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Morsi: US must help build Palestinian state
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.09.12, 09:12
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1. Palestinian self-rule has been fulfilled
Vlad   (09.23.12)
The PA in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza count, don't they? Camp David does not mention a Palestinian state. Begin made sure of that.
2. US to help, why ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.23.12)
To create a new embassy , a new screen to lynch US diplomats ?
3. No room for fictional "Palestine" anywhere in the Mid-East
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.23.12)
And that includes Jordan.
4. Al Quaeda is Muslim Brotherhood military intel.
Miron ,   USA   (09.23.12)
I am not sure what this all is about. How to run Al Queda man from White House? You seriously think you can do something about it with ink on paper or talking?
5. To Dork Morsi: Two seperate deals putz
EZ ,   US/Israel   (09.23.12)
This idiot is a bit confused: first of all; Egypt's peace treaty with Israel has NOTHING to do with the PA or any palestinian state. Secondly; if he want's to cancel the accords; he can go for it; its not like he has any power to do anything to Israel anyhow. Third: INDEED: The US should HONOR HISTORY and ALLOW ISRAEL TO RETAIN THEIR ENTIRE HOMELAND AND KICK THE PALESTINIANS OUT! Whether its 'painful' or not!!! Jack@ss!!!
6. What he is really saying.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.23.12)
Egypt has no money, no food, no fuel no future. Egypt does have endless amounts of American weapons and millions of young men without hope. Morsi knows that the only thing he can give Egyptians is shuhada so he has no choice but start a war with Israel. This speech is nothing but the well-known tactic to start a war but find an excuse to blame it on your foes.
7. Whaaat? Egypt-Israel treaty conditional ?
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.23.12)
Morsi says that the continuation of the Israelo-Egyptian peace treaty is conditional on the creation of a Palestinian state. From Sadaat till the end of the Mubarak era, there was no such condition. Now, Morsy is looking for a way to absolve the treaty. Once Islamic Brothers, always Islamic Brothers. Welcome "Arab Spring" (Sic).
8. Build a Palestinian State
PaulZion ,   Israel   (09.23.12)
The Camp David Agreements DID have a clause about a Palestinian State, but as a state ALONGSIDE Israel. Since the Palestinians do not accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and strive for a state in all of what is Israel today - and for Israel' s destruction, this clause has no relevance. If and once the Palestinians accept unequivocally and without any provisos, that Israel has a right to exist as a state for Jews, then we have a basis to build upon. Looks to me like the proverbial cart and horse story, all over again.
9. Palestinians turned down state in '78
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (09.23.12)
Egypt tried to get the Palestinians included in the Camp David Accords, but they refused. Since then they have had 5 more opportunities for their own state and turned them all down, now they won't even negotiate. The USA and Israel do not owe them anything that they are not willing to negotiate themselves.
10. this islamic fascist is now giving orders to the usa. his
debra ,   usa   (09.23.12)
days are numbered.
11. World needs 2-state for Copts in Egypt not Israel.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (09.23.12)
Serial 2-state demands in the same land every 50 years is genocide.
12. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, Sinai back, nonviolent transfer, BALANCE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.23.12)
13. @ 6 made me laugh somewhat
Amr ,   October 6 City-Egypt   (09.23.12)
Because of Israelis friend Mubarak Egypt in this condition, we know that Israelis wanted him to stay despite his totalitarian regime - police state as long he is kissing the @$$ of Israelis? Egypt first to stand on its feets then Israelis truly will miss their friend. We took our land "Sinai Peninsula" and we were not in good condition, the new Egypt will be coming to a place near you :)
14. Peace and justice for the Palestinians also
Mark Thmason ,   Clawson, MI   (09.23.12)
Freeze all aid to Israel. Resume aid on a conditional basis on our terms including a real two state solution and signing the nuclear treaties, and with the understanding Pollard will never be freed.
15. Without U.S. leadership
the little dictators gain prominence. The end of the Obama reign cannot come soon enough. Let's hope it will be in the next 6 weeks. If not, the decline of U.S. dominance world-wide will sharply accelerate over the next 4 years and beyond.
16. Sounds like an Act of War to me!
17. Missed opportunity
Zivron   (09.23.12)
The Islamic world ought to have offered refuge to the Jews of Europe from Palestine to Afghanistan .Now both are set Jews and Islam on a armageddenonic clash Reality Therapy is essential .
18. I see the usual suspects
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.23.12)
Are commenting on subjects they no nothing about. It appears to me that Morsi is asking forthe peace accord to be applied equally to both sides. This includes the paragraph which sees Israel withdrawing behind the greenline within 2 years.
19. This is simply drifting
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.23.12)
There is no clear cut route map to Palestinian Self Determination in the West Bank Gaza de facto is an independent police state of Gaza and the chances of a grand East and West Palestine unification are zero To reconcile all the complex issues that lead to West Bank Statehood will take years So in the meantime with the help of international aid and remittances from workers in Israel and the Middle East we can put into place all the building blocks of a working Nation State,, We need Central Planning of the Economy, National Service for our youth in National Projects such as Parks Forests, Old Age Care etc etc, more water to service may things that need to be done - in cooperation with all our neighbours Then Independence in the true sense of the word in fact and in name will be achieved
20. Hardly in a position to make threats
Cameron ,   USA   (09.23.12)
In truth, Morsi will spend the coming years begging cash to prop up his broke, basket case of a state.
21. Commitments at Camp David
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (09.23.12)
Sadat at Camp David seemed to have favored the separation of the Egyptian issues of internal economy, political stability, and peace with Israel from the Palestinian question of their autonomy. Apparently, Morsi is now saying that the Camp David agreements can only be maintained as long as the Palestinian issues of autonomy are dealt with. Since the Palestinians do not want to negotiate with Israel, all other issues agreed to at Camp David regarding Egypt are moot. As a consequence,Egypt's promise on paper for peace with Israel for the physical removal of Israeli forces from the Sinai are worthless.
22. Doesn't respect need to be earned? And,
Adam Smith   (09.23.12)
have the Arabs earned the respect they demand? I am yet to see any evidence of it.
23. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.23.12)
"They no nothing" Says everything we need to know about you, chica.
...DACON9   (09.23.12)
25. NNB-They say they dont CONDONE but NEVER do they CONDEMN
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.12)
If one listens to or watches an interview in any medium about that film ... the guest always says "I dont CONDONE the violence" but when pressed by the question "BUT DO YOU CONDEMN IT ", they answer again "I dont condone it" JUST LIKE MORSI ANSWERS IN THIS ARTICLE
26. Seems #13 is another brainwashed idiot
marlene ,   israel   (09.23.12)
i also seem to remeber how they beleived their own lies re their airforce in 67, and how broke they were after 73. Amr, any of your pals return to pick up the boots they left when running from the IDF. Be brazen when you do actually have something to brag about, days of your Pharohs are over!
27. #20 Cameron
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.23.12)
And in truth AIPAC will lobby on the hill for that money to be paid over. Israel cannot afford for Egypt to collapse economically and it's people to start following the Leader of Al Qaeda. Who is Egyptian
28. Morsi's wants
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (09.23.12)
The USA gives plenty of aid to Egypt only to watch the American flag get burned in the streets of Cairo at the slightest excuse to do so. The Palestinians have had their experiment with quasi statehood in Gaza and did what? Elect a terror group as its government and constantly send terror into Israel. Americans need to understand that these people have no knowledge nor experience with democratic principles. I'm tired of their lame excuses for not doing better with the resources the American people have generously given them. How many of "the Brotherhood" have taken Democracy 101" or read "democracy fir Dummies". Heck their own Arab neighbors don't honor the financial pledges to help with infrastructure building. Money down the drain. Give it to Israel...a year later they will have invented some new gadget in the medical sciences or technology. Stop wasting my tax dollars.
29. Muslim brotherhood....Threats wont work
big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.23.12)
there is no palestine, no palestinians and the jig is up. Looks like the US Senate and Congress is not going to pay these phonies any longer, GOOD! No one can afford these 'invented people' whose only goal is to remove every Jew in Israel and somehow, magically, poof, an instant 'palestine.' Aint gonna happen, pal. The land is taken legally by its rightful owners, the 12 tribes of Israel. From all the body counts in the muslim world these animals aren't ready to 'rule themselves' much less any land that legally belongs to Israel. The US doesn't owe the pals beans, all the pals are known for is terror, monumental human rights abuses, lies, trying to force their will ( a losing entity at that no less! ) upon the victor, Israel, and making giant diplomatic faux pas in public before a largely muslim hostage taking at the UN. ( while their "leaders' have grown like lice on the backs of the hapless pals) The business of Jew killing is ending. Thank G-d. Now, if only obama would get that memo but, I guess he's too busy with "A pimp with a limp" radio interview and, of course, David far left Letterman. Also too busy to meet with Israel's P.M., Bibi Netanyahu. No worries, obama will ave tons of time after he loses the election.
30. Could be that after obama loses
big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.23.12)
that no aid whatsoever will be paid to Egypt, among other muslim nations no food sales, no nada. ( could also happen while obama is still in office ) Then, it could also be that Morsi will not be able to produce what the Egyptians need most and cannot produce, food. Most of their population is under the age of 30, no jobs, no tourism and soon, no American or Israeli allies. When you consider the 'rough neighborhood, Iran's collision course with the west, ( as they've threatened to attack the US whether or not she's involved with an israeli strike ) you must conclude that these enemies' of the west are ill prepared to feed themselves, much less sustain a bitter, long, to the last man war they keep playing like a broken record. I guess all the have are empty words threatenings of things they cannot accomplish like, the basics, feeding ones self. Comes with the 'terrortory.'
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