Report: Another flotilla headed to Gaza
Moran Azulay
Published: 02.10.12, 12:57
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1. Flotilla
nigel ,   london   (10.02.12)
send them to Syria where the aid is needed bloody hypocrites
2. It looks like a garbage scow
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (10.02.12)
This is a barge carrying trash and other waste to a garbage dump.
3. 30 000+ dead in Syria where are the activists?
David ,   Israel   (10.02.12)
Is it a humanitarian effort or an agenda of the Arab world?
4. Maybe with a bit of luck..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (10.02.12)
the Estelle hits a reef and sinks on route......I wonder who they would blame??
David ,   HERZLIA,ISRAEL   (10.02.12)
6. i say let 'em thru...
oferdesade ,   israel   (10.02.12)
i'm certain they arent geared up 4 hamas...
7. syrian Civilians Are Being Slaughtered
Daily, have no medcine, no food, no water And These Anti-Semites waste their time for terrorists????? Where is androgenous ashton? ban ki moon? erDOGan? arab league? What would one expect from swedish MEATBALLS??????????
8. it should be towed to lataquie....
trump   (10.02.12)
Real intent of these people was to disparage our Jewish State !
9. Divert It To Syria's Tartus Port
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (10.02.12)
The Syrians need aid more than the terrorists in Gaza.
10. hypocrisy
HM ,   istanbul turkey   (10.02.12)
Those "peaceful activists" do know very well that Israel cares for human life and act with precaution. Therefore they want to make their parade knowing that Israel would not to something insane. On the other hand those crooks would never dare to send a flotilla to Syria.They know that Syria would sink the ship the moment it will be in the range of their weapons. This is just another hypocrite show, aiming to delegitimize Israel.
11. Flotilla, swedish idiots...
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.02.12)
..sink the boat, put a finger in ther ass' and deport them to the strip. The swedes are most hateful, due to an overwhelming number of islamic followers who have entered the country for the latest 20 years..they do not deserve to set their feet on Israel soil
12. #3 They don't give a damn about human rights.
Alex   (10.02.12)
It's an anti-Israel media jippo (which have lost most credibility even in Europe) with the most extreme leftist and islamist personalities from Sweden.
13. Ship of fools..
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.02.12)
Einstein's definition of insanity sails again.. Pathetically anti semitic and bound to be either sunk or, taken into Israeli custody. Common criminals with only Israel as a target while muslim on muslim deaths go purposefully ignored by these robotic losers. Jail and fine them. Take the boat as evidence.
14. The flotilla
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.02.12)
All true Christians wish the flotilla Godspeed and may The Lord help their noble mission succeed!
BEN JABO (MACHAL ,   ISRAEL   (10.02.12)
into something useful, a sunken hulk for divers to explore and fish & other sealife to shelter in
16. DO any of you folks here really think that
peggy ,   uk/israel   (10.02.12)
these flottilla vermin would have the guts to go to Syria, where help is needed so much more. Of course they stay well away from danger zones, just make probs for Israel coz they know the Israelis wont harm them, and then they have their day in the news. I to hope the damn ship sinks, who will answer their distress signal? hope it wont be the Israeli navy.
17. David Herzlia, Israel
Jew Lover   (10.02.12)
Funny you should write.... I too wondered why the flotilla made no attempt to help the poor syrian people being mowed down like flies. How about these silly flotilla people making a lot of noise re Syria. I'm sure the people would really appreciate your help. You always seem to enjoy helping the gaza arabs..... so how about stretching your mind a little huh??? Anything for a free sail huh?
18. Another Futila?
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (10.02.12)
When will they go to Syria or Iraq to protest the carnage there?
19. who needs the 'gaza ark'?
DanLondon   (10.02.12)
"Gaza Ark" project – a Gaza-made ship that would carry Palestinian exports outside the Strip's waters ------ with a suicide bombing somewhere in the world almost every day, I would argue that exports have already been successfully completed..
20. Activists = hypochrites
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.12)
Good opportunity to try out the new Dolphin subs with loaded torpedo tubes.
21. Sink it!
American ,   Usa   (10.02.12)
What a buch of two faced low life !!! It's plain hatred of Jews why would they ignore Syria s crime while still trying to incite the israel !!
22. Deception
marcohoe ,   San Francisco, USA   (10.02.12)
I bet it's all a ruse and when the ship is nearing Israel the brave humanitarians will suddenly change course to Syria to bring much-needed supplies and lend moral support to the rebels fighting the ruthless Syrian dictatorship. 5000 killed last month!
23. If history is used a yardstick. Then
USA   (10.02.12)
the IDF will have a flied-day with the unarmed activist. israel still restricts the transfer of medice, drugs and fuel to Gaza.
24. Estelle flotilla on the way tp Gaza
mimi jacqueso ,   oob,usa   (10.02.12)
Very odd that the Finnish Foreign Ministry warned against Estelle stowaways for goinf to Gaza and breaking the 'siege'- (not responsible).There are Swedes and their cohorts from Mari Marmara flotilla who are willing to fight,taken prisoners etc. Gazaark is posting daily their advancement in reaching the blockaged Gaza Strip- why not a detour first to Tartus,Syria to give Syrians the 'cargo'?
25. estelle
charlie ,   netanya israel   (10.02.12)
do you still wonder who will take the blame?? they will say that the mossad planted a reef exactly where the ship is supposed to sail through
26. Ship to Estelle
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (10.02.12)
The ship Estelle was bought by a Swedish vor. but it is still sailing under Finnish flag- its skipper MIKA JAMI and burser WELLU KOIVISTO are Finns. From Italy-Mika Jami told news orgs in SF,S.N that Estelle has been subjected to Israeli caused problems in producing paperwork (ship/lode-41 ton cement in Alicante,Medicine, rehab items etc)that they do not possess.
27. Why so much hate?
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.02.12)
9 Turks were killed in Ship to Gaza 2010. How many Swedes will be killed this time?
28. sweden..again...
mehrdad ,   germany   (10.02.12)
first they bomb the jewish center in malmö and now they try to break the hamas blocade so this terrorists can get iranian rockets much easier to kill jews. swedish antisemits try to kill jews in their own land and try to make it easier to kill jews outside this soon islamic sweden. IDF should just keep their boat and let them pay a high price if they want it back. hit the money bag of this antisemits.
29. Swedish "activist" should sail to free Malmö
Andy ,   Manchester, UK   (10.02.12)
Swedish "activist" should sail to free Malmö from Muslim occupation. Soon to be followed by Stockholm and other Frozen Land cities, the latest in the Muslim conquest book.
30. Are you serious?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.02.12)
"The ship is believed to be carrying equipment meant for the "Gaza Ark" project – a Canadian initiative that hopes to build a Gaza-made ship that would carry Palestinian exports outside the Strip's waters." Only if you're planning to build a rowboat or a dinghy. Do you know what it takes to build a cargo vessel? Do you know how many years it takes to build a cargo vessel? Besides -- don't confuse this little Swedish-flagged fiberglass pleasure craft (which has no holds and therefore cannot carry cargo) with the MV ESTELLE MAERSK, which is one of the largest cargo vessels in the world. The organizers are trying to riff everyone by naming their vessel the "ESTELLE." Don't be deceived -- frankly, the vessel in this latest chapter of flotilla misadventures is much smaller than a single blade on one of the ESTELLE MAERSK's bow thrusters, let alone propeller. Like I said -- the flotilla vessel ESTELLE can just about carry a couple of hammers, nails and some sawed lumber sufficient to build a dinghy or a rowboat. Too small to carry unfinished timber. Sawed lumber can be lashed on deck -- although that's not a good idea on a fiberglass vessel. Were one of the lashings to come loose and the planks rocket around and tears a hole into the side of the ESTELLE .... oops!
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