Insulted, Muslims spread hatred
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 20.09.12, 00:46
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1. West won't face the truth about Islam's violent messages.
bob k ,   oelando usa   (09.20.12)
The West won't face the truth about Islam's violent messages because the West believes in a 'multiculturism; where all cultures and people are treated as equal and accepted. However, to claim that Moslem culture in Moslem countries is 'just like ours' is clearly a false. multiculturism. The Moslem world is not the West and it never will be no matter how much the West tries to spread tolerant democracy. Intolerance of minorities and other religions and mistreatment of women are endemic in the Moslem world, Holocaust denial and other anti-semitism is common. Christians are often persecuted: in Nigeria hundreds of Christians have been killed in recent years by Moslem fanatics while the West fails to focus on this violence inspired by Islam's teachings. The West does not want to admit this or deal with it.
2. finally, someone noticed the obvious
jeff ,   usa   (09.20.12)
and had the guts to write.
3. "Muslims spread hate"----This is news??? Are you serious???
This is 1 of those ,   "DUH" moments!!!!   (09.20.12)
4. Incitement
Naftali   (09.20.12)
Wow, I was just communicating with a Pro Israel Blogger about this. Where are the violent Jewish mobs killing and burning over the daiy anti-semitic descriptions of Jews in the Arab/Muslim world
5. Amazing !!!
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (09.20.12)
This is amazing article, since I have been saying the very SAME words to my wife over the last week, you hit so right on !!!!!
6. prophet Mohammed??
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.12)
The media should stop referring to him as "prophet Mohammed" unless they are Muslims themselves. If you believe that he is a prophet, then you are also a Muslim. Otherwise, he should be referred to as just "Mohammed" of "Mohammed, who Muslims believe is a prophet". The media should stop employing their terminology.
7. Anti-Semitism in the Koran
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (09.20.12)
There is no shortage of anti-Semitic statements in the Koran.
8. Two societis confronting each other
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.20.12)
The West : Progressive constructive society Fundamentalists: Regressive destructive society.
9. Introspection
GD ,   Israel   (09.20.12)
One day, when the Arabs decide to stop ranting and raving at every supposed "insult", I hope they take the time to think why people around the world, with the ability to use free press, feel the need to publish these movies and cartoons etc. mocking the foundations of Islam. I would hope, though this would probably never happen, that they would understand the reasons for the portrayal of Islam as a backward and violent religion and maybe try to change this view with internal improvement ...... but I am just dreaming doubt this would ever happen ..... so lets wait in anticipation for the next movie to come out (hopefully it will be slightly more professional than the previous one.... I think my kids school play was better than this!)
10. Long overdue
Josh ,   Usa   (09.20.12)
Great article. I wonder why more people don't comment on the vile hatred towards Jews which emanates from Arab lands?
11. Not "spreading" hatred. Have spread hatred!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.20.12)
The problem is that they have a very receptive audience in Europe, the USA, Canada and particularly South Africa!
12. sane
good to read somthing sane !
13. let's not forget
Old Guy ,   tel aviv   (09.20.12)
Although Rosenfeld is correct, let's not forget that Muslim violence has a reason: political gain. The execution of Stevens was preplanned, and the riots were just a cover. There are three groups that could have done this: Libyan patriots getting revenge on Stevens for what he did to Gaddaffi, Al Qaeda getting revenge for drone attacks, or Iran to ensure Israel would not attack.
14. general
john cave ,   uk   (09.20.12)
god siad to abraham i will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee and the jews are gods chosen people
15. Thank You Shaul. The NY Times wont tell people this
Dan Kelso   (09.20.12)
All anyone has to do is go on Memri and Palmediawatch to see all the Muslims blood libels, glorification of terrorism against Israeli civilians and Arabs talking how Jews are the sons of pigs and apes. Yet these hypocritical Muslims love writing these blood libels against Jews, but get upset about a movie about Mohammad. Thank You Shaul Rosenfeld for showing the hypocrisy of the Arab World, Iran and the Muslims.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (09.21.12)
the title. This is not the breaking news. Surely, you can see the difference. If you don't have anything to say then you should just say nothing at all.
17. #16 Since I live in Israel I do have a right to speak.!!!!
Israeli Jew   (09.21.12)
18. Religious extremism
Kevin ,   Blm, New Zealand   (09.21.12)
Freedom of speech, freedom of dress, repression of women, freedom of religion, all religious codes and ideologies are guilty of extremist views, teachings and actions. Millions were slaughtered during past wars WW11, Germans & Russians murdered millions without quarter, these were interdenominational, covering every religion known to man, where was their “God”? Religion in its many forms is used as a crutch, for hope, as a form of repressive control of the masses. We need to ask each other the question – does religion serve mankind or is mankind the servant? I am fast developing a atheist mindset. Surely, education will be the way forward to allow each of us to consider and make informed choices. Religious extremism has no part to play now or in the future.
19. Nora
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (09.21.12)
There is another comparison : West : Old dying and soft population. Muslims : Overpopulated of greedy youngsters.
20. dragging the USA down
bill ,   canada   (09.23.12)
americans are not stupid and will eventually cut ties with israel; let you israelis take on the arab world alone; then there will be peace or the end of israel
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