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Market visit: Four species in pictures
Published: 28.09.12, 08:06
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1. waste of money on religious mumbo jumbo
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.28.12)
2. Ignorance is Bliss.......
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (09.30.12)
#1 you are a truly blissful person. Don't publicly reproach what you don't understand. Unfortunately, there are many Israeli Shaygitzes like you...who are all to eager to criticize things they don't understand. I support your right not to believe or participate...but show respect for those who do!
3. 2 Koose If you want to be respected
ILAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.01.12)
you need to be respectful too. Calling Jews "Shaigitzes" is not respectful.
4. # 3 who tells you 1 is jewish !?
only bec. that one is taking and using the name of DAVID - and mishandle it by this -- !! Dear Koose from NewYork, You touched the point exactly, thank you.
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