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Morsi: US must help build Palestinian state
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.09.12, 09:12
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31. #19 Sammy
What you say makes an awful lot of good sense. Well said mate, and let's hope you are there when the serious, sensible negotiations begin.
32. # 27 fake Sarah B Egypt isn't israel's responsibility.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.23.12)
let Iran feed her people, LOL nothing like 'oil' and gas for a canape'. Just don't light candles too close.
33. # 13 Soon, your belly will be empty
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.23.12)
and your 'brotherhood' in no position to feed you hateful birds. "Stand on your feet"?? Please do, we're tired of your 'protests' that prove your not fit for freedom or fit to 'rule' shit. And, "We the People' wont be giving you another red cent. Eat dust.
34. # 15 Bravo ! Vote ROMNEY!!!!!
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.23.12)
From a once democrat.
35. #14 mark From Clawson LMAO
How About Cut ALL AID TO arab countries, until they tow the line, Renounce All Violence, Accept The Right of a Democratic Jewish State, Forget About NPT! EXPELL Terrorists Outside Israeli Boarders! And Have b.H.o. Pardon Johnathan Pollard For His So Called Crime Was Informing A U.S. Ally About Intell To U.S. Should Have Informed Israel About In The First Place, Info was Given Through Unconventional Channel (Pollard)!!!!! Hey mark Been To dearborn Lately?
36. #13 I am sad
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.23.12)
Look at a map and see that Sinai is part of Israel. It only became part of Egypt when the British colonial thieves stole it and gave it to you. Although there are allegations of corrupt Israelis who were paid by Mubarak, Mubarak was Israel's most powerful enemy. He built up a massive Egyptian army to attack Israel, he conditioned the Egyptian people to view Israel as an enemy, and he tirelessly worked to take Israel's strategic weapons knowing he had to do this before attack. He pushed the poisonous Oslo Accords, first supporting the Egyptian pig Arafat and Fatah, and later armed Hamas. He never normalized relations with us, even knowing this was the only way to feed Egypt. But this is the past. Mubarak is dead and Egypt has nothing left but the Brotherhood, weapons and shuhada. I laugh because our enemy Mubarak was murdered by his own people, a fitting end to the evil Jew hater. I am sad because of all the Egyptian lives that will be lost because of your arrogance.
37. is it possible...
postroad ,   USA   (09.23.12)
that the Muslim (or Arab) world does not respect the Western world and vice versa and that means neither is really willing or even able to embrace the other. In sum: clash of civilizations?
38. Respect or Dhimmis????
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (09.23.12)
Morsi is living proof that a Muslim the word "respect" means absolute obedience, submission, dhimmis, slavery. Morsi should be apologizing to USA and other countries that have been affected by the attacks of Muslim radicals. And yet he has the nerve to demand respect. Asking the criminal to the victim to be prudent.
39. morsi
mmiefer ,   miami usa   (09.23.12)
He must be smoking crack. When we take our country back in november after the elections, we can stop the money train of us tax dollars and apologies....
40. Arab & Islamic world must respect Israel
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (09.23.12)
and Jews, the USA, Christians, all non-muslim, women, Freedom of Opinion and Thinking and Freedom of sexual orientation.
41. Hutzpah
Yishai   (09.23.12)
That monkey still has the hutzpah to lecture the USA after he allowed the USA embassy to be stormed? And the weak Obama say yes...
42. Nr. 6 ¬®Morsi is saying.......
Shushu   (09.23.12)
let's have a war against Israel and be happy when Israel blows us off the face of the earth!
43. Egypt has violated nearly every provision
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.23.12)
of the Camp David Peace Accords and is now attempting to invent a provision that doesn't exist. There is no place in it that says anything about another Arab state. The Arabs have violated every treaty they have ever signed and this is just another example of their perfidious actions. We should get the dictionary companies to add Arab to be synonymous with liar.
44. debra usa at 10
Moragh   (09.23.12)
Morsi can start counting the days he will be in power. I think he is going to be blown away sooner than he expects!!!!!!!!!!!!!
45. Forget about Camp David
Moragh   (09.23.12)
these arabs need to stop fooling themselves. There is a massive desert out there where they can build from scratch their very own country. If Israel did it way back in Biblical times then I'm certain the arabs could do it now!
46. # 18
another silly A. dud   (09.23.12)
That ridiculous message is NOT from Sarah B.
47. #42
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.23.12)
You're thinking like Morsi. You have millions of unemployed, starving youth and depots filled with weapons. Do you tell them they are going to starve a slow and ignoble death? Or do you send them to a fast death with a guarantee to go to heaven?
48. "Palestinian self-rule". Isn't the Palestinian Authority a
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.23.12)
form of just that: a self-ruling Arab autonomous area in Samaria, Judea, the Jordan Valley and Gaza? And, if so, what else need the US do to gain the respect of Egypt? Does the Egyptian president want the US to assist the Muslim-Arabs in their on-going drive to bring about Israel's demise...?? This appears to be the case!!
49. I didn't know that
Moragh   (09.23.12)
Mubarak was dead. So what do they have now? from what I can see nothing but one helluva load of trouble in a Morsi!
50. Arab weapons
Moragh   (09.23.12)
sell all the arabs weapons and they will have plenty of money to buy food for their hungry bellies!
51. Morsi is saying this because he knows
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.23.12)
Obama has already surrendered the US to Islam and sharia law. The whole lot can now tell Americans what the hell they want because the present leadership will just make excuses for them and try to pacify them with appeasement as he "denies, deceives and distracts" the American people.
52. #13 You were better off under Mubarak
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.23.12)
Egypt remains in turmoil under Morsi. Under Sharia Law, Egyptians will have fewer rights. Morsi is seen hugging Ahmadinejad. Look what Ahmadinejad has done to the people in Iran and is now doing to the Syrian people. We're tired of funding a country that hates us and listening to complaints of Arabs/Muslims who created the Palestinian problem yet do nothing to help the Palestinians.
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