Tel Aviv among 25 most innovative cities
Gilad Morag
Published: 03.10.12, 15:00
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1. 17th most expensive city in the world
zionist forever   (10.03.12)
Its a shame non of those innovators have yet found a solution to the fact Tel Aviv is the 17th most expensive city in the world to buy property and the most expensive in the Middle East. Its also a shamed Bibi is being attacked by the leftists & social justice brigade over that fact demanding he change what he cannot change.
2. #1 if Israel was a poor schnook of a place it wouldnt
Al   (10.04.12)
be that expensive. Israel is expensive because it can be. Inspite of the bitching moaning and whining Israel is doing prettty darn good in comparison to other western countries. I suggest you travel small town, and inner city America to get a reality check. It will open your eyes wide open.
3. Congratulations!
EU   (10.04.12)
4. Competing with New York,London,Berlin? why embarrass ourself
Baruch   (10.04.12)
I love TLV but we got some balls to think we can play with the big boys.
5. Where is SIDNEY? Oh yeah Sydney, Hilarious....
Melanie ,   Sydney, Australia.   (10.04.12)
6. #2 I suggest you make aliyah and then you can comment with
Arnon ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.12)
experience. Oh thats right, you cant make aliyah.. too scared, too old, sit in your armchair and comment on talkbacks forever..
7. tel aviv - a real zoo!
sammy   (10.05.12)
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