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Jihadists say launched border attack as 'revenge over film'
Roi Kais
Published: 23.09.12, 12:17
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1. just shows how stupid they are....
Jo   (09.23.12)
Jews had nothing to do with the film but yes, they wanted to use it an excuse.... stupid and stupid but so predictable in the Arab world
2. against fanatics there is no hope for peace
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.23.12)
The concept of jihad and Islam is world dominance. The Islamic world idolizes the extremist and not the cool logical head. We must know who and what our enemy is so that we can defeat him.
3. Shoot the arrows, then draw the circles
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.12)
Anybody notice how these terrorists operate in the same fashion, not unlike Islam from its inception. It's called, 'create the narrative as you go along'.
4. the fence?
bari ,   nyc usa   (09.23.12)
that's the solution to this? one deviation by egypt from the faux treaty and take back the sinai!
5. get what you pay for
bill ,   canada   (09.23.12)
jewish misunderstanding of islam will eventually destroy israel
6. Negotiating peace
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (09.23.12)
How can the world expect Israel to negotiate peace with the likes of these? They make up stories as excuses for their deeply in bedded hatred towards Jews and Israelis and create terror attacks.The countries with whom the Israelis are to negotiate home grow these terrorists. It's all illogical to me. And meanwhile achmadinajad speaks to the UN general assembly while Obama doesn't have time to meet with Bibi. It's easy- get up an hour earlier, skip breakfast (have someone bring in bagels during the mtg) and cause the same traffic jam there as you do visiting Chicago).
7. Would it not have happened if the movie was never made??????
Yayaya ,   Israel   (09.23.12)
Come on people, don't be so stupid.
8. they could say..
daniela   (09.23.12)
they were bothered by the film insulting their prophet, or they could say they were mad because we breath their air..or because Israel exists.. it is only an excuse to kill jews. Unfortunately, this garbage comes from our neighbors territory and unless they do something with it, Israel will have to do the clean up.
9.  Extremist group, which operates in the Sinai Peninsula?
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.23.12)
I thought that we sacrificed by giving back that peninsula to Egyptians in order not to endure such things anymore. And now?
10. "as if it was my wedding day"... Go talk peace to these POSs
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.12)
11. Excuses - any excuse - this is Arab mentality
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.23.12)
And it is high time world starts to realize that Arabs fanatics are on a thin mental leash. Slightest reason, excuse, rumor - and they'll run rampart with rage and insanity. When are we going to discipline them, like the bad children that they are.
12. Makes Perfect Sense...
Israelit ,   Israel   (09.23.12)
An Egyptian Copt makes a movie insulting Mohammed, so let's go and kill us some Jews. Hatred and stupidity just don't know any bounds...
13. The extremist group is filled with joy!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.23.12)
Even if some of their members get killed, they are filled with joy? Then, since there is no sorrow, it must be the sending of those idiots to the hoax of martyrdom. Sure their evil god and his evil messenger are also very happy. Believe it who can..loving a religion based on death and violence.
14. to No 5
jo moor   (09.23.12)
Hey Bill. You got it wrong boykie! the rest of the worl "missed understanding" islam and will pay the price. Israel knows its neighbours only too well. So place your bill where it belongs.
15. It's sure they've been holding back, Waiting talks resume
tf ,   herzliya   (09.23.12)
16. 'overwhelmed with joy' - cause they were drugged up
Joe ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.23.12)
17. Pure hate, will never be peace
Damien ,   Tel Aviv   (09.23.12)
This just shows the pure hate the muslims have in them for Jews. This video has nothing to do with Jews... This an attack on all non muslims!!! I worry for the day we will all have defend ourselves in each country we live. Saladin's muslim by the sword will happen again... Give it time...
18. Well if you make videos like this...
Mike   (09.23.12)
.. you should expect some back lash. Just stop supporting and funding this stuff otherwise you just have yourselves to blame.
19. We decided to punish Jews for 'heinous crimes'
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.23.12)
They are so backwards and upside down with their opinions. Only heinous crimes being committed are the ones Arab fanatics are doing.
20. get what you pay for
Sunflower ,   Canada   (09.23.12)
The film has been altered by Irans Goebbel division and is a real picture of their mullahs mindset. They hope to turn on and off waves of protests thru out the arab world at a flick of their dirty fingers., The relevance is that we the West must counter-act in the same manner.
21. 'revenge for film'? - No, revenge for being.
leo ,   usa   (09.23.12)
22. "overwhelmed with joy"...
jenny ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.23.12)
at the murder of another human being, each one a precious miracle. These and ALL Islamic terrorists are nothing but cowards who hide behind bravado of defending their "profit's" honor....(hawk & spit).... Jenny
23. #18 mike
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.23.12)
If you cared anything about facts, you would already now that Israel, let alone Jews, had nothing to do with it. And why blame others for the arab penchant for acting like crybaby children when they are insulted? No other 'religion of G-d' behaves this way. But you don't care about truth, let alone facts.
24. I took a quick look at the video. It was a load of crap
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (09.23.12)
Most of those protesting don't even have a TV so how can they judge? Besides If I can take you constant insults about my faith you are also insulting part of yours. Most of Mahamids wives were Jewish which meant that his kids were too. So there da,da,d,da,da.
25. No anti-Mohamed film no attack? My foot!
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.23.12)
26. Editors, please check article before publishing
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (09.23.12)
PK is not an assault rifle, it's a light machinegun.
27. # 5
Natan ,   USA   (09.23.12)
The problem is that ISLAM DOES NOT understand any one. What are we suppose to understand? Why you blow up buses, stores, malls, fly planes into buildings, attack embassies, destroy churches, torch synagogues, kill kids in jewish schools and on and on and on. I don't want to understand you!!!!
28. Muslims, question
sk ,   USA   (09.23.12)
He Muzzies, did you know that one of the IDF soldiers who killed your 3 POSs was female? How does that work in your twisted demented religion, to be killed by a female? Do you still go to that place called "paradise?"
29. An Egyptian Copt
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (09.23.12)
An Egyptian Copt in California makes a weird film and the Arabs blame the Israelis/Jews? Any excuse is good enough to kill a Jew. How many anti-Jewish film clips and cartoons have appeared in recent years in the Islamic world -- and how many Jews have rioted and killed people?
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