Caracal soldier 'hid behind bush' during border attack
Yoav Zitun
Published: 24.09.12, 19:20
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1. Why is the Israeli press
David ,   On this planet   (09.24.12)
out to hang the female combat soldier.I bet you this Tel Aviv journalist would hide behind two bushes if he was in her place,. shame on you give that female soldier a chance to tell her story
2. "...I was on the phone to my mother...?!?"
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (09.24.12)
I cannot comment on the actual action, as I was neither there nor know enough about the encounter, BUT: 1) Since when do soldiers on operational activity take cellphones with them, with all the possible security breaches created? 2) Since when does a soldier who is supposed to alert, focused, & attentive to her/his/its surrounding sit & chat to her mother while on patrol? 3) Assuming that the soldier was left in the vehicle for security & communications purposes (or that she was a communications operator &/or driver), do patrol Hummers not have a medium caliber machine gun for support & covering fire? If so, why wasn't it used or prepared? It appears sloppy & amateurish-but what else is new?
3. Why ?
Paul ,   South Africa   (09.24.12)
is this being reported & who leaked this incident. Are we really trying to commit suicide by letting the world & our enemies know about some of our vunrabilities. Whoever leaked this incident should be jailed for sabotage.
4. Only in Israel ,...
split ,   US   (09.24.12)
An assault on armed enemy unit is called a terror attack ,...
5. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
Anything for a story & to rub her nose in the dirt. Disgusting journalism by Israel press, I must say.
6. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.24.12)
Did you miss the initial news report? Here it is:,7340,L-4284462,00.html If you were any more dumb, you'd need to be watered twice a week.
7. wounder
vetean   (09.24.12)
i think they should check her backround, and see if she wasnt part of the terorists.
8. fear is a NATURAL feeling, female soldiers are BRAVE girls
hot snow ,   tlv   (09.24.12)
NO 1 should rush into conclusions before the puzzle is made WHOLE.
9. She did just the correct thing.
Sasha ,   Bilao, basque   (09.24.12)
10. strange article?!
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (09.24.12)
Whats the propose of these lines? iIs it about to bash a FEMALE soldier, while not really knowing the circumstances of her decisions? If its not female bashing, than can we expect to read from now on about men soldiers and thier "moments of fear"/"questioned decisions too? Women in Israel still have a way to go to reach equality and after reading this article Im now sure that the women fighting for thier rights will meet a lot of resistance of men! SHAME!
11. #4
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (09.24.12)
Mr. Split, Egypt and Israel are not at war. So if some armed Mexicans attacked the US INS or army on the border without warning, tomorrow, using cover of illegal immigrants crossing, just for the sake of killing them, it would not be a terror attack? What would it be? An act of war from Mexico? No? Then Mr. Genius, let us call it an act of terror.
12. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
Dream on dumbo.
13. #2
DavidR ,   USA   (09.24.12)
Since you admit in your first sentence that you were "not there nor know enough about the encounter." Why don't you keep your BUT out of it and go chase kangaroos.
14. Before condemning this female soldier..
Malone ,   Hfx   (09.24.12)
....walk a mile in her boots..she was there,we were not. No one knows how they will react,especially if it's the first time. Cut her some slack,it's no fun...and yes I have been under fire,before all the armchair warriors get on their pedestals.
15. She did the right thing.
Toby   (09.24.12)
For a single girl to charge into battle when she longer could see her fellow soldiers is foolhardy and suicidal. I believe she did the right thing to take cover while being shot at—and also, lying low is smart, for in the heat of battle and confusion why become the target of friendly fire?
16. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.24.12)
17. Short memory??
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.25.12)
This story has blown out of proportion, if it was a male soldier who got nerve problem, the story would have ended. As I know, that has happened some times, and been silenced. So, stop this hunt..
18. #4 Note the original report *and* information.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (09.25.12)
They had explosives and explosive devices. The people from the same group have already launched rockets at the *civilian city* of Eilat, and have shot up *civilian cars and buses* on the road near the border. Judging by the explosives, they were likely going to set up a bomb on the road, shoot any survivors, shoot anyone who got stranded on the road due to the firefight, and then blow themselves up on any enemies who got too close with their explosives belts. Instead, they ran into soldiers earlier than expected - soldiers guarding civilian construction workers. Do you know *why* there are soldiers guarding those workers, by the way? Because of the aforementioned people with guns and explosives who would have liked to run into them *without* soldiers around, to better kill them. Yes, they're terrorists. Would like to explain how they're not? Would you like to say that they were looking for soldiers rather than civilians? Would you like to say, perhaps, that they're an honorable group of liberation fighters who just happen to kill civilians sometimes by mistake?
19. The fact: she deserted her post and hid
Tom W ,   USA   (09.25.12)
It's called cowardice by any standard. Basic rule in the military is that don't place soldiers on the front line whose competence is not tested. Do you think this type of "lady" soldiers can protect or willing to protect Israel? Just compare her behavior with the courageous other female soldier or with the women fighters of 1948.
20. Procedure
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, USA   (09.25.12)
From the repots Ihave read read this soldier followed procedures. Male or female should nott enter the equation.
21. Thanks from Canada
Alan ,   Toronto Canada   (09.25.12)
To all who serve, words will never be adequate to express my admiration.
22. Why is she talking to mommy during this event?
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (09.25.12)
23. She did the right thing
Chan ,   FL, USA   (09.25.12)
Its hard to take incoming, focus on enemies and fire on them while assesing the situation and reporting enemy movments. She was busy assesing the sitaution, that is her strong point so take advantage of that.
24. The way I see it
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.25.12)
She followed correct RT procedures was fired upon and took cover. Standard drills in any military. She then assessed the situation tried to return to the radio enemy fire prevented her from doing so, at this point the Hummer was a focus for enemy fire. The soldier then exfiltrated and took cover, at this point having assessed the situation again she realised that to open fire on the enemy may have caused friendly fire onto her position. So she made herself as small as she could until found by friendly forces. To me she is a heroine, first for reporting the attack, in such a manner the artillery unit was able to react instantly. Not sure I could have done the same in the same circumstances
25. Caracal soldier
Edouard ,   Canada   (09.25.12)
She is brave girl ,she could be pretending to be religious or just being a student but she choose to serve I the most difficult !! Let's be honest this is not a Hollywood production If she would of be my dougther I would of be proud of her
26. This is like something
out of "Dad's Army" but in view of the phonecall, maybe it should be called "Mummy's Army" snigger, snigger!
27. #3
Mark   (09.26.12)
Have the reporter jailed for sabotage?, no Paul you must be jailed for stupidity.
28. To all of you smart guys
Mel ,   TA   (09.25.12)
She should be given a price for avoiding to be a hostage. I'd love to see any of you in her shoes. Yo people are pathetic.
29. Sara B
not Sara B ,   Israel/not USA   (09.25.12)
Just a reminder that "Sara B" does not exist. All mails purporting to originate with "her" are bogus/parodies.
30. help Her She need our Respect
Jerome ,   Netanya   (09.25.12)
most of the don't knows about this can of real fight no battlefield 3 and this young girl (18 to 20) is all ready brave to want to do the army in a war country don't forget our child are still our baby look at them when they come back home for Shabbat. I really don't know her but my son is in her division I can tell you pass 2 week in the desert with 3 hour of sleep by day and hard training and you can talk after.. bravo young girl to don't be dead and continue to learn how to fight, it's just a bad incident All of us in Israel need you
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