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Obama says 'blocking out' Israeli 'noise'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.09.12, 07:57
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1. so there you have it finally !
Amos J   (09.24.12)
America will act only for its own benefits & best interests. They wont do anything against Iran. So Israel as to act on its own. PERIOD.
2. America will never help
Dan Goldman   (09.24.12)
America never came to help during WWII despite knowing millions of Jews were being exterminated., they only entered the war when Japan attacked them. America talked peace when Saddam was building Osirak reactor, but after Israel did the hard work, was able to invade & take over Iraq easily. America is 10,000 miles from Iran, Israel is next door. America is more worried about their economy, Israel their survival. Israel - do what has to be done....before its too late.....Attack NOW !
3. Does Obama not understand Iran hate America MORE than it....
Unbelievable ,   STUPIDITY   (09.24.12)
hates Israel? That putting a nuclear warhead on a torpedo off the coast of Manhattan is just as easy or easier than attacking Israel? How can Obama be SO STUPID?
4. ALL Obama cares about is 4 more years as king of America....
Narcissus 101 ,   in DC USA   (09.24.12)
all that power, all those perks are all he cares about.
5. Leaders are responsible to their electorate
Ilan   (09.24.12)
Israel can not decide for the US what to do and the US can not decide what Israel should do. But Obama wants Israel to let US diplomatic efforts work on Iran without giving reassurance that there will ever be anything but "frank disucssions". At some point Israel will have to decide what is best and whatever it decides or does not decide will effect the US. Perhaps Obama would pull his head out of his ass and start consulting.
6. Obama
Lynda ,   New Zealand   (09.24.12)
Israel can not rely on the Obama regime. In end times there is no USA! I believe Israel will go it alone and win.
7. obumma was ALWAYS a lying snake oil salesman, B"H
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.24.12)
Romney wins.
8. Well, then, Mr. "President"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.24.12)
Thank you for showing the truth to the Jewish people. Israel now knows it will have to go it alone. And when Iran -- far too cowardly to actually retaliate against Israel -- sends a missile or two against a United States base or a United States naval vessel deployed in the Gulf, I hope you won't much mind when Israel treats it as "background noise." You are a fool, Mr. "President." You consistently reject and try to humiliate your closest -- sorry, ONLY -- ally in the Middle East in favor of pursuing an Islamist agenda which the people of the United States -- you know; the ones who voted you into office and for whom you work -- do not want. What is wrong with you? Is it possible that your dearest friends and advisors the "Reverend" Wright and "Minister" Farrakhan have launched you on an improper path? Clearly, you have forgotten that your employer happens to be the people of the United States. What have you done for them lately? Absolutely nothing. Not a thing. You're a fool and a fraud, Mr. "President." That is all you are. Keep on alienating your friends, and watch what happens.
9. reasonable, but
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.24.12)
It would be great if Obama cared about American interests, the problem is that he doesn't. Obama has been an unmitigated disaster. Obama was so busy attacking Israel, that he went so far as supporting Ahmadinejad in ending the Orange revolution. Now, Iran threatens critical American interests. Obama decided to illegally overthrow Gadaffi, bringing anarchy to Libya. When a US Ambassador was raped and murdered because of this anarchy, Obama blamed an American filmmaker instead of himself.
10. 4 more years,,,
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (09.24.12)
That's my man. It's about time some one looks out for the American people. His job is for America and America only. No more dead American soldiers. If BIBI want's to go to war with Iran he should mobilize those highly paid, highly disciplined and worlds best air force and go fight, but please leave us out because we have no money. We already spend 60 billion a year in Afghanistan.
11. Well, Obama can forget about mediating a peace agreement
Vlad   (09.24.12)
Iran is not going to get nukes. The constant sabotage, which even he doesn't approve of, is going to keep the Iranians off balance. They are not going to even come close to a nuke for years to come. All that Obama's succeeded in doing is completely destroying any kind of trust he may have had with Israel, and regardless of what he does and whatever leftists he may support if he (God forbid) wins a second term, the current government isn't going to go away, and isn't going to trust him to mediate a peace agreement. There will ultimately be no attack on Iran, but Obama can kiss his dreams of being the President who solved the Middle East conflict goodbye.
12. obama has NEVER done what was best for the USA
jack bauer   (09.24.12)
13. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.24.12)
Okay, you are certainly entitled to your view. But so is Israel. Israel -- if you don't mind -- has existential interests which Iran continuously threatens. So if Iran were to retaliate against an Israeli strike by sending missiles against a United States interest -- say, a military base or a U.S. naval vessel in the Gulf -- well -- that would be your problem, wouldn't it? You had your chance. You blew it. Keep down, little doggie. Israel doesn't want to hear your "background noise." You're on your own. Make the best of it. Hope it doesn't resemble the disasters of Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan -- but -- well, that would be YOUR problem, wouldn't it? You had every chance to join with Israel in eliminating the violent threat that is Iran. You rejected it. Deal with the consequences. Israel will emerge victorious, and we won't want anything to do with you. Good riddance.
14. Mr. Obama is forthwith assigned mop-up duty in the Gulf
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.24.12)
Should fit right in with the "deconstructing and downsizing" policy he has for America.
15. #8 Is not mine
Sarah B ,   Sarah B / U.S.A   (09.24.12)
Baraxck Hussein Obama is only stating what he should. Although traditionally the United States supports Israel, his first obligation is to the people of the United States. This is further complicated by the fact that Israel's and the United States's final goal for Iran's nuclear programme is different. I see No.8 wants the President to send young Americans to Iran to die on behalf of Israel. Any American President who promises this shoud rightfully in my view be impaeached
16. It's Election Time, stupid - nothing is more important
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.24.12)
right now than the period of time for getting votes for the Presidential Election . Sorry, Bibi, wrong timing. And all the players know this.
17. Dan Goldman
Daniel Uk - Israel ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.12)
Dan I suspect you dont live in Israel. Usually all the ATTACK NOW ! comments are coming from people sitting thosands of miles away from the place they are calling to go to war.... Im not saying that Im against attacking but have you any idea what Israel might look like after a potential conflict with Who knows who - Iran - Egypt ? Hezbolla ? Hamas ? Syria ? all together ???? Who knows ? But you just say ATACK NOW..... that is what our decision makers are thinking about day and night !!! Is not a kids game its real life !!
18. #13 "what's right for the American people"
Robert ,   Australia   (09.24.12)
Do you people understand those words? I'll say it again, "what's right for the American people" By the way, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan were initiated by your evident hero, George W. Bush. Obama does not want to repeat the disasters of his predecessor. Got it?
19. # 6 Lynda New Zealand
Moragh   (09.24.12)
I know nothing about Politics and don't particularly want to know. But I do know that Israel will be standing when all others (including USA) will be a ruinous heap. My goodness, America thought it was bad when the Towers went down..... he (Obama) aint seen 'nuttin` yet' !!!
20. #11, Obama won't mediate, he will dictate UNSC '67 borders
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.24.12)
...on Israel.
21. 78% of the Jewish vote
karl ,   NY USA   (09.24.12)
You guys sure helped put him in there - with a whopping 78% of the Jewish vote. - and that's only down slightly this go around. So why is this antisemitic lunatic getting any of the Jewish vote? Help us out here and maybe we'll return the favor. 4% of the US electorate is Jewish. Romney needs all of it.
22. "And that is as it should be"
oldman ,   France   (09.24.12)
23. Romney Wins
WW3 Starts
24. To No 13
Oldman   (09.24.12)
Make the best of it. Hope it doesn't resemble the disasters of Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan -- but -- well, that would be YOUR problem, wouldn't it? Well as I see it as Israel are not helping there, so why would we help you there
25. Nethanyahu=Churchill - Obama=Chamberlain
Esther ,   Netherlands   (09.24.12)
And we all know how that worked out
26. @ 13
Konrad ,   Warszawa   (09.24.12)
Dear Prophetess, Are you going to advise your Govt. to use the Yericho Trumpets (aka ULF waves) against Iran - and to go for it alone? Am I far off the mark? Your avid reader, K.
27. Sarah B
Eran ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.24.12)
Sarah B, I think I love you!!!!
28. The G-d of Israel
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (09.24.12)
5 I called on the Lord in distress; The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place. 6 The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me? 7 The Lord is for me among those who help me; Therefore I shall see my desire on those who hate me. 8 It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in princes.
29. Finally
mike cohen ,   USA   (09.24.12)
A president that is making sense... do what's right for the American people. Now he has my vote.
30. Then Israel should do what is good for Israel
Zev ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
Even if it may not be what Obama thinks is good for the U.S.
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