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FC Barcelona slammed over Shalit invite
Ronny Shaked, Yair Katan
Published: 27.09.12, 14:11
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1. so he was captive for 6 years.
really   (09.27.12)
and he was kidnapped while he was asleep, how does it makes him a murderer is beyond me... how in the world could they know whether he fired from the tank and who were his victims?
2. Are the Palies feeling left out of all the
Peggy ,   United Kingdom   (09.27.12)
movie uproar??? So now Shalit was a how come he was not allowed Red Cross visits??? I am sure Barcelona FC wont loose too much sleep with the Palies not watching their matches. They are like a bunch of children, and go stomping their feet if not given attention.
3. the 'palestinian lobby'
tiki ,   belgium   (09.27.12)
telling the world who to invite, what to read/ say/ watch, where to go & when to breath. It's about time to tell these beggars to shut up and only come back if they have something to contribute to the world, besides terror & blackmail.
4. gilad
emma ,   jerusalem   (09.27.12)
as far as i understood, you have to have killed someone to be called a murderer...!
5. same evil hypocrites
Call real murderers who premeditate mass murder and blow up pizza parlors and schoolbuses and laugh when they learn they murdered more children than they had previously thought heroes.
6. Mind boggling hypocrisy on so many levels.
Avi   (09.27.12)
So an Israeli who was held captive against all international treaties shouldn't be invited to a match, according to palestinian groups. An Israeli who was denied access to the red cross, who could not see his parents or friends, who could not get access to books and education, who could not even see the sun's light for years, and whose health deteriorated greatly, who while being a front line soldier didn't get the chance even to kill any terrorists while defending the Israeli border, and was abducted from Israeli territory, but to them he's a murderer who should not be invited to a match. The hypocrisy is that Abbas himself was invited a year ago, and these people who call him a murderer and protest his invitation are the same people who threw candy at the release of a thousand convicted murderers, some of them even mass murderers. These are the people who call streets after these murderers. These are the people who allow their children, whom they educate from a very young age to slaughter jews to meet them and present them as role models, to the point where a released female terrorist said that she hoped all the children would follow in her path. And they DARE criticize an average Israeli who served in the IDF and, other than being captive and being illegally mistreated and denied his basic rights, was a regular Israeli. If hypocrisy and cynicism were an energy source they could power Gaza for decades. I always try to look at these things from a cultural relative perspective, that one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. But in no culture on earth can I find a satisfactory explanation to the disgusting mindset and hypocrisy I described above.
7. You got to be kidding
Natan ,   USA   (09.27.12)
Do you really expect Barcelona FC to respect a request from a Terror group??? In your dreams!!!!
8. Maybe they are desinformed.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.27.12)
Barcelona does not belong to the Emir of Zaragoza, any longer because Charlemagne liberated this area 1300 years ago. But be patient, history never ends.
9. Ridiculous
Adam Glantz ,   Herndon VA, USA   (09.27.12)
Sounds like the same "your-gain-is-my-loss" logic that we've heard from this quarter before. Shalit is innocent of the politically-motivated charges, and Barca should be commended for trying to do something nice for him. On another note, if I were Gilad Shalit, I would NOT want to go back to Gaza under any circumstances. Not after years of captivity.
Manuel ,   Barcelona   (09.27.12)
11. Let's repeat: they never miss an opportunity to miss
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.27.12)
12. No position?
nibor ,   israel   (09.27.12)
God forbid you should take a position.
13. again ....... the MOSSAD !!
Natan ,   Israel   (09.27.12)
For sure Gilad is going there for a special mission of the Mossad ..... Try this argument my friends Palestinians .....
14. Anti-Israel
James ,   NY   (09.27.12)
Pro-Palestinian means anti-Israel,according to these groups.
15. The Arabs in Gaza behave cowardly
jay abouaf ,   jaffa   (09.27.12)
The Arabs who live in the precinct of Gaza are scared and brainwashed. They should begin to study our Torah Maybe it will make them brave.
If you do not like the fact that Gilad Shalit is guest of honour at the upcoming football match Super Clasico ,you can kiss my arse.
iNetFraud ,   Jerusalem   (09.27.12)
Most definitely not the one we live in nor any reflection of reality. It has become so disgusting to see human beings standing up for murderous terrorists and haters. Its literally unbelievable. Oh well, as with everything; this too shall pass.
18. what???
johnny ,   norway   (09.27.12)
this guy spent 5 years in the shittiest place on earth... all the haters can go to hell..
19. Some of the world's most dangerous people live in Gaza,
Simon   (09.27.12)
20. How much can they believe their own BS ?!
David ,   Israel   (09.27.12)
21. gr├ácies Barcelona!
You are amazing! and yes! Barca so much more than just a club!
22. What ever gave Hamas the idea that
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.27.12)
they had any say in the matter, Shalit is invited to spain, not Gaza Shalit should be given the best seat available at the games, to make sure he doesn't miss anything
23. 'How can a dignified sports club honor a murderer?' - Unless
leo ,   usa   (09.27.12)
Hamas is invited I do not believe they have,
24. Double Standard?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.28.12)
Well being that Hamas is a rational and fair group of civilized human beings, I'm sure if a soccer team had invited one of the actual murderers that were released by Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit they would be holding the same protest. Because they're rational, fair and civilized human beings... right? right? I felt a bit sick just writing that....
25. #6 Avi
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (09.28.12)
Hypocrisy, lying and avoiding the facts are three important techniques used by Abbas to press his case before the UN and other assemblies. Abbas received his doctorate from a Soviet institution based on denial of the Holocaust. He and the people he represents are not interested in peace with the Jewish State. Have a safe,healthy and peaceful 5773.
26. presumably, hamas believes its own lies, but why...
rick ,   walnut creek   (09.28.12)
but, why should anyone else? even a hateful moron like sanchez should know that the pali inmates in Israel have been fairly tried and convicted, had defense counsel, have regular access to the icrc, enjoy a (too) liberal penal regime. sanchez should know the facts but, if he does know them, he certainly does not care. good for Barcelona.
27. I am from Spain and don't like football
Sergio ,   Spain   (09.28.12)
but I'm proud that a Spanish football team has invited such a hero. In Barcelona there are Catalan separatists who say that "Catalonia is oppressed by Spain like Palestine by Israel". It is a Spanish political issue that I won't explain. They are left wing hateful idiots who hate Spain and Israel. You will see these idiots demonstrating with Catalan and Palestinian flags and burning Spanish flags. Don't listen to them because they are liars and a tiny minority. Most Spaniards support Israel. ¡Viva Israel!
28. barca invites gilad shalit
les glassman ,   jerusalem israel   (09.28.12)
well done barca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29. Well done Barca ! You are really the
Viva Barca !   (09.29.12)
noblest football team in Europe. Your decisions should not be influenced by a bunch of Hamas primitive, troglodite criminals.
30. Cry babies
Jennifer ,   UK   (10.07.12)
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