Weapons cache found in central Israel
Eli Senyor
Published: 30.09.12, 20:12
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1. The government should use targeted
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.01.12)
assassinations of the leaders and sub leaders of organized crime. The families of organized crime should be imprisoned for receiving stolen goods or the value of the goods. The families should also lose all their money and property. Membership in organized crime should also have a 10 year prison sentence as a penalty.
2. We in Galut thought everyone was a Chaver and danced Hora
Alan ,   SA   (10.01.12)
3. #1 jason
yafe nefesh ,   nahariya   (10.01.12)
Yeah you're totally right. We should target all the criminals and their families and all the people connected to their families and while we're at it why not kill people who drive too fast and cross the street on red lights an don't pay the arnona on time. It's good to know we have people like you in Israel to protect us.
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