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Muslims decry French Mohammed cartoons as new insult
Published: 19.09.12, 14:11
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1. Question
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.12)
How does Erian feel about the grossly anti-Semitic cartoons which are a daily feature in the press throughout the Arab and Moslem world? He's been pretty silent about that, hasn't he? That makes him a hypocrite, I'd say. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, is it not? If you cannot take it; don't dish it out. That's just common sense.
2. When their brothers ban Shoah denial instead of Holocaust
jokes and cartoon prizes.
3. Nobody is denying the Prophet PBU"H existed
4. Tell that first to Ahmadinejad
Mr Ghozlan : Tell that first to Ahmadinejad and your Brotherhood comrades who deny the Holocaust!
5. No one is denying that Mohamed Exist.
Hadad ,   u.k   (09.19.12)
6. Holocaust denial
Madeleine ,   Israel   (09.19.12)
Well, see, Jews don't go onthe rampage, murder, kill, and burn flags whenever someone denies the Holocaust, whether verbally or in print. Slight difference. If Jews rected to the many vicious anti_Semitic cartoons put out by the Muslim world, the way Muslims react to caricatures of their beloved prophet, - no htat would be a different kettle of fish.
7. Show Respect To Get Respect
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (09.19.12)
Muslims are in no position to speak about showing respect for others beliefs. They are emboldened by the cowardice of the west but thank God America is going to have a president that tells it like it is. Wondering what hamas and the pa think about that...
8. @ 6
adam   (09.19.12)
jews with converts maybe few millions - moslems are billion plus - ratio should be taken into consideration
9. Muslims make cartoons of the Jews but never of ...
WikiMiki   (09.19.12)
Jewish prophets or religion.
10. One man's democracy is another man's
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel..   (09.19.12)
evil.To the Muslims go and learn what free free speech is.You people print hate and evil against the Jews and the Christians.You people the Muslims kill innocent good people in the name of Allah.World terrorism is a world problem in the name OF Allah.We cannot travel in peace because of your Muslim terrorists.So now go and clean up this mess the Muslim world has created in the name of Allah.Remember 9\11 ????
11. Cartoon=Shoah?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.12)
Are you nuts? (Yes) Equating the systematic murder of millions, with a satirical cartoon, is mathematical fantasy. Further, the deaths and violence over this satire, are perpetrated by the Muslims themselves. Sorry, your argument fails any test of validity. Try something a bit more convincing, if it exists!
12. no. 10 Double Standard?
Tim ,   Toronto, ON, Canada   (09.19.12)
double standard is a factor in 9/11 America's Foreign Policy toward the Palestinians and Israelis is out of touch with reality. 9/11 in no way justified but the playing hand of jews in America is a factor as well.
13. Moslems are evil hypocrites
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (09.19.12)
They attack verbally and physically anything outside of their faith, in the most sickening and evil ways, especially Jews.
14. Fact vs. Fantasy
Harry ,   USA   (09.19.12)
Well, the difference is that Holocaust denial is a denial of a fact by people in a country that murdered millions and were part of that fact. Criticizing or ridiculing or denying religious stories is addressing items that are unsupportable except by faith-based, non-evidentiary belief. Critiquing "creationism" would fall under the same fatwa as critiquing the person identified as a "prophet" by a certain religion. If you can't critique a religion, then that is the same as forcing people to believe in and follow that religion. Because it is setting up that religion as a "fact", when it is just as belief-based as Greco-Roman paganism and other religions.
15. Cartoons of islam will multiply
big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.19.12)
as people get braver and the muslims keep murdering one another in the name of their gawd...... Who wouldn't? It's tragically funny, in a sick self created way. The ultimate evil, murder. ( muslims middle name )
16. sure, go for it!--so long as...
F.S. ,   Knoxville USA   (09.19.12)
Their request is not unreasonable; I think we should promote their idea so long as the Muslim Brotherhood also commits to dealing with holocaust denial as they deal with insults against Islam...
17. Kill over bad art is wrong.
DOV ,   USA   (09.19.12)
How do you compare denying that murder occurred too comics and bad movies. It's crazy. I feel bad for all those Muslims who are afraid to control these insane fanatics who want to kill for any reason.
18. #9 wiki
DavidR ,   USA   (09.19.12)
That is a blatant lie! Moses is a constant target. And outside of Judaism is Christianity which of whom Jesus (Yeshua) is a constant target. muslims never seize in their insults to any and all who follow the G-d of Abraham, Yitz'chak, and Ya'acov.
19. How on earth is ONE like the OTHER?!!!
Simon ,   Givatayim   (09.19.12)
Okay - this thing is getting blown out of PROPORTION - well obviously it got out of all proportion when the poor ambassador guy and people around him were killed. This surreal insanity must be stopped, NOW!
20. Arrest Holocaust Deniers? When?
Avi ,   USA   (09.19.12)
No one arrests Holocaust deniers. you would have to arrest half the muslim population. Stop jumping to the arab street. It's a bunch of propaganda orchestrated to get this exact effect. Ignore them.
21. #8 - so you're saying equality doesn't really exist
William ,   Israel   (09.19.12)
basically, it's ok to insult a minority in the world but not the majority because of sheer numbers. I thought your ilk were supportive of equal rights and freedom of speech for all, including minorities. Yet, that argument only sticks when the side you support is a minority. When it's the majority, you change your tune to "respect the majority's wishes". Snake.
22. #12 - it's a factor like the price of cheese
William ,   Israel   (09.19.12)
In the Al-Qaeda planning and attack of 9/11, the biggest catalyst was America's presence in the Saudi Kingdom and past military actions on Muslim countries, like Iraq. Almost never was Israel mentioned in Bin Laden's justification for hitting American interests, except when it appealed to the target audience. Bin Laden repeatedly admitted his problem was with Western hegemony in the region and the dilution of "perfect Islam" (Wahabism) because of Western influence. It's your own bias that puts the Jew-spin on 9/11. Germany also supports Israel and they were not the target of Al-Qaeda nor cited in Bin Laden's rants.
23. #9- they consider Jews and their religion to be infidel
William ,   Israel   (09.19.12)
but they consider Jewish prophets to be Muslims.
24. Reminder everyone Israel denies the Armenian Genocide
ben   (09.19.12)
And not only do thet deny it not only do they instruct their teachers not to teach it . they work very hard to prevent the US congress from recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black
25. #6 MadeleineThe thing is
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.19.12)
In most European countries holocaust denial is a crime. What those who find these cartoons offensive are asking for is that if someone willfully sets out to insult Islam, they be treated in the same way as those who willfully downplays the crime against humanity that was the holocaust where 6 million people were murdered because and only because they were Jews. Surely you can see the logic in the argument
26. #20 Actually
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.19.12)
Quite a number of high profile cases have occured where Holocaust deniers have been tried and imprisoned. Prehaps the most high profile is David Irvine
27. #11 Yakov
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.19.12)
Surely you are aware of the cartoons used to stereotype Jews in Nazi Germany, to dehumanise and degrade to such a point when they were loaded onto the trains nobody did anything?
28. Very religious Jews aren't supposed . .
nibor ,   israel   (09.19.12)
to watch T.V., or watch Youtube. What about all these "religious" Muslims: what are they doing watching all these corrupt bastions of Western immorality? If they really believed and lived their own lives, they wouldn't care.
29. Start with Iran
Damien ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.12)
If that's the case then get Iran to stop denying the Holocaust FIRST.
30. More cartoons and video clips please
Haim ,   TA   (09.20.12)
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