Mortar shells land in northern Golan Heights
Maor Buchnik
Published: 25.09.12, 10:27
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1. Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Israel's borders
Shep ,   Memphis   (09.25.12)
I hope the IDF seeing the inclusion of thousands of Iranian revolutionary guards into the Syrian conflict is a gift from heaven. There can be no doubt that this "ramping up" on Israel's border under the pretext of aiding Syria as a threat and a gift. Israel has the opportunity to not only attack Iran directly without the logistical challenges of thousands of miles, but also has cause beli to attack their nuclear facilities. We all know now that Obama will not back Israel up so there is nothing to lose now.
2. The Syria-israel bourder is 30 miles west. Golan is Syria
American Vet   (09.25.12)
3. Mortarville
robertsgt40 ,   san antonio texas us   (09.26.12)
I wonder how many of those mortar shells have "made in Isareal" or "made in USA" on them?
4. Shep Memphis
Little One!   (09.25.12)
Forget about the Rev. Guards. You're talking about a bunch of mini ayatollah's.
5. mortars
DavidR ,   USA   (09.25.12)
Israel should answer with military might rather than words.
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