Olmert gets probation, fine for breach of trust
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 24.09.12, 13:46
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1. Do you prefer cash or will a check do?
Ehud ,   TA   (09.24.12)
2. Guilty with heah up high Example of a leader? end
Martin ,   SA   (09.24.12)
3. Total Joke - sad day for Israel
Michelle ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
4. Surprise, surprise
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (09.24.12)
the elitist judiciary stands to the aid of one of their own... and then they whine why we do not have any trust in the legal system...
5. i would not be so proud of myself if i were in his place....
aline ,   israel   (09.24.12)
6. ....
aline ,   israel   (09.24.12)
I would not be so proud of myself were I in his place....He is still guilty of BREACH of trust....I do not why he can go back to politics....does not say much about politics!
7. A corrupt Israel will corrode
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.12)
8. Its simple, the connected and the corrupt courts are ruling
JJJ   (09.24.12)
Its simple, the connected and the corrupt courts are ruling Israel
9. Time to investigate the judge.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.24.12)
10. gornisht
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.24.12)
to get away with that light sentence, he must really have good friends in the courts too.
11. And all Israel hangs it's head in SHAME... WONDER how much
TOTAL Corruption ,   in Israel   (09.24.12)
he paid the judges to make this decision?
12. I leavre court with my head held high up
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.24.12)
the tackhat of greed opportunism and disloyalty to Medinat Yisrael. Bravo Olmert for bringing shame on AM Yisrael. You wonder why Goim think so badly of us?
13. Marvelous world of PROTEKZIA
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.24.12)
14. Aliza and Ehud, it's always good to see you, all the BEST 2u
hot snow ,   tlv   (09.24.12)
and long life.
15. The leftist mafia won againj
16. no, thank you !
17. loser loser loser
18. Will he get my vote?
Israelit ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
19. There is no justice in Israel!!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.24.12)
The courts are in favor of politicians, their cronies,leftists, lawyers and our enemies. They will crush down on the necks of the average person, rightist or those that do not belong to their political ways. They will crush with an iron boot of injustice. We will only stand a chance to survive when we elect new politicians that will clean our the "justice" system and the civil service. Till then we will see the olmerts of Israel going free and we will see convicted terrorist murderers pardoned and freed.
20. Yea, keep on RUNNING, try and SELL OUT another country!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.24.12)
21. olmert is very good in court
alexi   (09.24.12)
olmert is very good in court using all available legal manoevers to be acquitted. The is no guarantee of winning by the state office yet millions are spent by lador's office in bringing charges and having this outcome time after time. It is likely that olmert will extricate himself from holyland since no judge wants to convict a former PM, especially and arab judge who loved olmert's concessions. The right thing for lador is to get his gun, l oad and end his life as he has caused israel much pain with this olmert fiasco. The pity of all of this is that as good as olmert is in court, the opposite is true in security matters,w ehre he runs scared of one drop of blood, offers endless concessions like gaza and so on and screws up war plans like nasrollah's war. israel will rememb er all of winograd if he runs again under lapid's coattails, and he will be resoundlingly rejected by israelis. antoehr person who should not run again is bibi, who cannot take a decisions he is so uncomfortable in his own skin. Barak may try to run but will be crushed by israeli voters who are bloody sick of bs and boasting and do nnothing.
22. israel need someone like olmert
adam adam ,   planet earth   (09.24.12)
the extremists right wing need to leave the government and israel need olmert to fix what netanyahu destroyed specially with the palestinians and the whole world because israel reputation are sucks
23. How is that possible? A criminal can run for PM? Oy!
EZ ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.12)
Did the court explain their position? Did they explain why they used the law the way they did? The Knesset and PMO MUST pass a law stating that if you have a criminal record, you CAN'T run for political office, period. no one needs criminals representing them. NO ONE! Shame on the court for this insanity. Now we have to listen to this criminal rant and rave about 'how bad' things are in Israel. Another Livni. Wonderful.
24. "Nasrallah calls to offer his congratulations"
William ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
25. Olmert has no shame!
Reuven   (09.24.12)
26. I wonder if gornishts (thank you Larry!)...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.24.12) Olmer(d)never brush! Such a repugnant personified shame!
27. ... #9 Nick Sporek
Moragh   (09.25.12)
if I were Israel, I'd very quickly investigate the judge. Was he well paid?????
28. who do you want to see as next PM
zionist forever   (09.27.12)
If these were the only contenders to be the next PM who would you vote for? OLMERT ZOUABI TIBI ELI YISHAI
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