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'No doubt' Nazi war criminal Heim dead
Published: 21.09.12, 15:45
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1. doctor death
Moragh   (09.21.12)
certainly had an easy time of it. Why was he never arrested for so many murders. What does it matter now..... he's now in the hands of HIS god and stoking up the fires!
2. How much did it cost the American Taxpayer looking
Edithann ,   USA   (09.21.12)
to 'revenge' the Jews? TATA
3. 2
apparently nothing since this murderer lived in egypt and none in the usa was looking for him. israel knew where he was all along. incidentally, why does it matter to you? did anyone use your personal funds to track this beast? if so, please, how much and from where?facts please, not opinions based on personal hate. hameed aboughaze, iranian
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