Steinitz: Iran economy 'on verge of collapse'
Published: 01.10.12, 08:09
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1. How to save Iran's currency ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.01.12)
I repeat again my excellent idea. The inflating rial will paralyze the whole economy. Instead using this as official currency, try to implement a totally new system. Iran is nr. 1 producer of pistacia. This is a very popular product all over the world. So follow the example of the ancient aztecs, where cocoa beans were the money. It was a surprisingly stable monetary system, beeing used until the arrival of spanish conquerors. The pistacia currency also seems very effective for me, I suggest the exchange rate for 200 gram/USD. In hungarian supermarkets about this is the price of pistacia. I shall suggest myself for the economic Nobel prize for 2012.
2. #1 i have a better idea.
Iranian Hunter   (10.01.12)
Give all iranians a handgun, and 1kg of ammo. And we will watch something grand that will makes Tahrir square looks like child play. All those who are loyal to Persia can't wait to burn these arab-islamist worshiping iranians in the stick. Send Bashar Assad to hell, and more sanctions to Iran. I can't wait for that glorious day. I have been saving my dessert eagle bullets for the guards and hopefully to the bearded monkey.
3. Open your eyes!
Carl ,   Lincoln, NZ   (10.01.12)
If the so-called (con-) economist would know the fact, that an economy is the production and distribution of goods & services, Iran’s economy could go on for as long as there is a country called “Iran”. True, they have to go back to their basic needs and miss out on a western life style. Some of the African countries can proof this. For your information Google The World Monetary Order to Come.
4. Amrica has sactions on Cuba ad it hast stop the Fidel Bros
Al   (10.01.12)
from tanking that country, sending troops to Angola, Syria and other hot spots and imprisoning 8 million people. You FM is an idiot.. I wont repeat his name for he is that dumb.
5. unfortunately Iran is in good shape to build the Bomb !
6. Iran about to collapse?
Ed Stack ,   Jerusalem   (10.01.12)
It is time to talk less and see if things really happen. Steinitz needs to address the runaway inflation, food and gas prices, in Israel before talking about problems other nations may or may not be experiencing. The reality in Iran will demonstrate itself. The reality in Israel is already demonstrating itself. Steinitz has failed at home.
7. #1 - Istvan
Devorah   (10.01.12)
Would the new currency be salted or unsalted...or both? If both, how would the exchange rates be affected, if at all? Would 200 grams of salted be worth as much as 200 grams of unsalted inasmuch as the salted would actually contain less pistachio weight than the unsalted? Conversely, could 200 grams of salted have an increased net value factoring in the additional labor and materials required to produce them? And then, of course, there would be the labeling of the containers -- "salted" and "unsalted" -- which would add to the production costs in which case I would recommend a base exchange rate of 195 grams/USD depending on whether they are salted or unsalted pursuant to the as-yet undetermined value for each type. I guess it's a good thing that Iran is not the #1 producer of watermelons and pumpkins.
8. No. 4 Al
NYC Girl   (10.01.12)
That's true.....and North Korea, the most heavily sanctioned country on the planet, has still managed to produce nuclear weapons.
9. true
john ,   toronto   (10.01.12)
very true.
10. Steinitz on Obama's payroll....?!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.01.12)
11. #4 Cuba hasnt got OIL.Its got Tobacco, Bananas,Pineapples
Alan ,   SA   (10.01.12)
Thats why it has outlasted 50 years of US boycotts
12. To nr 4.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.01.12)
There is some differences between Iran and Cuba. Iranians are a culturated commercial and ancient people, Cubans are stupid cappucino guys ancestors of black slaves. All european origin population emmigrated from Cuba.
13. Put yourself for a moment in the shoes of an Iranian fanatic
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.01.12)
If you were an Iranian Shia Moslem fanatic hellbent on WW3, and a "spiritual" or rather Islamic takeover of the world through war and violent means - if you valued death higher than life and if you valued the religious beliefs higher than the actual well being and survival of the Iranian people, and if you wanted to establish Iran as a nuclear power at any cost, wouldn't you too develop nukes at any cost - even if the Iranian economy is in a dismal state, the Iranians are getting poorer and poorer by the day and Iran is facing the military might of Israel and the USA? If I were one of them - meaning if I were one of the ayatollahs or one of the government members, I would try to develop nukes as soon and as quickly as possible, because with nukes, Iran could essentially blackmail Israel, the Middle East, Europe, USA and the world. If I were on of these Iranian leaders or ayatollahs, I would just barge ahead and try to acquire nukes as soon as possible because that would make Iran a power to be reckoned with and Iran could use nuclear blackmail to force the world to give up and cancel the sanctions completely. From the Israeli perspective I think Israel should strike Iran as soon as possible while making sure that the economic pressure is still on Iran. We have to remember one thing: Iran's economy is on the verge of collapse and nuclear technology, nuclear facilities and nuclear weapons cost a lot. The Iranians cannot finance nukes without any cash. While stripping Iran of its nuclear capabilities on a permanent basis, Iran should be stripped of its financial capabilities in order to prevent Iran from financing a reconstruction of those military nuclear facilities. I agree with Netanyahu: only a military strike can stop Iran. And if the Iranian people, in the midst of the chaos would topple the regime, maybe that could turn out to be a good thing.
Daniel, Iranian Jew ,   NYC, NY   (10.01.12)
Ancient Persia and Persians in general are great friends of the Jewish people. Sure, there have been some loonies out there- Haman, Ahmadinejad, but those were not the common folks, who in general love and have been great to the Jews. Jews have lived in relative peace in Persia for over 2700 years. This article shows that the average Persian is suffering- the average guy who struggles to put food on the table. It has NO EFFECT ON THE ISLAMOFASCIST MANIACS running the country. So stop 'celebrating' and mocking the situation and the suffering of innocent people. Sanctions will not have the desired effect of regime change. What needs to be done is systematic killing of the Ayatollahs and the ruling elite, aerial bombardment of the military installations and formation of a DEMOCRATIC, secular Iranian government. I bet that they will be Israel's greatest ally. So let's get to work!!!
15. Sanctions
Albi ,   Ashkelon   (10.01.12)
Hey you guys, what's going on? Our PM, Bibi, says sanctions are not working and Steinitz, our finance minister says they are working. Our foreign minister can't allow himself out of the news so says ridiculous things and our defence minister immediately contradicts him. Barak himself said about a year ago that Assad would be out in two weeks. And Ishai --well, again, what the heck is going on up there? Are you guys serious? Too much time spent on getting BMWs and anything else you can grab.
16. #14 hi assad!
Iranian Hunter   (10.02.12)
So you are saying shame on the jews for trying to stop the islamist arab worshipping iranians? How about Assad ? Is he good guy to you ? And what should israel do ? Sing kumbaya ? Go worship Assad and Ali pictures.
Mamre ,   Burbank CA   (10.03.12)
you silly goose.. arab worshipping iranians.. you have the knowledge .. do u? iranians are persians and shia and the arabs are sonni.. Why is irasel running to american and crying about its problems.. why do we have to be soley responisbile for irasel safey.. Ask Europe for help for a chage.. or do u fear that the european union wont buy into your bullshit. I dont understand let the united Kingdom take a stand for once or germany.. they are the reason behind this mess.. USA WAKE UP.. WE DONT NEED TO BE A SUPER POWER ANY LONGER.. HELP YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT.. RUSSIA AT THOUSANDS OF NUKES AND YET WE MANGED TO DEAL WITH THEM.. IRASEL FIGHT UR OWN BATTLES, FOR ONCE.. WE WILL GLADLY HELP BUT TRY TO ASK OTHERS FOR HELP FOR ONCE.. WE ARE IN TRILLIONS IN DOLLARS IN DEBT
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