tell the truth?! LOL!
19. beragil
beragil   (09.23.12)
ron ,the problem is Quite complicated due to a total different psychology. the west work with an inadequate tools. the muslem's behavior and thinking is 180 degree's from the west. it's a Recipe for disaster. no wonder,problems with muslem's in the west are piling up. only a deep change bouth domestic and abroad will (maybe?) change the situation for the better
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