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Grass' new poem lauds Vanunu
Published: 30.09.12, 09:05
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1. Alte Kacker nazi being shunned in his own country
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.30.12)
Grass is just a smart nazi, and there were indeed a lot of them. Doesn't make him any less evil or disgusting.
2. A great writer.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (09.30.12)
With the right perception of Israel and its never ending tricks.
3. Only one of 87 poems!
Mary   (09.30.12)
Only one of 87 poems is dedicated to Vanunu, others are more lyric e.g. about evening impressions, getting older and other themes. If he is an antisemite, he is at least busy with other themes and far from being obsessed with Israel.
4. Wasted digital space....WGAF
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (09.30.12)
5. Lashing out at Israel = Jews
tiki ,   belgium   (09.30.12)
Older people always long for the 'good old days. This Nazi is no exeption. Now that he can only lash out words towards the "Jew state" instead of lashing Jews with a whip or a riffle is a small solace, but "it's better than nothing" one can hear him thinking.
6. Where's a poem ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.30.12)
.... decrying Ahmedinejad? Is that a work in progress, or a work never to be born? Gunter Grass is just an old, tired anachronism. Time for him to exeunt, stage left.
7. GraSS
Nils ,   Hamburg   (09.30.12)
Just an old guy who has lost his mind. Just ignore him, he has no right to get any applaus!
8. Grass is just another leftist moron who...
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.30.12)
..wants his time of fortune in media. The easiest way to get a place in media is to criticize Israel in some way. Then the western retarded leftist will loooooove it.... :-), and make greater stories whith this reference.
9. Grass should lash out at Germans: over 1 million prostitutes
Jouko ,   Finland   (09.30.12)
10. Only advertised here, so why?
mea   (09.30.12)
Let me promise you Ynetnews, that beyond seeing his stuff advertised here, I will never come across it in spite of being a reader of poetry. No other newspaper is waiting in the wings for Grasses' work to come out so they can advertise it by complaining about it. So some untalented bigot has another hateful poem coming out--big deal! Nobody cares. w/o YOU, Grass would get zero coverage outside his sewage pond of admirers.
11. GraSS
Nils von der Heyde ,   Hamburg, Germany   (09.30.12)
Why has GG not desertet from SS in 1945 ??? Into the German part the US-armee already had freed from the Nazi bastards? PGC = poor German coward!
12. #2 concider changing your name to Mohamad
Mike ,   Israel   (09.30.12)
You dont want anyone mistaking you for an Israeli
13. 9 - 'why? i go once a week, they quite nice and hospitable.
Herman ,   Berlin   (09.30.12)
14. Spanish Inquisition
Zivron   (09.30.12)
Vannunu has converted to Christianity and German Racial laws allow him to become a Dutch citizen.Vanuunu has stated the Jews don't need a sanctuary gunter glass and co can decide the sanctuary quotas .Glass owes us millions of Jews . The Palestinian population is now ten million from one million in 1933.
15. #2 avi
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.01.12)
And Israel’s “tricks” are....? Yea, right. Careful; your prejudice is showing.
16. my new poem....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (10.01.12)
....lauds Anders Behring Breivik for steadfast resistance to degraded poetry.
17. now, that the mask is off, he is free to release his hate
rick ,   walnut creek   (10.01.12)
at the same time, there are those who say that he is merely an old fool and it is not so much his hatred but his folly that is on display. it is likely that the disintegration of his personality is revealing his long-concealed hatred (accompanied by his contemptible ignorance).
18. Avi? Sounds more like Abu
Abiba   (10.01.12)
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