Judge: Offended by film? Don't watch it
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 20.09.12, 20:47
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31. thats funny. then why do U block anti jewish films?
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (09.21.12)
32. White House wants to ban the film
Floriane ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
Right on David danger for Jews in the US is looming! Democracy and liberty of speech in the US? Concepts of the past?
33. #28 - your obvious racism aside...what of French courts?
William ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
They're not run by Jews and yet allowed cartoons satirizing muhammed to be published and CANCELLED Muslim protests against it.
34. #31 - I understand your lacking of facts...
William ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
when you claim to live in a country that doesn't exist. So, here's the information - Israel doesn't block anti-Jewish films, although the audience to see them are largely Islamists which are relatively small. The movie Jenin, Jenin was totally bogus and yet it played in the Tel Aviv Cinema. Welcome to democracy - this is what REAL freedom of speech is like, and Israel is the only place you'll get it in the region. Enjoy watching from way over there.
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