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Iran: Cleric beaten by 'immodest' woman
Dudi Cohen
Published: 19.09.12, 20:41
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1. A man bites dog story.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.19.12)
In Iran, it's normally self righteous clerics who herocially beat helpless women. This is a man bites dog story.
2. Dear Lord, what a whiny little *****
Vlad   (09.19.12)
3. Good for her
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.19.12)
I sure hope that all Muslim women learn to stand up to those intolerant men. Women - even Muslim women deserve to have the right to dress anyway they want
4. cover head
john ,   toronto   (09.19.12)
Women are already so much covered , i don't know how much more covered they should be. When it comes to covering the head , that does not make a woman more religious. If men want to be religious then they should be righteous.
5. This guy going to the hospital...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.19.12)
... and letting the media carry a picture of his assaulted face (by a woman) will do more to radicalize Shiite law in Iran than any of the public executions. Iran is oficially a Shiite state, but the observance level is "light" and just token gestures by the public (which has strong non-Islamic roots).
6. Rest assured that the attackers will be caught and brought
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (09.19.12)
To justice...and of course, if needed, severely punished. This is how you have to behave towards people who don't respect the law of a country.
7. This persian arab cleric
he insults a women he doesnt know and insults her again and she push's him down And He Is Hospitalized For THREE DAYS????
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (09.19.12)
We were all in the dark until you showed up.
9. #6 - This woman is a hero!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.19.12)
I hope she serves as an example to other women!! She is the Rosa Parks of Iran!!
10. hi hi hi...Karate woman!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.19.12)
I like that! He should be more beaten! Poor Iranian people!They were robbed.These shiites have nothing to do with the culture of Iranian people. I hope that soon these shiites of hell will be kicked out from that country and evaporate from this world! Enough with these crazies!
11. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.12)
Well, then your comment would certainly apply to Moslems who live in the West and take exception to the democratic concept of freedom of expression -- enshrined in the laws of the countries in the West -- and riot, commit mayhem and murder any time they feel that your "prophet" has been insulted. Wouldn't it? Or does the injunction to obey the laws of the country in which one resides apply to everyone EXCEPT Moslems?
12. remarkable injury
ag ,   usa   (09.19.12)
interesting. He fell on his back (his words) and his eye was injured.
13. POOR WOMAN! I hope she is safe.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (09.19.12)
14. No. 6, by Islamic law when insulted, violence must ensue
Marco ,   Spain   (09.19.12)
This woman did exactly what Islamic law requires. This whiny Imam should be arrested and brought to justice for offending the woman.
15. She should have taken out both eyes...!!!!!!!!!!!
Round two   (09.19.12)
Next time do a better job. He won't have to see you looking like that anymore!!!!!!
16. Yeah !! You go, girl !!
Little Miss Muffett ,   Sitting on a Tuffett   (09.19.12)
17. congratulations
Marcel ,   Costa Rica   (09.19.12)
I applaud this woman's action. This is what the world has been waiting for a long time. Women: Don't take this shit from ignorante men and put them in their place. The day will come when the mullahs in Iran will hang from cranes and lamp posts.
18. ToNo. 11 Sarah B
Bertram ,   London, UK   (09.19.12)
You attempt to make a good point about adherence to democratic norms and values of Western countries - by everyone. But then you cannot seem to prevent yourself from going the extra distance by slandering an entire group of people. And far be from me - a mere man - to suggest that you seem to have missed the whole point of the report which was about women standing up for themselves in the face of patriarchal repression.
19. PLEASE How Does One Recieve An Injury
Of the eye, when you fall on your back? What Shmushki
20. FAKE #10
Keren, IL-BR   (09.20.12)
Suffice to say that when I made alliah they sent me to Bnei Brak. I still remember they had a skirt in supermarkets to be used by immodest women. Coming from Rio, where flesh is openly exposed, I was in shock. But it makes sense to request women to get properly dressed in social groups. I dont quite disagree with the Iranians.
21. That's familiar, right?
Diego ,   Minesotta   (09.20.12)
This is common on Israel, look the haredim
22. Good for her, you go girl !
Haim ,   TA   (09.20.12)
Sock him one from all of us who care about personal freedom and democracy. you are a hero
23. No. 21 Diego
NYC Girl   (09.20.12)
It's only common in very limited cases in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. In other parts of Israel, you can find kiosks selling hardcore porn out in the open...and not just in places like Tel Aviv. I remember once going to a newsstand in a suburb of Haifa and seeing XXX-rated magazines being displayed right in the line of sight of kids waiting for the bus to go to school. In fact, I'm not sure what was more shocking. That these magazines were out there where the kids could see them, or that the kids didn't even seem to if they were something they'd seen many times before.
24. 21
the haredis do not beat their wives and neither honor murder them or their children. the haredis are a couple percentages of israeli society. the rest of the israelis are as hedonistic, free and westernized as the felshy women you see on miami's south beach. have you been to israel? you can't take your eyes off their women. they are so sexy with sexy cloths you cannot imagine. and no israeli woman will ever acept being told what to and what not to wear. actually, they all wear very little from what i remember and know.
25. Get a Life
Ron ,   LA US   (09.20.12)
This cleric should have his man card pulled indefinately. Or, at least until he gets a life.
26. Some Israeli sisters should take note,
Ze'ev ,   USA   (09.20.12)
and stand up for themselves in certain super duper ultra mega "Jewish" neighborhoods.
27. The woman gave an excellent reply-cover your eyes!
Jouko ,   Finland   (09.20.12)
Jesus said - if your eyes tempt you, take out your eyes..... It seems that the responsibility is more upon the man-he can choose where to look at and where not tolook at. It is so easy to turn responsibilty over to somebody else than me.
28. When you ask something twice, It's not polite anymore...
Avan   (09.20.12)
29. #20
MR   (09.20.12)
Keren, no woman passes the very first security check at Vatican if immodestly dressed. There you can buy such a skirt. I have yet to hear about anyone having something to say about it, let alone being "in shock".
30. Maybe This persian arab women Is
One Of The FAMED Ninja girls?????????????????????????
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