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Report: Assad ordered deadly Damascus blasts
Roi Kais
Published: 30.09.12, 23:18
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1. The last sentence should have been the headline.
t f ,   herzliya   (10.01.12)
2. Whoever Whatever...move on ...same old same old
Al   (10.01.12)
3. Sure, anything you say.
Adam H ,   USA   (10.01.12)
Personally I don't believe any of these reports. The credibility of propaganda in the middle of a war is close to zero.
4. I urge both sides to fight, fight, fight
Some Advice   (10.01.12)
Allah wills it: maim, kill, crush, shoot, stab, behad plus destroy every building, don't leave even a donkey alive! And remember... have fun!
5. I agree with all comments so far
Mark ,   London, UK   (10.01.12)
There is a propaganda war going on just as one would expect. Unfortunately, the war offers us only two very unsavoury outcomes. A weakened Syrian regime continues, or is replaced by one likely to be just as bad, and worse if salafists gain the upper hand. This is a dismal propect for the Syrian people, but neither option is good for Israel. There is every reason to suppose that Israel, US and allies will be blamed for all the outcomes of any final settlement.
6. Syria is finished anyway.
zionist forever   (10.01.12)
The post Assad Syria will be lost and bankrupt. The tourism industry will be dead for many years to come and thats not only affect the businesses who benefitted from tourism but it will destroy others like hotels & the Syrian national airline. Thousands of businesses already destroyed during the fighting many will never recover. Billions of Dollars in damage alone Hundreds of thousands unemployed Hundreds of thousands homeless Cutbacks will have to be made left, right & centre which will just make things even worse. The army will be in splinters and its going to be damaged even further when its purged of Assad men. No money for new equipment A Syria where everybody has bigger problems is a Syria which has no time for war with Israel or to support terrorists. If the civil war continues after Assad is one then great, Israel will be the last thing on anybodies mind and they can keep destroying their country and killing each other and it will also keep the Israeli peacenicks and Onbama from calling us to show Syria we are committed to peace & handing the Golan to the new post Assad regime to prop it up.
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