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Experts: Strike may speed up nuclear plan
Published: 29.09.12, 11:46
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1. One doesn't have to be an expert.....
Robert ,   Australia   (09.29.12) know this. Those advocating the bombing of Iran are unknowingly enemies of Israel.
2. Ah the 'experts'
God save us from the 'experts'
3. War Talk
Kelly ,   USA   (09.29.12)
It seems sensible human behavior to defend family and country so I think the experts are probably right that a military strike on Iran would drive them to move quicker to build a nuclear bomb. I think sanctions are probably doing the same. On the other hand, Iran's talk of bringing about Israel's demise with past statements about its right to exist and even more recent statements that it has no history in the Middle East and will cease to be in time, as compared to Iran's history stretching back thousands of years would lead an Israeli to ponder what is needed to protect his family and country. Maybe a preemptive strike against the nuclear ambitions of the country that is threatening to wipe you out ? Seems sensible also.
4. Iran and the bomb,
Walt Peterson ,   USA   (09.29.12)
Well, if bombing Iran only assures that they will work more diligently to produce a nuclear weapon, the only remaining option is regime change.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.29.12)
Sensible,aren't they,Sarah,unlike you who runs away with the idea of boming six years back? Take a lesson.................besides suffering a devastating retaliation from the strong country like Iran,you will land up them justifying having Nuclear weapons.Calm down and stay put in USA and respect the Government of USA in resolving the matter more prudently.
6. It really isn't rocket science
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.29.12)
If Iran is attacked it is likely they will want a nuclear weapon to ensure that they do not go the same way as Iraq. Only Netanyahu doesn't understand this, principally because he sees himself as the Messiah sent to save the Jewish people, mixed with a Paranoia not seen in the leader of a country since World War 2
7. #1
Miron ,   Israel   (09.29.12)
Poor Robert,you do not understand that Iran decided already to wipe Israel off the map??? How can you dream of a peaceful solution.,when the Ayatolas already decided the new world order?
8. Must be voices in the head, mashiah?
@Miron from Israel ,   USA   (09.29.12)
9. beragil
beragil   (09.29.12)
Another American spin to support The obama administration. i hope for the sake of the american, that they"ll start adopting a different policy towards The meddle east, Syria and Israel' and really understands who is the players That the USA can work together to achieve It's goals. The only one is Israel. But Israel is drifting apart from the USA Because the current administration indanger The existence of Israel. make no mistake',, if it will be necessary 'Israel will strike alone even if the price of oil jump's fore times, and the Damage to infrastructure and lost of lives Will be big.
10. iran wil have deterrence it's inevitavle now
inconito   (09.29.12)
BTW a new poll show that 70% american oppose war on iran even if it mean a nuclear iran. the us are simply not in position to fight for decade a huge country 20 000 km far from.....
11.  Illogical and delusional propositions
"Don't fight the Nazis, otherwise they will succeed" "Let Iran get the bomb, otherwise they will get the bomb" "Israel shouldn't have attacked the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear plants - that's why they now have a nuclear bomb - wait, they haven't? Oops!"
12. #4 regardless the regim, iran wil have nukes
inconito   (09.29.12)
you believe another regime, will not seek nuclear deterrence? illusion. mir hossein same Moussavi and Karoubi were clear "it will not yield one iota" even dissident abroad supports the nuclear program! Myriam Rajavi one wants a nuclear free Iran, unfortunately for you, the day when this woman set foot in Iran, I predicted a lynching worse than the khaday one. the Iranians have not forgotten that the troops are Rajavi ally to saddam to attack the nation
13. More Useless Leftist Drivel...
David Hartman ,   Raleigh, NC   (09.29.12)
...from the 'so-called' experts with their head steeped in anti-Semitic academia. They conveniently dismiss the repeated calls for genocide by this evil regime as 'noise'; just imagine their reaction if Israel did the same - the hypocrisy is astounding. History is repeating itself here, and those with Chamberlain aspirations seem to have become oblivious to it's obvious lessons. As the M/E is becoming more and more radicalized by Islamist insurgencies, things will only worsen for Israel. The Arab Spring, what Leftists so lovingly refer to as a 'flowering of democracy' has been little more than an abject failure.
14. Experts of words???
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (09.29.12)
As one should put his body where it says the language, these experts should accept an invitation to live in Israel, and wait with all his knowledge that the mullahs of Iran reach their obscure object of desire, the atomic bomb. And test whether the nearly 32 years of threats against Israel are just empty words. In his last visit to Venezuela Ahmadinejad said: "We who are waiting for the promised Mahdi, and we are willing to sacrifice for him"
15. # 4 no regim change possible
inconito   (09.29.12)
without US return to conscription. at last US need 500 000 troops to occupy this country and 500 000 mean more than a milions soldiers ... with rotation. iraq regim change costed one trillion $, how muct for iran ??
16. these ideas are idiotic. Lunatics building nukes dont need
appeasing, they need ,   to be neutralized   (09.29.12)
the people saying the iranians need to be alowed to make nukes and strike 1st are idiots of the highest order.... note that they all live in new york and not in Israel. These cowards should leave the desperate tactic of going it alone to those of us who will be destroyed in a 1st strike. We dont need to wait, we need to destroy the program. Let the chips fall where they may. The world wont help us, obama will betray us, we have only ourselves to rely on.... I say, strike.... and pray furiously
17. #1 one doesnt need to be an expert....
jack bauer   (09.29.12)
that those living in galut dont need to worry about a nuke landing on them... and thus they all say safely from their homes far away, let the nazis have nukes.... You armchair commandoes need to consider it from Israels perspective. If jakarta said they were building nukes to wipe out darwin, brisbane, sydney, etc and they already had the missiles to hit.... you think aussies would stand idle while they got them ready? fool
18. Game on Iran's side.
Waqar Khan ,   New York, USA   (09.29.12)
Firstly, Yes Iran state via Media outlets that it will wipe out Israel. Iran even defined what she meant by the WIPE OUT of Israel. But Israel went out, with full force in the UN which is a stronger record, tell the UN and drawing a red line for an attack. What is more direct treat? Also, all the major six power has a nuke, India has it, Pakistan has it, North Korea has it, and even Israel, why can't Iran has it? Furthermore, Iraq gave up the nuke program, so did Libya and Libya at the last point helped US, in the war with Iraq....and we all saw what happened? There should be a stronger policy in the world, to give up the nuke by all nations...not just Iraq. read up some news, so you will see Israel even had intended to use the nuke, and US has already used it. If I was the President of Iran, or in power, I would have spent every penny I had to develop a few nuke, and Iran's economy is the way Iran is just like Afghanistan, the people of Iran is just like Taliban, they had over 500,000 dead with the war with Iraq but they didn't give up. And now they even have a stronger army, a better missile system, and probably have a nuke or two...or else you think US or Israel wouldn't have attack it?
19. iran bomb
neece ,   us   (09.29.12)
Jesus is comming soon
20. #11 it's a logic conclusion !!!
inconito   (09.29.12)
you've spent the last 30 years on Mars? or what? iraq has no bomb, because during your trip to the red planet iraq has undergone 8 years of war with the powerful neighbor Iran, then 91 a coalition of 34 countries, a million soldiers, have unleashed a flood of fire on the mesopotamia, then a total UN embargo, a trusteeship with international inspections pushed to the extreme, the establishment of a no-fly zone, several series of instenses bombing, and invasion, and nine years of occupation, and a civil war. 4500 American soldiers killed, 30,000 wounded, 300,000 soldiers who need mental health care, perhaps for life, and $ 1 trillion. here is the cost and, why iraq did not have a bomb today. and certainly the single strike of 82. yes iraq has no weapon today, but it has nothing even with the Israeli bombing, if Saddam had not committed the fatal mistake of invading kuwait today iraq would be the 9th nuke power, before north korea.
21. Chuck Hagel no lover of Israel Adm.Bobby
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (09.29.12)
Inman no friend of Israel Mark Perry in case you don't know already ,really no friend of Israel.The only person i would trust as being leaning to the pro Israel side is Air Force General Hayden.And what answer do they give [The Washington Post also published a joint op-ed written by former head of US Central Command Retired Adm. William Fallon, former Republican Senator Chuck Hage, former Congressman Lee Hamilton, former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Pickering, and former head of US Central Command Retired Gen. Anthony Zinni.] Basically that Israel should wait to have a bomb dropped or smuggled into tel aviv while they debate
22. US can't attack
Waqar Khan ,   New York, USA   (09.29.12)
The US can't attack Iran, there are many reasons but one reason that I don't see anyone is talking about. If the US attacked Iran, they (Iran) has tend to strike the US bases, and these bases in many part of the Middle in return many of the Middle Eastern countries could be hit, and US probably be pressed by these countries to not attack, or they might end up losing the bases. Welcome to the Imperial world...and Israel can't strike because it would require many of these Middle Eastern countries air space...or else Israel has to make a circle via the Arabian sea, and that would require re fueling, as well after dropping a few bombs, these plans will not be of any use....and hence could be easily hit by Iranian missiles, as well Iran can supply weapons to Hisbuallah in Palestine, and can be hit at a local front...Well...we will call the Jews goodbye once more....
23. So called experts?
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.29.12)
The experts seems to have their heads buried in the sand like the ostriches. Why? They are giving BS examples. China and Pakistan have never threatened another country with wiping them off the map. On the other hand has the Iranian clero-fascist regime driven by middle ages ideology of suppression has been constantly threatened the existence of Israel and 50% of the world Jewry with annihilation, since coming to power thanks to a misguided US president, Jimmy Carter. Can such regime to be allowed posses a nuclear bomb? The answer is NO! The history taught us when there is resolve to stop the belligerent regime militarily from going nuclear, the regime will step back. That's what exactly happened with Saddam's Iraq and Qaddafi's Libya. Furthermore,if after the successful destruction of most the facilitates involved in the developing the bomb is destroyed and the regime would continue in defiance, further action can be taken again, until the mullahs realize that NO means NO. The cost of prevention the of the Iranian's from building the nuclear bomb will far outweighs the the consequences the regime can inflict the Iranians on not only Israel , but on the oil rich Arab neighbors. By controlling over 30-40% of known oil reserves, they will call the shots and the western world would be plunged into a deepest economic recession known in recent history. There are already some similarities withe the Germany as known in 30-ies. The are building up their arm forces fat beyond reasonable. The are threatening another state with annihilation. They are openly running covert operations to stir revolts against the regimes in the neighbouring oil rich countries, they are building up proxies in Lebanon and Gaza. Slowly taking over the dominance over the new regime in Iraq and they are also meddling in Afghanistan. In conclusion: the expert cannot see the trees in the forest and they are dead wrong.
24. nytimes distorts never publishes realistic opinions
ralph   (09.29.12)
25. You have no Idea
Waqar Khan ,   New York, USA   (09.29.12)
US is not God, and so is Israel. US can't attack Iran for several reasons, but the most important is that the US bases can be attack, as well the countries that are supporting it, hence the bases+countries. Israel can't attack because Iran has to fly via Arabian Sea to get to Iran....Probably over 5 hrs of flight from the base? I haven't done the research but just speaking...circling Africa to the Arabian Sea....and only a few missiles loaded, Iran would know before time...that its country has being attacked, and they be prepared...And when Iran spoke wiping out of Israel, it was not as direct as Israel in the UN, went on and draw a red line to attack.
26. Too much expertise leads to foolish reasoning
Alan ,   Canada   (09.29.12)
Trying to outguess consequences of a strike on Iran in order to abstain doing it is full of holes. We know what Chamberlain policies lead to. It is not a foregone outcome of a strike that it would unite Iranians under the Ayatollahs, The "experts" are forgetting Iran is not an ethnically homogenous country & some of its manorities are discriminated if not persecuted by the Shia majority. More importantly, the brutal suppression of the opposition to the regime which followed the last fraudulent presidential election of Ahmadinejad has created a large class of Iranians who hate their abject rulers. Any severe setback of the regime would probably make that class of Iranians happy & perhaps entice them to an "Iranian Spring". Dictatorial regimes need victories to enhance their prestige & their hold on the oppressed. Defeats shows their weakness & encourages revolt. It also helps put doubts in the minds of the zealot people that god is on the side of the rulers. In any case following the advice of the "experts" (who let North Korea becoming nuclear) would automatically lead Iran to become a nuclear power at a slightly lower speed & lower economic cost. Then the West would have to deal with containment of an extremely fanatic bunch of ruthless thugs (as shown in Syria & in Iran's other terrorist activities) . President Obama stated in its recent UN speech that containment is not a challenge to consider. If this means what it says then the US administration is going to have to lead a strike, given that it is unlikely the inefficient sanctions will subdue the Iranian nuclear ambitions.
27. Bomb iran From A Israeli Or Jewish Point
Of View, Your A Target Just For BEING? BOMB, Bomb, bomb Every single nuc plant, communication, economic, oil and missile plants!!!!!!!!!
28. So What These So-Called Experts Say
Is Damed if They Do And Damed If They Don't ? " NEVER AGAIN " BOMB, Bomb, bomb iran back to the time of Gilgamesh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29. What BS. Like saying if Auschwitz was bombed.........
Cynic ,   USA   (09.29.12)
It would have sped up the killing of more Jews
30. # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.29.12)
Tell us about this powerful Iran that is so powerful they used their own children to clear mine fields in their war against Iraq. Wow, what power.
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