Arabs hold protest march to mark October riots
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 01.10.12, 18:56
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1. Rule of law not a true concept of Arabs
William ,   Israel   (10.01.12)
The rule of law is fine as long as it reaches the same desired conclusion as they have, otherwise, the Arabs will reject it. Who was responsible for the riots and the deaths in Sahknin in 2000? YOU WERE!! You started a violent riot, against a small number of police, and no village elders tried to stop it. Why do you demand that Israel accept your unbridled violence? It doesn't accept the same violence from other ethnic groups in the State. Your demands for an Apartheid style situation giving the Arab minority a majority control is again rejected. And if you - the members of the Arab community - decide to use threats and violence to get your way, then clearly you've learned nothing of the events in 2000 and will only repeat them.
2. Forensic evidence
Reuven ,   Zichron Israel   (10.01.12)
As I recollect, the families of those killed in the violence would not allow for post mortems and therfore the police did not have the bullets which would have allowed for ballistic examination and identification of from which weapon they were fired.
3. No matter how you look at it
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.01.12)
If, as the Arabs say, a great injustice was done and 12 innocent civilians killed, why were only low-ranked police prosecuted? Why did the justice system not go after the people responsible, the Leftist Ben-Ami and especially Ehud Barak? If, as #1 says, the Arab were responsible for the riots and the police were defending themselves (what actually happened), why did Ehud Barak stab the police in the back and refuse to support them against the courts? No matter how you look at it, Ehud Barak failed big time.
4. What I recall was Arabs rioting and murdering Jews
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (10.02.12)
Those Arabs deaths were a tragedy, but one brought on by their own violence and blood lust to murder Jews.
5. Violent protests
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.02.12)
Well, if a terrorist rabble engages in violence .... what do they expect? Tea and crumpets?
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