Oslo – a missed opportunity
Danny Caravan
Published: 21.09.12, 13:30
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1. This article is totally wrong.
Jules   (09.21.12)
The "Oslo accord" was just a legalization (!) of the Arabs' intention to destroy Israel, by "pushing" Israel to the "green line" first, and then - to the Med.
2. Another clueless
Just Cruising   (09.21.12)
And this writer can say all this with a straight face?
3. Oslo Accords
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.21.12)
The writer is unfortunately right. it is our fault for allowing ourselves to be hijacked by right wing fascists who control our government. it is never too late to stop them, just the price has gone up. The hooligans who use the name of God to support themselves do so with evil intent, and thus take the Lord's name in vain. it is time to separate religion and state and to sit down and with the Palestinians and implement Oslo. if we don't Yigal Amir will die in prison a happy man. Those of his ilk, and there are many, just listen to what his mother had to say when his brother was released, are evil and unworthy of being called Israelis, their selfishness is what will destroy this country, not Iran.
4. Danny - your post is myopic at best.
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.21.12)
You juxtapose Israel limiting arab movement and arab terrorism, ignoring the fact that the limitations were a reaction to said terrorism. You ignore the arabs wanting to get what they want before, or in lieu of, negotiation. You ignore their ignoring their promise to stop teaching their kids its ok to kill us. In short, you ignore reality. “The whole world knows” and “inevitable” are phrases that belie wishful thinking on your part. Look again.
5. Oslo and the wet dream..
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.21.12)
Like fools with dreams in their eyes, the Israelis went to Oslo thinking, "peace, peace..." But they were decieved by the Palestinians. The more pragmatic realize that the Arab propensity is to lie. Read the Koran and learn how Mohammed conquered his enemies; the Arabs do and learn from his ways. The Israeli leaders at the time of Oslo were over optimistic, even blind. Oslo was something that should never had been, worse than a bad dream.
6. naivety is VERY dangerous
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (09.21.12)
You forget that the arabs are very divided. Even if you gave them land to indefensible 67 borders, the jihadists and hamas would sign and then retract, once they have received all that land without fighting for it. It all fits in to their Jihad philosophy. Oh yes I almost forgot, Israel could stimulate their flouishing heroin trade to boost their economy, all the time they secretly build up the rest of their arsenal to take the land they didnt win by negotiation.
7. Idiocy
DP ,   USA   (09.21.12)
It is idiocy to think that the failure of the Oslo accords is Israel's "occupation". The failure lies entirely with Yassir Arafat and the culture of death embraced by the Palestinians. As uncomfortable as it may be for politically correct Jewish apologists, Mitt Romney is right: the reason you see such stark differences between Israel and Palestinians is the difference of culture. One culture values education, the other Jihad; one culture values cooperation, the other rejects it, one culture loves life, the other loves death. My hope for this year is that both cultures get what they love.
8. The Palestinians never ratified the Oslo Accords
George ,   Ashdod   (09.21.12)
Earth to Caravan: what in the world are you talking about? The Palestinian Executive Council in Tunis never ratified the Accords in 1993 just as they never formally amended the Palestinian Covenant two years before that to remove the part about destroying the "Zionist entity." But did that stop Rabin and Peres from disastrously and unilaterally leading us to over 150 suicide bombers--including 8 in 1994-5 alone? Nope.
Rafi ,   US   (09.21.12)
Israel absolutely has no halo over its head on this... In the years after Rabin's death, both the Netanyahu and Barak govts increased settlement building - in blatnat contravention of the Agreements. The Palestinian frustration and humiliation was high and their response predictable...
10. caravan is dead wrong 100%
alexi   (09.21.12)
oslo didn't work because invented palestinians do not now or ever recognize israel as the jewish state nor are they even interested in a state of their own. They want israel dead and that is the root of the problem. Resettlement of ancient israeli land was caused by arab terror. Caravan is cut from the same cloth as olmert, haber, levy, peres, delusional fantasists who depend on arab intentions for peace which are worthless. Like 6 million died for nothing, a waste of time for this embecile!
11. Is this Ynet or Al Jazeera?
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (09.21.12)
I am used to reading this bullshit on Al Jazeera, not Ynet. What is the writer talking about? Neither Arafat, nor Abbas never had any intention of making peace. Before Oslo and after Oslo the kids in Palestinian schools have been breathing in hatred for decades. A peace agreement would bring peace with our other neighbours? Israel signed an agreement with Egypt, Mubarak has been swept away by the revolution, and once again the Egyptian leadership does not call Israel by her name. And this is just the beginning.
12. u are so worng one has to question your knowledge.
ralph   (09.21.12)
13. Indeed, a "Palestinian state", as perceived by Mr. Rabin and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.21.12)
expressed by him during his very last speech at the Knesset in October 1995: 1. Jerusalem, after the setting up of that state, will forever remained the united capital of Israel as an undivided city and will also include the suburbs of Ma'aleh Adumim and Giv'at Zeev 2. All major Jewish settlement blocs, e.g. Ariel, Gush Etzion, Qirjat Arba, will be incorporated into the sovereign Jewish state of Israel 3. The Jordan Valley, which must be viewed in the widest sense of the term, will also continued to be rule by Israel 4. The future "Palestinian state" will not be like any other state in that it will be totally demilitarized, its airspace will continue to be controlled by Israel, as will its borders and all of their passes: land, sea and air Mr. Rabin described in that speech a self-governing Arab autonomous area, by far, not much different than what we have today. This kind of a "Palestinian state" all of us, Israelis, left, right and center, can live with, but not with more than this.
14. I utterly resent your using the word 'Occupation'!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, usa   (09.21.12)
Muslims cleverly renamed There is NO Jewish occupation! There is only a Muslim occupation of Judea & Samaria, which the 'The West Bank', in order to de-Judaize the area in the world's collective mind. The Muslims of Jordan (formerly Trans-Jordan, which England created), cleverly re-named themselves "Palestinians" in the 1960's, and revised history in order to gain world sympathy for their cause, which is the annihilation of Israel, and to teach the great lie, which is, that the Jews stole their land from them! Before Jordan started its war against Israel, they told their Muslims brothers in Jerusalem & in Samaria & in Judea to sell the land to the Jews, because they were confident that they & their co-religionist Muslim nations (Syria, Egypt, etc.), would destroy Israel & so they could thereafter keep the land as well. So they sold & fled & waited for the results of the war. Israel won that war. They recaptured the Holy Jewish land; Jerusalem, Samaria & Judea. They rightfully settled it, even though Obama the Muslim, who constantly quotes the Qoran, (NOT the Bible), demands Israel to stop settling Jewish, G-d-given land. Israel, unlike the Jordanians, allowed Christians & Muslims to come & go freely in those areas. The deeds to the land were and are owned by Jews. They allowed the Muslims to continue living in Jewish apartments & homes as long as they continued paying rent to the Jews. Arafat came along & told the Muslims to be arrogant & not pay! They stopped paying and were consequently evicted. Of course Islam, the revisionist liars, tell the world that the Jews are pushing them out of their rightful land! It is NOT Muslim land, regardless of the fact that the Muslims continue to teach and even believe their own lies! UNESCO has always been an Arabist, anti-Jewish body. They supplied, and continue to supply Islam with anti-Jewish text-books, teaching hatred of Jews and of Israel. They wrongly allowed the Jordanian Muslims who labeled Jewish Samaria and Jewish Judea as the "West Bank" of Jordan. They wrongly allowed these same Muslims to perpetuate a status as refugees, in order to gain great financial support for many decades, so that they earn per capita gratis, on U.S. taxpayers backs, more money than do the Egyptians and the Syrians per capita! Moreover, when the Jews whose indigenous countries were Islamic, they were massacred by the Muslims and disenfranchised of their lands and all other valuables. Those Jews, 600,000, who survived were absorbed into Israel. Islam however never paid reparations to those Jews, nor did Islam ever absorb these Jordanians who, in order to gain world sympathy, have revised history to teach the ignorant next generations their perpetual lies about a non-extant "Palestinian" history, calling themselves "Palestinians", the name which was created by ancient Rome to label Israel & the Jews, in an effort to assimilate them.
15. Mr Caravan should stick to sculpting...
As politics and history don't seem to be his strong side.
16. The common Pathology of Israeli Jews and Westerners
Mr "Memory" ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
is Short memory. Where is Rabin's Murder and Suicide Bombers Campaign rampaging over our streets?, Yet, not even one Politician who supports Oslo accords has the courage to link between the accords and suicide bombers. I still support it, but I'm not going to let anybody to blow himself/herself up here and murder civilians.
17. Part 2
Mr "Memory" ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
Israel hasn't done it's part in th deal and/or for the sake of it's interests and still outlines foolish and expansionist "policy", however Oslo accords created a Terrorist entity (PA: Palestinian Authority) then, which was funding massive Terrorism. The bottom line is that there is no contradiction between Israel's unreliable official position and Palestinians official position.
18. Caravan
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (09.21.12)
Stop writing such nonsense, u got it all wrong. The Palestinians had everything till they started with their terror. Israel followed the agreement up until the terror started that's when we stopped trusting the Palestinians. Go write something more meaningful, u r not presenting the actual facts, you are rather blabbing about nothing
19. Occupation? What occupation?
emanon ,   USA   (09.21.12)
Oh you mean the occupation of Gush Katif and Gaza? Yes, it is shameful and should be returned to Israel. The arabs promised that if given that land they would leave Israel in peace. Instead, they still want Israel in pieces. Oslo is a sideshow, a smokescreen and an excuse. Numerous studies and analyses have shown it is not about land, it is about eliminating Israel, it is eliminating Jews and it is about establishing a caliphate over the whole world. That is what this conflict is really about.
20. Arab spring proves no arab or Iranian leader has authority to pull off Oslo
At least a democratic government in Israel can try and pull off an agreement with great difficulty for its part. However a Binational single democratic federated state and other plans are all practically ethinically and religiously impossible ( a two state solution with a large 25% muslim population in israel, and no jews in palestine remains a difficult enough prospect . Just look at the Ethnic conflicts all over the Middle East countries today. Wishful thinking and dreaming of an ideal ME where peace love harmony and mutual recognition and respect, without dominance of one culture overr another is fantasy. Nobody can realistically presently administer that magic pill of a peace treaty because it doesn't recognise the weakness of government and the deep seated popular opposition to accommodation on either side. This article appears to exist in fantasy as it was never going to be durable with the current state of political maturity in the ME.
21. Danny
Shmuel ,   Maale Adumim   (09.21.12)
You are a naive fool!
22. destroying this country
david ,   ramat hasharon   (09.21.12)
hes right about exactly 1 thing... iran will not destroy this country. the only thing that can damage this country is the leftist self hating cancer like this author that just like the rest of the anti semites in the world sees only thru his hate-israel glasses only the "wrong" that israel does while completely ignoring the savages we must deal with across the arab world. despite our freedom of speech, scum like this should have there citinzeship revoked and be sent to syria and the rest of the peaceloving nations to take a lesson on how the "bretheren" torture eachothers children to death. this ignoramous should take a walk around tel aviv or anyother central israeli city and see how the arabs live here and enjoy everything weve built, and then take a drive and make an accidental wrong turn into ramalla and lets see how many pieces the animals tear him into after they realize a jew has accidentally made his way into their shithole they call a city. this guy, and all those who agree with him are in a fantasy world brought about by arab propoganda spoon fed to the haters of israel and jews
23. 27%
Logic ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
There are too many wrong assertions in this article to address in one sitting, but let me say that the 27% is pure propaganda, since over 70% of the British Mandate was lopped off in the early 1920s to make room for the Arab country called Jordan.
24. The #1 responsibility of any democracy is
Logic ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
to make sure that her citizens' blood does not run on the streets, and for this, Oslo was a failure and Trojan Horse (PLO representative Husseni admitted this in 2000).
25. #3 who do you mean?
Old Guy ,   tel aviv   (09.21.12)
Which fascists? You mean the PM who served when Arafat launched the First Oslo War (bus bomb war)? The PM who was responsible for the Kafr Kana massacre? Or maybe you mean the PM who shot dead 13 Arab protestors, 12 of them citizens? It is not surprising that being a Leftist is now viewed as a severe mental illness.
26. Peace ONLY via BALANCE, balance ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.12)
27. Following Abbas' election, Pallys still violated Oslo
William ,   Israel   (09.21.12)
They didn't bring terrorists to justice but rather arrested them and placed them in revolving door jails. They continued to exalt terrorists and name town squares and buildings after them. They continued to teach filth to their kids, dehumanizing Jews, revising Jewish history in the region, and tacitly support attacks on Israel currently and threaten another intifada in the future. Despite Caravan's claims, at the time of the intifada, Israel already handed over Area A completely, most of Area B, and final borders were in discussion which would lend to a pull back to Area C, just prior to a State. The PLO had control of Jericho for a while where they built a casino and sucked more Israeli money by individuals. If this isn't a step towards removing the so-called "occupation", what is? The world agreed with this approach, Danny Caravan thought it was too slow and the cause for all of the region's ills.
28. UN General Assembly partition proposal, 1947, the author ...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.21.12)
... must know, was just that: a proposal. The General Assembly is not in a position to legally enact anything that would be an element of international law. But, of course, the entire Muslim-Arab world rejected that partition proposal, that was, incidentally, the third proposed, after the 1922 League of Nations decisions and the 1937 Peel Commission proposal, both of which were also rejected by the Arabs. Indeed, all peace offers and opportunities since 1947 have been rejected by the Arabs: Israel's gesture in 1948; Israel's gesture in 1967; Begin/Saadat proposal, 1978; Barak/Clinton offer, 2000; Sharon's gesture, 2005; Olmert/Bush offer, 2008; and, now, Netanjahu's offer to sit down and reach peace. The common denominator in ALL the rejections have been an acceptance by the Arabs of the RIGHT of the Jewish people to its sovereign nation-state in the Jewish people's homeland. And, since since they reject such an entity on ANY parcel of land between the River and the Sea, hence the rejections.
29. To deny God's promise is futile as to reverse gravitationlaw
Jouko ,   Finland   (09.21.12)
God's promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will come true as surely as the rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Denying these promises the whole world seems to err. Kofi Annan said: the wholle world cannot err in this middle east problem! But it errs anyway!
30. The Author of this article
nyc jew ,   nyc, USA   (09.21.12)
The author of this article has a very distorted point of view. It is because of people like this who belive that we are occupiers in our own land we have the issues we have. Very sad. You don't see much of that in other parts of the world. Very few if any Americans for example consider themselves occuppiers.
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