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Declassified documents reveal failures of Yom Kippur War
Roi Mandel
Published: 25.09.12, 14:10
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1. will same mistakes be made again?
martin ,   uk   (09.25.12)
It can be very dangerous.
3. War no Surprise
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (09.25.12)
I knew war was coming the night before if I knew the Poltitions knew.
4. The enabler,OBAMA
P. Henry ,   Longmont co. USA   (09.25.12)
Obama's noise is exploding "a bomb" destroying your back,BIBBI,KNIFE IN THE BACK ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS BIGOTED TERRORIST ENABLER ,Obama !
5. It's so easy to buy the lies isn't it? TATA
Edithann ,   USA   (09.25.12)
6. To #4
Joshua ,   USA   (09.25.12)
Hello, Here comes a Republican Lunatic. I was waiting for that:)
7. Main culprit Gen.Zeira still kicking strong and causing disa
ab   (09.25.12)
sters.It was him who had outed Israeli agent ,Nasser's son-in-law who "mysteriouisly" fell to his death afterwards
8. Golda Mier a.k.a Sarah B...
9. what about yom kippur peace?
return   (09.25.12)
10. Perhaps a blessing in disguise
Michael ,   NY NY   (09.25.12)
The Arabs had advanced anti tank and anti aircraft missiles that devastated Israels tanks and airforce. If both were mobilized, Israel would have fallen in a moment. The slow mobilization probably conserved resources and allowed an effective strategy to cope with the new weapons. The intelligenc efailure was probably a blessing in disguise
11. Nice failures... the whole 3rd Egyptian army is alive
Miron ,   USA   (09.26.12)
because Meir was too good a woman. Some of our Nobel Peace laureates in her position would of being far more... ( I will let you find a better word ). What surprises me if Israel strived to find people like Golda for PM in Israel back in 1970th, what the hell changed that we want "different" type these dayse as President over here?
12. What the article does not say although they
ben   (09.26.12)
touch upon it with his mysterious circumstances of his death is that Marwan was outed by Israel and thay many believe led to his death. The head of Mossad complained to the Kenesset, sayiny you make it difficult to recruit spys when you do this.
13. Intelligence or incompetence?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.26.12)
14. and what about Henry??
Moshe ,   USA   (09.26.12)
Kissinger is reported to have told the Israelis that if they repeated their 1967 pre-emptive strike in '73, that they wouldn't receive so much as a nail from the US! Why isn't this tidbit mentioned?
15. All we can learn from YK war is that we must never hesitate
David ,   Israel   (09.25.12)
Just like we are doing with Iran. If we hesitate we only make greater casualties in the future. Just like the Yom Kippur War where the US refused to provide us with munitions if we attacked first, the same has presented itself again. We lost thousands of lives because of US pressure which in the end only saw EU siding with the Arabs who refused US jets to refuel in Europe after receiving such munitions. The same will occur with Iran, the only difference is whether we choose to strike first and save more lives or await to receive a "black eye" as Kissinger eloquently put it. Except this time the cost will be the loss of an eye.
16. The greatest failure
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.27.12)
was that soviet communists were kicked ass too late. If the world should have help Hungary in 1956, no Six day war, no Yom kippur war. All these were the result of soviet imperialism.
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