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Erdogan: Jewish tycoon mediated between Israel, Turkey
Published: 20.09.12, 08:28
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1. Islamist Erdogan sent jihadists, Israel sent a mediator
Erdogan being an Islamist refers to the mediator as a "rich Jew". Says it all.!! It is said Erdogan is very wealthy himself, not unusual amongst the local despots, who curb free speech etc
2. Why doesn't Erdogan himself ask for forgiveness?
Jouko ,   Finland   (09.20.12)
3. Ron lauder mediation
Itzik ,   France   (09.20.12)
Ronald Lauder made his money as a businessmen. How Erdogan made his money ?
4. Why should bibi be sending people who
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.20.12)
are not citizens of Israel to negotiate for us? Does Lauder know how it feels to be Israeli,to serve in the I.D.F. and to have his children serve? Having non citizens or unelected friends of the p.m. represent us is wrong.And talking to that vicious anti Semite and murderer of innocent Kurds is bowing to terrorism. Just like the government of Israel has done with the palis.
5. Pointless endeavor: Erdogan not serious to restore relations
tf ,   herzliya   (09.20.12)
6. Mr R. Lauder Could You Please Tell recep tayyip erDOGan
That When Pigs Fly, when ice cones are served in hell That Bibi or Ant Other Israeli P.M. Will Never honor his Wishs, erDOGan Made A Grave Mistake And Is Still Reliving His Greivious Errors.
7. #3 - Erdogan's money
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.20.12)
Erdogan started to make his money when he was the Mayor of Istanbul. He saved as much as he can from his salary to start up a Cola Turka distribution company. And from this business he saved more so that he could buy his son a cargo ship (Gemicik or tiny ship as he calls it) and his son in law the Sabah Media outlet but he really and I really mean this time really he got an unusually great bargain for it while he was the PM of Turkey (G figure.!). Had I known Sabah was selling so cheap I could have offered a little more and buy it. Itzik, the lesson to learn: If you save some of your salary every month one day you too can buy a cargo ship and a medial outlet and be very rich. Oh! one small detail; you must also be the PM of Turkey....!!!!
8. #4
Ram ,   London   (09.20.12)
Ronald Lauder is a zionist whose dedication to Medinat Israel is second to none. He has sacrificed a substantial amount of business with the arab world to prove this. We should thanks him.
9. Muslims Should Also Stop Insulting Christians
Marcohoe ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.20.12)
Muslims rarely hesitate to bluntly state that Jesus was not a God, He did not die on the cross and the Trinity is nonsense. Why is it that Muslims are upset when we say the littlest thing about Mohammed PBUH but they feel free to insult us?
10. isreal sents a money-lender to buy peace
Rafi ,   US   (09.20.12)
IF in fact he really said these things... his position is clear: first give me everything I want, and THEN we'll talk. He's either a total ego-maniac - or not serious about improving relations. Either way, there's nothing for Israel to work with here, at least at this juncture...
12. Obama UNSC '67 borders, and "lifting of the Gaza blockade"
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.20.12)
...will occur during Obama second term.
13. 11
anton ,   Istanbul   (09.20.12)
Sorry pal, you cant ecpect him give you flowers after israel killed turkish citizens, i think he gives more importance to israel then she deserves, he should simpley ignore anything with israel, We are long past the trusting friendship, israelis dont trust turks turks dont trust israelis
14. Anton
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.20.12)
As they say in Turkish 'hayvanlar koklasarak insanlar konusarak anlasirlar' (animals communicate by smelling each other humans by talking to each other) talks are peaceful way to resolve differences. Israel proves one more time that she is peaceful while Turkey ( AKP ) is not looking for peaceful relations. About the 9 killed: As it was published in the Turkish press many times IHH membership and the 9 killed are mostly of Kurdish background. Yesterday I read that over 500 Kurds were killed by the Turkish armed forces this year. do you believe that when terrorists terrorize Turks it is OK to kill them but if they are terrorizing Israel / Jews they are freedom fighters? Those 9 knew what to expect but they wanted to be sehit - martyrs in the name of cihad. All other flotilla members surrendered peacefully.
15. Islamists boarded Turkey, on course to sink her.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.20.12)
16. Wouldn't it be Mark Zuckerberg?
Alex ,   Toronto   (09.20.12)
17. Erdogan
Robin ,   Mumbai, India   (09.20.12)
This Guy is an Egoist and the Worst that Turkey had. He is taking Turkey back a few Decades. G-D help him
18. David
anton ,   Istanbul   (09.20.12)
thats where we disagre always u call them terrorist based on what? did they blow themselves up when idf boarded the ship on int waters? your comparing apples with peaches, anyway it really doesnt matter who is right or wrong cause everyone looks at things from a certain perspective, what might u suggest we talk about david :)? arent we beyond talking already?
19. not confortable in h is own skin
milson   (09.20.12)
is bibi better than olmert, peres and barak. yes clearly as the 3, one a security failure, the other a neurotic illusionalist, and the last one totally detached and disconnected whose speciality over the last 13 years is how to run away from lebanon or a trianing accident and not take the fall. On the other hand, bibi is uncomfortable in his own skin. He brings everyone including yosef to make decisions for him. His latest is lauder to go beg erdogan for resumed relations when israel has zero to apologize for, and erdogan has zero intentions to normalize relations. i give assad more credit for showing what an empty blowtorch erdogan is. Bibi should step down from his chair and give it to lieberman cause he is not comfortable making decisions and is begging obama and anyone else to do israel's work for it. He like olmert, barak and peres have eroded israel's deterrence.
20. #16
Mattan ,   FL,USA   (09.20.12)
Mark only has under $10 B, if he knew what it meant to have a public company (hint, making money should be the number one priority), he might have been the richest.
21. #18
Mattan ,   FL, USA   (09.20.12)
nevermind apples to peaches, where I come from we have a phrase for the actions of the dead idiots: death by cop. Suicide. In this case instead of police, it was IDF, and an army is known to be deadly. When you provoke an army, prepare to die, hope they made their martyr video tapes before hand.
22. David Israel you are wrong
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (09.21.12)
The Emir of Qatar is the one who financed the purchase of the ship, and the purchase of ATV and Sabah by Erdogan's immediate family members. Nothing wrong with this. At least the AKP do not own Turkey's largest private bank. I'm sure you know who the majority share holder of Is Bankasi is. T
23. Turkey
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (09.21.12)
Lauder is not the world's richest Jew, not even close and trade with Turkey has increased, not decreased since the raid without any apology at all. And at the moment, Turkey is in a guerrilla war with the Kurds, in paralysis over a civil war in their neighbor Syria and in economic recession. Really is this what their leadership is worried about now? Some trouble makers who were looking for a fight with Israel? Not a good sign for Turkey.
24. erdegan
asitis ,   england   (09.25.12)
When the Gaza strip is on the Turkish border and rockets are raining down on Ankara from the islamic fundermentalists, THEN, Erdegan can say what happens to Gaza! Until then he should keep his attention on how he is going to reach an accommodation with the Kurds in his own country!
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