It’s a holy war, stupid
Daniel Brode, Daniel Nisman
Published: 20.09.12, 23:52
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1. I bet Obama would skip letterman to
have a meeting with Assad. That said I can't vote for Romney. He's one of the few men in America actually responsible for sending our jobs to China and creating the economic meltdown. Sorry Republicans, next election pick a candidate which is not a traitor to his country and public enemy number 1%. Really just the audacity to even think that a guy who destroyed America for tens of thousands of Ameircan families and their children for generations to come, and made a gazillion dollars doing it, should run under popular vote for the man who should save America. The whole country should just take a bong hit and say we give up as coherent participants in the world.
2. solution certain
DavidR ,   USA   (09.21.12)
Provide aid to each side as needed to maintain a balance of military might so no one wins. This way they will fight until everyone on both sides is dead. Problem solved.
3. Superb Article
Brandon ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.21.12)
Mr. Brode and Mr. Nisman put a complicated issue in perspective for their readers.
4. Suport secular and rational elements
Avramele   (09.21.12)
Yes, not only in Syria and the rest of the Islamic world but in Israel as well.
5. Problem is: US touts democracy and all majorities in ME ....
Jack   (09.21.12)
Arab Muslim countries are religious radicals on one side or the other. The only way to have modersate rule is for that person to be a dictator of sorts (like Mubarak). This is what Obama just doesn't understand. Arab democracy looks like Sharia law.
6. Caption is wrong -- the muslims praying are sunni clerics
Scott ,   USA   (09.21.12)
7. Only one thing missing
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.21.12)
The article is missing one very important fact. Perhaps the civil war started spontaneously, but it has lasted so long and been so bloody because Obama, together with his Saudi allies, have been arming the "rebels" and because Western special forces have made many quality attacks against Assad. Toppling Assad was the critical first step in Obama's desperate attempt to take on Iran and make up for his three years of stupidity. The civil war has dragged on longer than Obama expected, and it now seems one of two things will happen. Either Iran will get nukes before the US election or the US will attack Iran, whoever is elected president.
X   (09.21.12)
9. Here we have the world´s greatest IDIOCY analized!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.21.12)
Oh,how I thank G-d for being Jewish! These idiots-Muslims-are UNABLE to transcend their pettiness.How petty they are! They are UNABLE to think out of their stupid ,stingy, little bloody boxes. And the world has been as stupid as them, because the world has been unable to curb and wipe off from the humanity such an huge IMBECILITY! May many-but MANY-new anti-muslim, mocking -muslim films be produced.Who knows humanity finally wakes up!
10. West/Russia/China ALLIANCE for BIG ISRAEL will END Islamists
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.12)
11. I want to correct one thing
Iranian Hunter   (09.21.12)
First of all, shia is not the good forces, they are as fanatic and evil as the "Yazid forces", i speak as a former shia from Qom. Shia is probably more anti jews than sunni. I personally believe it is a big mistake to let the sunnis win, because shia is a very special religion that has been created to eat sunni islam alive and becomes Islam itself. Turning it into a pagan Islam. Israel needs to prepare for a big possible scenario where Hezbollah and Assad go fanatic. The only difference between shia fanatic and sunni fanatic is that the sunnis are honest about it, and direct. The followers of Hussein is trained to lie (taqiyyah) even to sunnis, jews, christians, and even fellow shias that they do not trust as shia.
12. being mojahed
being mojahed ,   egypt   (09.21.12)
stop attack mojahdeen in sinai and they will STOP attack israilian people(الاسرائيلى الكافر ) for ashort time it like asmall rest or accept what mojahideen do in israil and all country that support israiel withOUT any rest and remember that ben laden died but his think still alive and in front of u s a umbessy ithink all world see what mojahdeen can do :)
13. beragil
beragil   (09.22.12)
Annalizing and explaining the history is one thing. Suggesting a solution that is as realistic as "allice in wonderland" is a Different story . as long the west will tray to keep its Dominance and Continue to exploit the region on the expens of its native people'the west will fail and in the long run could face destruction. the west is in Trouble on the outside,and at the same time is faced with Failure to handel its one muslem communities . wake up to reality/
14. Let these devils kill one another...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.22.12)
15. Moderates?
Elena ,   Texas   (09.22.12)
Not sure there are any moderates in this fight.
16. Hopeless scenario
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.22.12)
If the west had toppled Assad at the very outset of demonstrations they may have had some leverage in the future of Syria. Empty talk won't get the west anywhere and the chance of leverage in any future Syria is gone. Whatever happens it won't be good for the west but will almost certainly be worse for Syria and Syrians.
17. analysed or analized no.9?
cinnamon ,   avalon   (09.23.12)
though you probably mean the former, the latter would proably be more appropriate, in its metaphorical meaning.
18. And even if there were any moderates...
Thomas the Doubter ,   USA   (09.23.12)
Moderates don't win anything, much less a war. Only people with a passionate and pathological devotion to their cause win wars
19. # 1
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (09.24.12)
You're dead wrong! Romney is not responsible for exporting jobs. It started in the Clifton years.. Do some homework and stop your democratic demagoguery.
20. to 17
if it is ys or iz both of you are so far from the truth it is not religouse it is policy
21. Holy War?
Elliott Alhadeff ,   USA   (09.24.12)
Excellent analysis. However, supporting secular forces promises to be as successful as our Iraq efforts toward democracy. What is promising is the conflict between two idiot religious factions weakening both and reducing the threat of an Israeli conflict. The secular factions should bide their time until the religious ones are vulnerable. That will be the best time for international interference.
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