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Woman calls Africans 'animals' on Facebook
Vita Kairys
Published: 24.09.12, 13:18
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1. religious right-wing woman
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.12)
what should we expect from such a person ?
2. Yes, the situation looks bad as far as illegal...
Andy ,   Washington, DC   (09.24.12)
immigrants. But this person has some teshuvah to do, referring to people as animals. It isn't funny and it is very sinful. She is NOT faithful to the Torah, which is clear from the way she speaks. As an dati man, I am appalled by anybody speaking this way and calling herself religious. Lastly, her attempt to play the victim as a woman is beyond stupid.
3. #1
Alex   (09.24.12)
While what she did was wrong. But seeing she received death threats and calls to be raped by illegals shows the opposite side is not better at all (I'd say even worse as atleast she didn't call for violence to anyone).
4. You sound quite ignorant
Yochanan ,   Y'layim   (09.24.12)
5. Well, that's whatcha get when ur fb photo album is public!
6. she is NOT a Jew, do NOT be fooled by the appearance.
big mouth ,   tlv   (09.24.12)
7. BeTselem Elohim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noa   (09.24.12)
Well, she might be just silly, never taken the Torah seriously. But what I would like to know: What about our Rabbis? I hope they'll speak out against racism, racism is against the Torah.
8. If someone steals from a store or a house,
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.24.12)
it is illegal and they are sent to prison. These illegals should be rounded up and sent back to where they came from. They committed a crime entering Israel illegally and every day they are here is illegal. We cannot absorb them and should not have to put up with their presence here.
9. The religious fanatics are the worst
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.25.12)
The religious fanatics are the worst. These people are more human than she is.
10. Palestinians feel the same way about illegal immigrant Jews
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.25.12)
11. If you really want to be offended ...
mea   (09.25.12)
read what talkbacker evangelicals call muslims and president of the united states. This woman's FB page looks like a hymnal compared to the ignorant vitriol vomited by the best haters in the world. Nothing to do with zionism, beliefs or anything except self righteous white trash americans hating a black man in the WH. btw, I love Israel, and have spent time in this south TA neighborhood--and some realities are tough, and this woman isn't alone in her position. In Israel, black people don't need any assistance from this lady to be totally screwed.
12. It always surprises me when I read about
me ,   here   (09.25.12)
a person of the Jewish religion uttering racist opinions and asking immigrants to go home, especially when it happens in such unpleasant ways as this. First of all, Israel needs all the friends it can get. Second, it needs its foreign workers to do chores that other won't do. Third, it wasn't so many decades ago that the perpetrated "animals" wore the David star. Did she forget the Nazis??? Who did exactly this to Jews. Another thing is to discuss immigration, the need of it and the possibly precieved problems of it, in logic and respectful manners. This woman is unfortunately neither. I personally don't buy her argument that the foreign workers pictued have any bad influence or inpact on the play ground. They obviously use it at a time when children should be in bed, not using it anyway. What harm does it do if they sit on the grass? I also cannot, by the picture, see whether these are regular or illegal immigrants. Did the photographer walk around to see their IDs or passports before giving them the stamp of "illegal"? The only illegal thing I can see here, is the use of the word "animal" for a human being.
13. What a woman.
Netanel ,   Israel   (09.25.12)
Yes, that's is the only reason. Because you are a woman. No, because you are an idiot. If cutting and pasting her photo is objectifying her, then what is posing in front of humans (no matter what color/country) and treating them as animals. Yes we have a problem in our country, but if you don't see them as people who struggle to survive as well - then you are not a person. This has nothing to do with your opinion which obviously many agree with but the matter in which you voiced your opinion and then inexcusably blamed it on being a woman as if it were ok for a man to take photos in front of people and refer to them as animals. You are an embarrassment to my religion, country and frankly to human society.
14. #10
mark ,   ca   (09.26.12)
And I'm sure that you are one of the 1% of the Native Americans in Silver Bay...:-)))
15. 'It's because I am a woman'
Greg   (09.26.12)
If that is your reasoning for getting negative comments then I understand why you did it. You an IDIOT.
16. You are right but lack knowledge
Miriam ,   Beer Sheva   (09.26.12)
You are correct in that the discussion should be respectable, honoring all men and women and not forgetting what was done to us, that we too were foreigners in a land not our own. But you should understand the legal and political status before passing judgement. Fact is nearly all Aritrain and Sudanese are iligal. Some have received a temporary refugee status. There have been horrible rapes, theft, and other issues that cause the lives of the locals in South Tel Aviv very unpleasant and all the politically correct people talk about caring and accepting but won't invite them to their own neighborhood or home... We took a few families from Sudan in for a few weeks to help them avoid being sent to a prison facility, and from close up, personal experience. Things are more complex than they seem.
17. Illegals are illegal, but they should not
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (09.25.12)
be insulted. Many of them are muslim and unemployed and I would be worried if I had a family and these people were hanging around in parks etc. Send them COD to the muslim countries. Israel is small and can not afford to take in illegals for africa, etc.
18. "10. Palestinians feel the same way about illegal immigrant
A ,   Belgium   (09.26.12)
Native Americans feel the same way about illegal immigrant Europeans. who stole their country and murdered their people. Go back to Italy, illegal settler!
19. I'm all for deporting all illegal migrants,
Reuven   (09.27.12)
including illegal Arab workers. But this lady is an ignorant fool, who does not represent the thinking of Israelis.
20. it's not because you're a woman....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (09.27.12)'s because your comments were true... but juvenile.
21. #12 Netanel
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.27.12)
Would you mind telling us just how many of these Illegals have you invited to your home ?
22. "Woman calls Afrivcans.." Ayala ben Naftali
Stephen ,   Nüremberg Germany   (10.18.12)
The woman is only taking zionism serious .
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