'Turning Bedouin village into Jewish settlement is racist'
Ilana Curiel
Published: 29.09.12, 22:57
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1. Jerusalem's Future Boundaries
D. Digger ,   St. Petersburg, U.S.   (09.29.12)
Revelation 21:16 shows that Jerusalem’s future boundaries (The New Jerusalem) will be 12,000 furlongs (1,200 - 1,380 miles) in length, width, and height.
2. Bedouin village move
Tzimmes ,   Tel Aviv   (09.29.12)
Surely the default position of Bedouin is nomadic. Why is moving camp such a big deal ?
3. As #2 Stated Nomadic arabs Move All The Tmie
This group can plant their tent anywhere in trans-jordan this their land! Your king is awaiting you.
4. get real, guys
MR   (09.30.12)
Judging from this photo, it's audacity to call it a village. It's less than a hilltop whatever which the state doesn't recognize at all. Double standards the unexpected way?
5. it will border NYC soon.
Baruch Hashem
6. crying racist doesn't mean you aren't in the wrong.
ralph   (09.30.12)
7. Biased article
Ezra ,   Canada   (09.30.12)
A few minutes check on the web shows that the land is not owned by the beduins but is public land under the custody of the state illegaly squatted by the beduins... ... Poor or dishonest journalism ?
8. Beds have no "permanent" home, not in their culture.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.30.12)
9. Permits
Filipe ,   Portugal   (09.30.12)
It's my understanding that the permits these people have applied for is to build homes on land which someone else owns. So, exactly what is their complaint?
10. #1 - trash service is really going to suffer
William ,   Israel   (09.30.12)
11. "Destroying village is racist..."
William ,   Israel   (09.30.12)
So is squatting on private land and refusing to move because of ethnic discrimination against the rightful owner.
12. Racism alive !!
sid ,   israel   (09.30.12)
I hope that the comments of #1,2 and 3 as well as others do not represent current thinking by others . Hey guys , we live in the 21 st century. Wake up !!
13. Bedouins =nomad= moving on land not theirs
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.30.12)
The Bedouins are known for not buying the land upon which they live. They 'settle' any land that does not have a visible owner and normally move on after some time. But lately the trend has changed; the Bedouins seem to sink in roots, generally in desert areas. It is not difficult to believe they have any rights to any land. Bedouins used to live the nomadic life until about 40 years ago. Sorry folks, wanna settle the land? First buy it or get rights from the owner.
14. Bedouins
daz ,   uk   (09.30.12)
Why can't the Israeli government build houses for the Bedouins as they have said they would be happy to live along side people who practise Judaism it's not a problem as they are all citizens of the same land.
15. send them all to the sinai
jack bauer   (09.30.12)
16. successive governments created this problem
zionist forever   (09.30.12)
This village was built illegally on state owned land ( not Bedouin land ) and they are complaining the state cannot force them to move and redevelop the area. The Bedouin attitude is we built the village, we want to stay so we have a right to stay. Successive governments created this problem because they have turned a blind eye to illegal Bedouin building for decades. Now 60+ yeas after Ben Gurion's dream to develop the Negev the government has decided to do something about it and that involves destroying illegal villages. Bedouin logic is nobody has ever forced them to move before so they have no right to move us now so in some ways their refusal to leave is understandable as is the government decision to move them.
17. bedouins are israelis too!
rimbaudisalive   (09.30.12)
bedouins are israelis, they serve in the idf, most of them as combatants and reconaissance units because of their desert survival skills. They're right that Israel should try to help them instead of coldly kick 'em out of their homes. They, as well as Israeli jews "belong" to the state the same way the state "belongs" to them and the israeli jews. So if there is a beaurocratical malfunction in their settlement, the state should heed their call and aid them in getting the proper permits and not respond with a cold shoulder. Once again they are israelis whom sacrifice three years of their lives protecting the state, in return the state should also protect them.
18. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.30.12)
You missed the point entirely. Are you allowed to simply strike a tent anywhere you like on public land or privately-owned land in your country? Doubtful. That is precisely what the Bedouin have been doing for years. It doesn't make it legal, and the State of Israel has every right to remove these illegal structures.
19. The Bedouins have been there for 899 years. Fine example of
American Vet   (09.30.12)
Israeli justice. Acorrding to jewish law, judasim, rabbi, settlers and majority of israelis, non-jews are third-class citizens. All rights are for jews only.
20.  "We wouldn't mind living alongside Jews" ,...
split ,   US   (09.30.12)
But the Jews mind living alongside Bedouins not due to rasist reasons of course ;) ,...
21. Sarah B
zionist forever   (09.30.12)
True the Bedouin don't have a right to strike a tent anywhere on public or private land but this is a problem created by successive Israeli governments. Its only now the government wants to develop the Negev before it was a region that the politicians had no interest in developing so if the Bedouin wanted to build somewhere the politicians turned a blind eye. its now been going on so long Bedouin think its their right to do this.
22. default position
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (09.30.12)
"surely the default position"?, with this type of reasoning Jews are "wandering", Gypsy Romanos in their wagons, and so on. The photo shows a small village, albeit primtive. Perhaps Native Americans should go back to teepees? Perhaps it would be a 'big deal' if we were sent to ghettos as a 'default position'.
23. To: Zionist Forever at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.30.12)
Oh, I know. But squatting wherever you want is not enshrined in the law. So the Bedouin will have to get used to abiding by the laws of the State of Israel. Requiring someone to be law-abiding is not racist.
24. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.30.12)
You are truly demented. The Bedouin are your quintessential nomads. But they are Israeli citizens, and have the right to vote. Say, by the way -- when did black people get the right to vote in the United States? How about native Americans? For that matter, when were women granted the right to vote? You live in a glass house. Best not throw stones.
25. No17 rimbaudisalive
MR   (10.01.12)
I too served in the IDF. I also expect "Israel" to help me (if you say so), I am a Jew with Israeli citizenship and I belong to the state and the state belongs to me exactly as you say, but if I want to build on a piece of land, I have to buy it, pay for it and get ownership of it. Otherwise it is not mine, I don't own it and I can't do whatever I want with it and if I cry "discrimination" nobody would even hear about it for two reasons: because it's stupid and because I am a Jew and nobody (including you) expects me to be such a fool. There is no "bureaurocratical malfunction" as you say, they just don't own that land. It is not theirs. It belongs to the state and they have to buy it from the state like everyone else (like all Jews, for example) before they build anything on it.
26. No21 zionist forever
MR   (10.01.12)
Being an Israeli citizen with full rights means: You pay all your legal taxes. You do the military, social or whatever service that all other citinzens do. You respect the laws of the State of Israel like all other citizens. After you do all these, you may buy whatever there is for sale, as long as it doesn't violate any law (drugs do violate the law, for example). You want to build? See if the land is for sale, then pay for it, then build on it. If you are able to post a comment on this site, you surely can understand these simple things.
27. Beduin bulldozed into ghettos
Mike ,   Auckland NZ   (10.01.12)
Beduin lose their rights under Israeli law that does not recognise traditional use of their land. Good income for State of Israel selling to wealthy people. Big surprise when Beduin ally with Palestinian resistance, after decades of fruitless court cases, homes destroyed, crops and animals poisoned, and pushed into shanty towns with few services.
28. law abiding
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (10.01.12)
Yet laws are not always just. As Jews we know this from history quite well, very well. The Cherokee Nation went to the supreme court to contest the Indian Removal Act. They prevailed yet Jackson ignored the Court. Later they had their day in court and some justice has occurred if one so believes. So we have the benefit of personal experience and of history. So we must act with great care.
29. Jews who've served in the IDF are evicted too.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
They just don't moan and bitch about it.
30. # 25 BRAVO!!
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
Well said. Shalom.
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