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'Red line' measured in kilos
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 28.09.12, 13:09
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1. There was nothing wrong with the tone of his voice...
Ypip ,   Canada   (09.28.12)
Sometimes facts come across as condescending towards those who are too maligned to recognize them. No need to knock yourself out over it.
2. The red line has been for a while Dithering Politicians cant
martin ,   sa   (09.28.12)
see We are in the red line almost everyone is trying to look the other way like its not there. Day by day it its is brighter red. a good polician whom is serious start acting and does not wait for the last minute and says I didnt notice.You didnt fell me and other excuses. Is BB the only honest realistic Polician trying to protect from the Iranian wild Card.?? Can we have an belated wake-up call.
3. Iran won't be deterred. Destroy it's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.28.12)
Look at it from the view of Iran's Mad Mullahs. They've invested untold billions of dollars to make nukes. They've built nuke factories underground, under mountains and in civilian areas to protect them from attack. Moreover, they are on the verge of success. They also believe they have a huge amount to gain by making nukes. So why would Iran be deterred? Iran won't be deterred. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
4. Sadly, Netanyahu is more Chamberlain than Churchill
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.28.12)
He sure had me fooled. I guess I'm just a lousy judge of character. I should have known Barak would eventually rub off on him.
5. Bibi
Robert ,   tampa   (09.28.12)
I imagine that if it wasn't for the decorum of the UN Bibi would have been roundly booed. He is one of the most despised leaders in the world and he won't get his red line nor will he get any assistence in an attack. He has burned his bridges with Obama and Romney is done. A report came out that if Israel bombs Iran's nucleur facility near Isfahan the fallout could kill 70,000 civilians with radioactive fallout. From then on the world would be rooting for Iran and its retaliation.
6. Netanyahu teaching
Harold ,   USA   (09.28.12)
I graduated a Nuclear Engineer after watching Netanyahu's speech. LOL
7. Natanyahu put his ineptitude on full display at the UN.
Persian CAT   (09.28.12)
8. A powerful case made by the Prime Minister
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.28.12)
The Prime Minister made a powerful case for Israel and the Jewish people. His making the conflict one between the Medieval and Modern mind- sets was clear and correct. His explaining the bomb- situation in a clear way was also effective. It seems to be that Prime Minister Netanyahu receives a tremendous amount of petty and ugly- minded criticism. He is , it seems to me, the best we have and has done a good job. Let us pray he will have success in the future.
9. Timetables
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (09.28.12)
There are many calendars in the world. Jewish 5773; Christian Gregorian 2013; Muslim 1433; Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Red Line Soon ???The divine timetable will trump all others. What does this mean ? Well, looking back from 2050 what are the various scenarios that can play out over the ensuing 37 years ? What narrative should prevail ? I repeat... There is an optimal solution to the Iran/West imbroglio. Any "genius" strategist out there who says that 500 Israelis, 5,000 American Servicemen and Women and 500,000 Iranians can dies in nice little "necessary" war is insane. Napoleon said..."Strategy is the art of using time and space well !" Take note all...G-d is the master strategist par excellence.
10. Saying Iran would not "be there" until spring or summer gave
Daniel ,   Israel   (09.28.12)
Obama all the excuses he needed to sit onhis hands until then. Iran now also knows what you are thinking. I think giving this time LINE was a very stupid thing for Netanyahu to do.
11. Yishai forgot to mention ...
Israeli   (09.28.12)
Iran is a huge, Mountainous Country -bibi said: half of Europe- "to reassured some Israeli citizens who have had trouble sleeping" I am still having trouble sleeping
12. red lines
gundar ,   jerusalem   (09.29.12)
Hope iranians did not hear about the red lines israel has to measure dangerous low water levels in lake kinneret. We have 5 red lines ,or more. So which red line should it be,bibi?20%,50%,70% or now 90%? And than what?elections in israel?
MAHMODD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.29.12)
His ineptitude with full force.Most of the listeners were wearing smiles on their faces.Did anyone notice that?
14. Redlines
Albi ,   Ashkelon   (09.29.12)
Welcome to Kitah Aleph children. How humiliating! Whoever told him to show a nursery school diagram to world leaders? He is a laughing stock--as if these leaders don't know about atomic energy.And as #12 said--we have lots of experience with red lines in the dying Kinneret. And another article today says the red line may actually encourage Iran to act even quicker. Another goal down the drain. Our own foreign service said that economic restrictions are having an effect. Bibi sure makes a lot of 'background noise' when he climbs down from the tree.
Frank-el ,   Seattle, USA   (09.29.12)
The real 'Red Line' will not be measured in kilograms of Iranian Uranium. It will be measured in litres of American blood in the sand... And red ink on the US Treasury's books.
16. Iran is Mis-calculating
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (10.01.12)
If Bibi used more sophisticated props, he would lose the few who actually sat and listened. Prior to the Iraqi War, lets recall the diagrams used by Powell,etc. To those who were agin the war, they were simple propaganda, with no merit. Recall how Powell recated. Lets not lose sight s to Bibis intent: to draw a line in the sand, and show the many countries he meant business. Reminds me of the outrageous Democratic attacks on Romney...or a staement by a legislator about rape. Who cares, when 40 are unempllyed or underemployed,, Korea is not moved, Iran is close to a b omb, Syria is imploding, Hez has a base in Venezuela, etc. Bibi got his simple point across...it is Iran that is at fault..violating 5 UNSC resolutions and the NNPA provisions., Having clandestinenuke sites and activity....torturing itsown people, aiding US enemies in the M.E. and threatening genocide against an entire people. (how woudl Russia/the US/Japan, England, France, Germany react I wonder? Lets not lose focus on the ball, not the sidelines. Iran is playing with fire, and will get burned, once the fire is hot enough. That is what the world must tellAhmad, his REv Guard thugs and the Supreme Leader. This is no joke guys. Saddam miscalcuated, Assad is miscalculating, Moemmar and Mubarak mis-calculated, and Iran has lost sight as to Israel's might and determination, once pushed too hard. (To my many Iranian friends, see Wikipedia for insights).
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