6,000 Christian pilgrims arrive in Israel
Published: 02.10.12, 07:47
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1. True Christian Zionists' love and support Israel!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.02.12)
God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem (praying for its peace)!!!
2. Christians come to Israel spend money in Israel
Al   (10.02.12)
tour the the country while the vast majority of Jews in America have never been to Israel nor do they think of ever visiting Israel. Goes to show the vast majority of Jews in America are useless to Israel. Its time to look for new friends.
3. 6000 Christians in Israel
Floriane ,   Israel   (10.02.12)
I believe Sukkot is the festival of the Booths not the Tabernacles. Chavouot is the one of the Tabernacles. Souccot is after the wandering in the desert. Please correct me scholars in Torah.
4. Israel is important
Johanna ,   Orlando, USA   (10.03.12)
True Christians can never forget that Jesus of Nazareth lived, died, and will return as a Jew. Israel is our spiritual home. Long live Israel, and God bless the Israeli people!!!
5. Christian parade in Jerusalem
Susan Ireland ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.04.12)
Don't be fooled. Many of these supposed "friends" of Israel proselytize while they're here.
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