Vandals deface church in Jerusalem
Noam (Dabul) Dvir, AFP
Published: 02.10.12, 12:32
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1. What happens
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.02.12)
when you let the Haredi run amock.
2. Oh, no! The Christians are going...
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.02.12) riot and kill people! Oh, sorry...that would be the Muslims reaction. We Christians have enough faith in our Lord to know he can defend Himself. We true Christians' are to pray for our good to those who persecute us. The Christians are the only one's who have it right. Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) is the only way--period!!!
3. Sorry Taz Man
Elad Lending ,   Yahel, Israel   (10.02.12)
but as soon as you write, "...the only ones who have it right..." you're already wrong. Jews should be Jews, Christians should be Christians, Muslims should be Muslims, Hindus should be Hindus, etc, etc. God loves diversity.
4. This doesn't look like Haredi work
American Goy ,   Oregon, US   (10.02.12)
I would suspect the Modern Orthodox before suspecting the Haredim. Haredi Jews seem to live in their own little world. I wonder if they've even heard about Jesus. Whoever did this, it's a cowardly act. Christians are not attacking Israel violently; Muslims are.
5. Jumping to conclusions again
Israeli grandma   (10.02.12)
This could easily have been the work of Muslim hooligans, they are rioting all over the Arab regions against the West and the Xstians just now. Its too easy to blame this disgusting behaviour on the Jews as usual. Our respected Rabbis have jumped to conclusions without evidence.
6. Jerusalem The United City! Another lie from Fantasyland
miki ,   tampa   (10.02.12)
7. Graffiti on Monastery wall
Henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (10.02.12)
Those vandals are guilty of Blasphemy against our Lord Jesus. But they can be forgiven. However, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God cannot be forgiven.
8. # 2
adam   (10.02.12)
is that what was done in iraq
9. Big time *shame*
Mark   (10.02.12)
After all we do for you? We the Christians sent and keep sending you there .. and big time help .. what a shame
10. cage them
alexandralongisland ,   sands point ny   (10.02.12)
israel is already losing christian support,baptists,lutherans,catholics,quakers,through divestment, keep it up,these settlers will cry for american help when the little christian support they have left ends,cufi and its 10,000 members are a fringe group and have no power in american christian circles, better cage the settlers, this era of internet access will show americans every time a church is burned and jesus is cursed
11. Jews have nothing to do with it .This is probably arabs
Laurence ,   israel   (10.02.12)
"We deeply regret the disrespect you were shown by members of our religion and people." The rabbis who made this comment are probably reformists as they are quick to condemn their own people without any proof. Until when the media will accuse the jews when we have absolutely no proof they are the perpetrators. On the contrary we have tons of evidences and previous stories showing that the arabs are guilty of this type of vandalism. They are able to harm or kill their own people people just in order to accuse the jews. How many cases of so-called price-tag are under investigation and will never lead to anything because our police, in purpose, is orienting the investigation into the jews and not into the arabs.
12. Elad # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.02.12)
God loves diversity. Soddom and Gemorrah shows us how true that is. Everybody can't be right Elad and a Jew can be Jewish and follow Jesus who himself was a Jew.
13. American Goy # 4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.02.12)
No way to say for sure who did it but It has the feel of the religion of peace. I think they are trying to stir up trouble.
14. Our radical Jewish nutcase
Cohen,Israel   (10.02.12)
are striking again. They must be locked up for dozens of yeasrs, since they have a stratigical aim- To spark a holy war with the Chrisitan world.
15. To: Eaglebeak at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.02.12)
No, dear, I cannot be both Jewish and a follower of Jesus. I say this as gently as I can. Jews continue to await the Messiah. You know -- the one who brings peace to all the nations. Jesus certainly did not achieve that, which means he was not the Messiah. I'm sorry, and I truly hope that I have not offended you.
16. Observation, if I may.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.02.12)
It amuses me that "Christian's" who profess Jesus as their Lord and savior, have made Jesus a "Christian", which, of course, he was not, as well as a god, which he was not- he was a zealous Jew. he argued the law with rabbinical scholars when he was twelve. The word, 'Christian" was first used in Antioch. If the "Christians" were true believer's of Jesus Christ, they'd be strictly observant Jews. But, what fact got to do with fiction? One thought, I recently heard on TV a well known Rabbi confess that Jesus was a great prophet, using the 'not one stone will be left upon one another' when referring to Solomon's Temple. Things, they are a changing.
17. # 10 LOL The fact is
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.02.12)
US tax dollars are drying up and the pals will go a begging to the EU for alms. Let the thieves care for one another. Israel's doing just fine, thank you. Not so with the pals or the EU.
18. # 2 Taz...
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.02.12)
No, the 'Christian's" aren't the only ones that have it right. Jesus Christ was a Jew, NOT a Christian, not a god. There are over 22,000 differing sects of "Christianity" each one separate and unique from the other. Judaism, as you know, is nearly 6,000 recorded years old. ( and only G-d knows when that clock began, exactly.) When Jesus was alive, he was a zealous, fervent and a strict Jew knowing and explaining the law, the ten commandments, which, were being broken and 'reinterpreted' by 'lawful' awful, 'experts' in attempts to rewrite the law given Moses twice. I respectfully ask you to refrain from such insulting language. It would be equally as bad be it Jew, Muslim, etc. "Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.02.12)
and that goes for what you refer to as "Holy Spirit" I will believe that they exist just as soon as I see them on TV
20. #10 lexandralongisland
BEN JABO (,MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.02.12)
63% of American's favor Israel, Iwould guess that most of them are Christian's (Statistics are from Galup polls) We didn't have Christian support when the Crsaders invaded from Euope, Spanish Inquistion, Pogroms of Europe or when Hitler murdered six million Jews
21. Not that we (Jew) r always beseder but this strikes me as...
the work of Protestants who are very very anti-Mary!
22. Divide & Conquer is Extremely Important Islamic War Strategy
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (10.02.12)
Muslims use any and all means to create hate between different religions-non-Muslim groups. Muslims perpetrate acts that will appear the acts were done by another religion. It is a very effective WAR strategy. Muslims know that for non-Muslims: UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL. They will do everything they can to divide us! The Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad and conquer all nations. Non-Muslims MUST stand together and not give one inch of Free World Jewish land to the enemy. Long live Israel ! Long live the Free World!
23. As a long-time follower of mid-east news
American Gentile   (10.02.12)
Therehas NEVER been an arrest of any jew that "vandalized" a church or mosque. Never. Usually a "false" message of condemmation is issued. Shortly thereafter a sermon is given by some rabbi denying the humanity of goyim. Deep in the jewish pyshic is the belief of supremecy and jews are above moral laws.
24. Blessthevandalss ouls..
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.02.12)
..most obvious they were islamic followers trying to upset the christians. But during their vandalisme they had to write the name Jesus, son of God, a jew, and he has started a change in their hearts.Later,when they are to be executed by their fellow islamic brothers,they will cry out to Jesus for salvation,ontheirway to hell. There is a meaning to everything.
25. #20 Amreican Gentile
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.02.12)
you made a wide ranging statement, what PROOF" DI you have that Jews ween't arrested, saying it, doesn't make it a fact
26. Difference in response!!
No-one has stormed an embassy or murdered a diplomat in response to this. America is not condemned it and asked for religious tolerance and respect to be extended towards the aggrieved parties and there are no public holidays declared so that people can mob embassies in protest. If nothing else is learned from this, it should highlight the glaring disparity between two so called "peaceful" religions.
27. Big bad Jew @18
Rob ,   Orangevale USA   (10.02.12)
Thanks for the lessons on Christianity BBJ. All Christians know Jesus was a Jew, that aint rocket science. Usually, you have something intelligent to say. This time, not so much. Most of your TB is straight to the point about the Messiah, that was executed by his own people. The Jews. Jesus asked forgiveness for his executioners and the rest of the world. Jesus would not be surprised or violent about desecration of a church, as HE prayed in the desert, and the Synagog. He always said to go from the masses and pray to G d alone. Insults, HE bore on a daily basis. You did not know the Messiah, or you would bow before HIM as would come naturally. As you say yourself, while plagiarizing Mark Twain, "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." Take your own advice. Shalom Israel, Rob
28. BBJ and 'observations'...@16
Rob ,   Orangevale USA   (10.02.12)
Why stuck on the word 'Christian" BBJ? Your 'amusement' is putrid hate disguised as piety. With all your worldly wisdom BBJ perhaps you could tell the world all about the problems with religion, and point out all the various 'flaws' you have found in them and the world will be unified and thrive. You seem to be an authority on Heaven and G-ds will. Enlighten the world BBJ, and remain today's prime TB laughingstock. Jesus was a Jew!!! No Way!! Really BBJ.!!! You say, "If Christians" were true believer's of Jesus Christ, they'd be strictly observant Jews. How many times have Jerusalem fallen? Just as prophesied by Jesus? If burning bulls and doves and all other sorts of sacrifice is your way to praise the ONE G-d, then stay in the OLD Testament and be happy. We CHRISTIANS are cool with it. You may now go back to arguing with your fellow Jews and understanding the universe. Shalom Israel, Rob
29. can BEN-ARI tell the police WHERE was he at that time ?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A/Israel   (10.02.12)
30. Sarah B #15
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.02.12)
Sarah, you have never offended me. It is a rare thing for me to not agree with you but this is one of those times I don't agree. It is one of my greatest wishes that you find the Messiah. I wish you and yours nothing but the best.
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