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Report: Iran transfers $10 billion to Syria
Published: 01.10.12, 11:41
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1. the ILLEGAL regime Invests In DEATH
DESTRUCTION And CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!! This regime Thrives and Breeds in Misery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END THIS MADDNESS NOW!!!!!!!!! BOMB, Bomb, bomb All nuc, communication, economic, oil complexes NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. firstly 10 billion in aid to fight the al qaeda terrorists
jack bauer   (10.01.12)
is nothing compared to the vast sums sent by the west and the gulf to fund the rebel terrorist murderers... lets stop pretending that one side is good and one is evil. Both sides are evil. But the rebel terrorists are far worse then assad ever was!
3. SO are we going to loose the little clown
Ben ,   vacation in UK   (10.01.12)
next year?? actually will miss him! He has been the target of our satire for so long, just Mahmody...dont retire to Miami!!! As for the mess in the Mid East, obviously the Hizbos love the war, the dying and destruction, and taking money away from a really bad economic state is asking for trouble, so lets sit back and wait for the next chapter of "Arab Spring" from Iran. Hollywood can later make the movie!!!!
4. resources
john ,   toronto   (10.01.12)
I am not surprised , this is what the war is about. Who owns the resources , no matter how many lives get destroyed. Everyone has their own stake in the war.
5. Fast devaluating rial not a major threat to the regime
Alan ,   Canada   (10.01.12)
While the inflation & basic food price increases will hurt the average Iranian, the regime of the ayatollahs is not in immediate danger & the nuclear program is not slowed. One has only to look at Zimbabwe where hyperinflation has resulted in banknotes in the "zillion" range but has not caused the downfall of the aging dictator Mugabe still reigning since his election in 1987.
Ypip ,   Canada   (10.01.12)
Any assets the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) has in the United States are unblocked and Americans are permitted to do business with the organization.
7. #1 - Destroy The Leadership, Not Economic Targets. After...
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (10.01.12)
that happens, Iran will be Israel's friend like before the Ayatollahs came to power.
8. Crime pays
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
except when there's an 'internal conflict' among the two bloody powers that rule Iran and have run it into the ground. It's just a matter of time before all hell breaks out and, Iran will be the target of a combined forces attack which Iran cannot defend or win. And, then the 10 billion wont matter. And, those tired old virgins wont be able to keep up.
9. $10B on Syria, billions more on Hizbullah
William ,   Israel   (10.01.12)
billions on an illegal nuke program, and very little remaining on the local domestic population. Yep - sounds like a despotic oppressive regime to me.
10. #2 - "rebel terrorists car worse than Assad ever was"
William ,   Israel   (10.01.12)
I doubt the civilians all over Syria, especially in Homs and Hama, and the physicians who were specifically targeted by the regime in the early days of this uprising, would agree with you. Assad may seem like he was better than the rebels only because he had an infrastructure in place for oppressive control and killing, and people like you didn't pay attention back then. Suddenly, the rebels make headlines and you're right there as an arm chair general. And let's be honest, while the West mostly supports rebels because of the horrific slaughter enacted by Assad, Iran supports Syria for geopolitical reasons to support its Islamic Shia crescent of influence. And Iran already supports Shia militias throughout the region who exact the same level of depravity as Assad's regime. Precedent has been set.
11. #2 jackie Your Living In A Fantasy World
"24" in a TV Show and This Is Real Life my friend, Have You Been To syria in the last 20 months? Speculation as to who the rebels are, besides when one lets Terrorists roam your country there is bound to be al-queda present in some form they are arabs????????
12. Cheeper weapons are needed for Assad.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.01.12)
May I suggest to send his troops the most sofisticatad, advanced slingshots.
13. Who is Worse
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (10.03.12)
The Sunni fighting for power (not freedom) in Syria will be equally as bad as the Alawi. Don't fool yourselves. What is coming in Syria, if the Sunni win, will be a massacre of the Alawi followed by a muslim fundamentalist government with the Christians leaving for exile. The government will be as hostile to Israel as the current one. What is good for Israel is the civil war itself. Iran and Syria wasting resources on fighting each other. That may be a cynical way to look at things but better cynical than to be ascribing motives to the Sunni that don't exist. They are not fighting for freedom - they are fighting for power, for control. That is all.
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